Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hotmilk Bra - New Style

If you liked the fabulous Age of Allure bra by HOTmilk you are going to love the new Her Radiance style. This is due out in early July and will be a sexy addition to our nursing lingerie collection. This nursing bra is a new and improved supportive design which will be very popular! If you haven't already put in your preorder for this HOTmilk bra then don't delay!!

milkMAN competition

HOTmilk have announced the winner of the "milkman boxers" competition they were running. His name is Keegs, from New Zealand. He won in a landslide vote to become Hotmilk's first milkMAN. He has won $5000 USD travel, what a lucky guy!

There certainly were a few cute guys that entered!

Also just a reminder, that you only have to buy one set of our HOTmilk lingerie (bra + knicker) or one sleepwear item to get your guy a free pair of the milkMAN boxers, worth $29.95. While stocks last.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Raynauds Syndrome and Nipple Vasospasms

What is Raynaud's? is a condition when blood vessels spasm and constrict in body extremities such as nipples. When Reynaud's Phenomenon causes nipple vasospam, the nipple turns white and there is usually a noticeable change in colour from white to blue to red, as blood flow returns.

It can occur during pregnancy and at times related to feeding. Cold temperatures typically trigger the vasospasm and make it worse. It is a very painful experience.

One common treatment is to keep the breast and
nipples warm.

We have a wonderful new product, Breastwarmers, which are purposely designed for mothers that suffer from nipple vasospasms. The Breastwarmers reflect your body heat, which can help ease the pain. Plus they can also absorb milk leaks, and are reusable breast pads.

Breastwarmers can be used by women with Raynaud’s Phenomenon, to boost milk supply due to the warmth that is provided to milk ducts, and to help with let-down or expressing. They can also be worn by women that suffer from nipple vasospasm (chilled nipples) who are not breastfeeding.

For more information about this product, and to order, please view our main webstore here:

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Nursing Necklace

I've got these fab new Nursing Necklaces in stock, which are the ideal thing to use when you have a "nosey" baby that you are trying to breastfeed or bottle feed. You know how babies get distracted with noise (and other siblings), turn their head, and pull. And Don't drink their milk?

Well this little necklace is a
nursing necklace pendant that mum wears. baby can focus on the colour contrast, touch and feel, and just keep drinking their milk!

Nursing necklaces are a nifty little invention! Plus because it is made from safe materials etc, it can also double as a chewable interest too (after you've finished feeding)

You can order your HeartString Nursing Necklace from Breastmates

nursing necklace

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Baby Wont Take a Bottle - Solution

Baby Won't Take a Bottle:

Some feedback from a happy customer, I bet this mum is very relieved!!

I bought a ChuChu teat off you the other day.. I have been battling - and i mean battling, since my little girl was 3 weeks old for her to take a bottle. She is now nearly four months and FINALLY she will take some expressed milk thanks to the Chu Chu. Wish I had heard about it earlier as in my cupboard I have every bottle and teat known to man!! Thanks so much, Kate

You can learn more about this fantastic teat, and how it works for babies on our webstore here:

chu chu

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Breastfeeding DVD

A DVD about breastfeeding is currently in development and will be available in New Zealand to every pregnant woman in their third trimester from about November 2009.

In the
DVD, a number of New Zealand mothers will talk about their experiences of breastfeeding. The DVD, which will have input from breastfeeding experts, will provide a useful tool for mothers (as well as partners and family/whānau) wanting to know more about the rewards and challenges of breastfeeding. While it will be modelled on the structure and information in the British DVD From Bump to Breastfeeding, the DVD will present an entirely New Zealand perspective.

Very cool - we like this

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