Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Copy Safe

School holidays have started, so it’s a change for me to have a child home while I am working.  When my business first started, I was a Work-at-home-Mum but that was five years ago.  I’ve grown a lot since then, and although it was a tough decision I know that putting my children into childcare was the right decision. 

My eldest started school in October, and so now he is home for 7 weeks for the holidays.  Its cool having my buddy here with me.  I’ve set up a “special desk” for him in my office, and he is doing work.

Yesterday he did a picture plan, and wrote a sentence “I am working with my Mummy”.  Cute.

This morning we played schools, I’m Mrs Broughton his teacher.  I watched while he drew a picture of Spiderman and wrote a story about it.  Then he did a © symbol in the corner.

I laughed!!!  He said “its so no one can copy my work”. 

I didn’t teach him this.  Even though all MY Breastmates work and my pictures are protected by Copy Safe.  (Its on the bottom corner of my website).

How adorable that my son knows this!!



PS> And before you judge his pictures and writing, it’s a miracle that he’ll even sit down with a pen.  This is the boy that likes being outside playing.