Monday, October 20, 2008

Dear Mr Google

Dear Mr Google (the male browser of our website)

The following information is written for male viewers of our blog and website. We often get enquiries from men wanting to
purchase something special for their wife, to celebrate their new pregnancy. Congratulations by the way!

I think it is so nice of a guy to want to buy something nice for his partner, to celebrate this pregnancy.

Maternity Camisole

The popular products that guy's purchase are our Hot Milk Lingerie - the Hot Milk sleepwear styles. These are easier for guys to get the size right - as they are sold in Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. (we have the size specifications on the product pages). So if you don't know your partners bra size, then the Hot Milk Sleepwear is easier to get in the right size.

Maternity Pajamas

Hot Milk sleepwear all have inner shelf support bra - so is less restricting in size than actual bras, as this one is a shelf bra. Plus the garments have pleats on the front to allow for growing bellies!

Maternity Nighties

These Hot Milk Sleepwear are great to wear throughout her pregnancy, and also for breast feeding as they all have clips for access during breastfeeding.

And Mr Google - I am happy to gift wrap, write a card for you, and send directly to your partner as a surprise.

Or if you are not sure - you could always get a gift voucher.

View our webstore for more details. Feel free to contact me if you want some gift advice!