Thursday, December 31, 2009

Teething Jewellery

We have a new range of Teething Jewellery available.  We used to stock the Dr Blooms range, but have shifted to the “smart mums” range because I prefer to deal directly with a NZ based company rather than getting product from overseas.  These are Jewellery for mum to wear, which baby can then chew on when they need to!

So what’s the deal with teething Jewellery?  Why bother?

I was sitting in a cafĂ© with a friend once who had a 5 month old baby in a sling.  We’d been sitting there for a while and her baby was getting a bit grizzly. So she just took of her bangle and her baby was mesmerized by it.  Actually, her baby wanted it even before she took the bangle off her wrist.  Her baby was happy to play, suck and chew on it.  And it was perfectly safe, and was designed specifically from teething rubber that all the other baby teething toys are made from.  But this mum just kept it on her wrist and it looked perfectly normal.  The necklaces are also good to wear so that baby can look (i.e be mesmerized) and touch while breastfeeding.

Happy baby = happy mum who can enjoy her coffee.

You can see our new range and great colours of Teething Necklace pendants, and bangles at our store here:  Teething Bangles and Teething Necklaces


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Organic Nappy Balm

Organic Nappy Balm now in store – we are super proud to stock the Mothers Little Helper nappy balm.  I’ve been using for my son Lochie and I love it.

You can check it out here:  Organic Balm

Its made from natural ingredients, and no nasty petrochemicals.   J




Wednesday, December 23, 2009

HOTmilk Lingerie on the catwalk

skinny models were the standard catwalk models that were available at the Sydney Lingerie show. HOTmilk usually have pregnant models in their shots. The pushchair in the background was the only way they could indicate they were baby related.

Breastfeeding Naturally - Sonia Gray

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

HOTmilk models are really pregnant

I just answered a couple of common questions about HOTmilk lingerie and the marketing images.

Sexy pregnant models….!

You can read the article here  HOTmilk Lingerie Models

Oh Baby Magazine

Had my first article published in a magazine today. Oh Baby mag!!! Two pages!!!!


You can read what I wrote here:  Breastfeeding Tips  hope you like it!



Monday, December 21, 2009

Annah Stretton

Yesterday I missed an opportunity to meet one of my mentors.  Well, I walked past her in real life, but didn’t think faster to say hello.

I have a bad case of shoulda, woulda, coulda – but Didn’t.

 I still sent her an email, but gutted that I didn’t think faster and actually shake her hand!


She did reply to my email though which is very cool!



Thanks for the feedback Frances,  you should have said hi …..

 Merry Christmas !



Editor and Publisher
HER, PINK & WHO'S WHO magazines
Stretton Publishing Company Ltd
Cnr Thames and Marshall Streets

P O Box 65
Morrinsville 3340
P   07 889 4053

F   07 889 4058


JanCover   RAFW09   S&B for Annahs email


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

funny gift card message

This is the funniest comment box I’ve ever had with a customer’s order:


How Did you Hear about Breastmates? “By accident while searching for porn.   Kidding.  Can't remember sorry, it was ages ago. I get the newsletter and joined the Facebook group, so it's one of the first places I think of for maternity/nursing paraphernalia

Message for Gift Card: “Dear [name removed]  Please treat yourself a gorgeous HotMilk nursing bra. Email Frances (Breastmates) if you need any advice, she's VERY helpful!!   Lots of love, [names removed]”


The funny thing about the gift card message, is that I have to write that myself.  I’m Frances and I’ll be writing a recommendation for myself on this present!!

Processing this order made me laugh.

Introductory Video

It was a bit of historical moment when this film crew came over and took this video of me.  It was done back in March 2009, so it has dated a bit now and my son has grown a lot bigger.

Now you can see the face behind the webpages!!

HOT Milk History

HOTmilk pictorial history of all the gorgeous maternity bras and underwear I’ve been selling for the past few years.  I should write a blog about all the gift card messages too, so funny!!

You can see this HOTmilk summary here

Copy Safe

School holidays have started, so it’s a change for me to have a child home while I am working.  When my business first started, I was a Work-at-home-Mum but that was five years ago.  I’ve grown a lot since then, and although it was a tough decision I know that putting my children into childcare was the right decision. 

My eldest started school in October, and so now he is home for 7 weeks for the holidays.  Its cool having my buddy here with me.  I’ve set up a “special desk” for him in my office, and he is doing work.

Yesterday he did a picture plan, and wrote a sentence “I am working with my Mummy”.  Cute.

This morning we played schools, I’m Mrs Broughton his teacher.  I watched while he drew a picture of Spiderman and wrote a story about it.  Then he did a © symbol in the corner.

I laughed!!!  He said “its so no one can copy my work”. 

I didn’t teach him this.  Even though all MY Breastmates work and my pictures are protected by Copy Safe.  (Its on the bottom corner of my website).

How adorable that my son knows this!!



PS> And before you judge his pictures and writing, it’s a miracle that he’ll even sit down with a pen.  This is the boy that likes being outside playing.



Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Nappy Change Mat and Wallet

Great new product is the “B.Box” brand of nappy change mat.  Combined with your wipes and clean nappy, the change mat folds up into its own funky container.

These are super cool for gadget mums!

You can order here:  B.Box Nappy Change Mat

Monday, December 14, 2009

HOTmilk Confidence is Radiance

HOTmilk Lingerie style in the Confidence is Radiance style has now sold out.  We have a few pairs of knickers left, but the nursing bras have sold out.

This was a particularly favourite style of mine, it was funky and a little different in terms of the pattern.  I loved the styling and the confident bold pose of the model.  That’s why I had used the image in a lot of my marketing ads.

We have had a HOTmilk sale with up to 60% off to clear out these styles, making way for the new ones… which are just as gorgeous!  The new HOTmilk lingerie styles are in the “ever after” series and the themed photos have fairy tale settings.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Just in time for Christmas

Our new summer stock of HOTmilk has arrived - just in time for Christmas.  Santa knows you've been a good girl, so just send hubby a hint of what you would like and your size.
I've got 100,000 metres of christmas gift wrap to get through too, so everything is going to be gift wrapped by default.
This was our first shipment of these styles, so stocks are LIMITED until the next shipment arrives next year.
Shop here:


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Baby Crying Leads to Movie

I just wrote an article about how one of my youtube videos has lead to a small role in an animated movie!!

Portable High Chair

We now have the versatile Snazzy Baby Deluxe Travel chair in stock.  It’s a fabric highchair with straps, that folds up small and can be used on any chair! So a perfect portable high chair.  See here

This is a great addition to our Starting Solids store section.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

New HOTmilk in time for Christmas

The newest style of HOTmilk lingerie arrived today, and it is exquisite.  I don’t think the pictures are showing the full gorgeousness.  This is a hard one to photograph!

Just in time for Christmas

Order yours here

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I've had a boob job

This is the Boob Job product that I’ve been trialing over the past few days.  Ideal for mums that have finished breastfeeding, and just feel like having a bit of lift and more oomph!!

I’m just a measly 10A myself, and I like the extra volume that these silicone inserts provide.  They mould to your shape, and lift, boost and va va voom. I would happily recommend them to other mothers.

Better Boob Job Takeouts 


Up to 50% off Mumcho Ponchos

We have a great range of Mumcho Breastfeeding Ponchos in lurvely fabrics!!  Grab a bargain as these are on sale for 5 days only.


Shop Here