Thursday, November 28, 2013

New Product Alert!


We have these very cool Reusable Food Pouches in stock now.  Called the Sili Squeeze!


Available in large or small sizes, ideal for soft foods!!


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Nice Feedback From Kym

Received some nice feedback today from a customer that had shopped at my online store


Thank you so much again for your prompt response.   I returned some products to you due to wrong sizing on Friday & had my new items by Wednesday the following week! WOW! You are truly super at your business & will be highly recommending you to all future & present mums in my circle! Your website is bang on with advice & help & you are very proficient in your business.  It has been wonderful to deal with you & I look forward to checking in (and out!) again with you soon!



Thursday, November 21, 2013

The day I was on Campbell Live.  Here's my 5 minutes of fame.


Though I'm not sure if it spoils the illusion of Breastmates. Now you can see my converted garage and where I work.


You can view here (starts at 9:30 time spot)



Wednesday, November 20, 2013

#umbraco @bka

argh got this today on live site!  Customers please tell me if this happens while you are shopping!


" Love your designs Franny, keep up the good work. It is soooo hard to find good feeding tops (or any feeding tops for that matter), that fit nicely and don't make you look still pregnant. You're doing an amazing job & you follow it up with AWESOME service"


Monday, November 18, 2013

#umbraco #bka

Customers: please tell me if you ever get error screens like this when browsing my site.











please come and join our Facebook page



Friday, November 15, 2013

Jody just sent us a review about our Black Maternity Dress (Glamorous)


ProductName: Glamorous Dress (V2)

Rating: 5

Comment: This dress is the best! I have purchased to wear to a wedding in Dec (8 months preg) and another wedding in Feb (breastfeeding a month old).

Its gorgeous and flowy and flattering such a great dress for the price!

Couldn't have found better anywhere else.


Thursday, November 14, 2013

meet the models

Here's a blog post to introduce you to the models on my website.


Dresses for Breastfeeding

Tara said " Ps I love your service. Dresses are so hard to find while breastfeeding infact yours are the only ones that work for me and I've looked everywhere, would love you to have more colors :)


 Just had this message from Sophie  "3 minutes into birthday date and have already had a gazillion compliments on my hot pink Breastmates RaRa dress!"





Newborn Logbook Review - by Belinda.


You can read what Belinda thought about it here:




Newborn Logbook Online at Breastmates


Black Maternity Dress for Wedding

Received this lovely feedback from Laurie about the Black Maternity Dress she brought for a wedding.

Thank you so so much for the fast delivery of my gorgeous maternity dress! I very rarely buy online and to be honest didn't think it would even fit me (i'm not a small girl), but it is perfect and looks so lovely on. I'm so excited and can't wait for the wedding i'm going to to wear it (i very rarely wear a dress!). And the packaging and little note just topped it off.

I will definately write something on your page and promote it to all my friends, but am only 11 weeks pregnant and not many people know at this early stage, so will just wait a little while before i do that.

Once again, thanks so much. I will no doubt be a repeat customer!"    from Laurie

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Baby Shots Photography

Being a WAHM I don't often go to meetings or staff events, so it was really nice to catch up with Bev from Baby Shots Photography this morning.  We had a natter about business, and work, and the help that we get from our husbands (sarcastic tone there darling!)  !  Thanks for the coffee!!


Check out Bev's awesome photography work.... 


You could plan a trip to Cambridge -


1.       visit my studio and check out some of my new maternity clothes;

2.       visit Bev's photography studio.  Bev also works from home, but she has a proper photography studio setup in a separate area to her house.  Complete with cool props and backdrops

3.       visit our lovely little town of Cambridge.  After doing step (1) I'll give you a voucher for a coffee at Rouge Cafe.




Received some feedback about the special breast pads that we sell online, for ladies that have Raynauds.

"Just wanted to say how great these Raynauds breast pads are.  I have raynauds and needed to use medication due to the pain for my first two babies, as well as using merino breast pads.  This time with number three (born at same time of year as number one, so weather is the same) I am using these pads and they are just wonderful.  I am not taking any medication, and have not had white and purple spots due to vasospasm on my nipples.  And no pain!  I really noticed the difference when I had to use my old merino pads while these ones were drying.  The only downside is that they are quite absorbent, so take a while to dry, but definitely worth buying a second pair to get around this."


Product Review

It was nice to read this product review from Kimberley this morning:


"When I first ordered these breast pads after having tried numerous cheaper ones I have to admit I was rather sceptical and loath to fork out this much money. But I was so surprised how much better they are than all the others I've tried! Totally worth the money, so comfy, dry super quick and saved me so much hassle that I ordered more and some as a gift for my friend, who then asked me to order her more. I only use these breast pads now. I am a 14ff these days so regular is the best size for me. Well done Franny, a brilliant product.  


Monday, November 11, 2013

Summer Launch!!

Summer launch!

Clothing styles designed by Franny of Breastmates.  For maternity, breastfeeding and beyond.  Check out the range - nothing over $100

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Customer Review:

 I just received my new breastfeeding top and I only ordered it yesterday and I live in a rural area! Such quick and personal service! I tried the top on straight away and love it. Fits well and can't wait to wear it out!

Customer Review:

Bloom Top : "Great shirt!  I love it.  Perfect amount of coverage and makes nursing easy! I also love that it's a great length…so many maternity/nursing shirts are just too short!  This one is perfect." Ashle

Friday, November 8, 2013

Thursday, November 7, 2013


Your website is great and your service is amazing, that's why everyone I know recommends you and why I do too.

Keep up the fabulous work, its such a pleasure to deal with your company.




(quote from Charlotte which just made my day!)  

Moby Wraps

Kirsty says: I was looking to purchase a sling for our new baby so that I had my hands free for our very toddler.  A friend suggested the Moby wrap and several friends had founds their other brand slings uncomfortable.  I am so happy with this sling, especially if our baby is not settling in her bassinet, she will sleep in this and I can still get thing's done around the house.  The long piece of material does take a few goes to get used to but it soon becomes like second nature and there is so many options to use.  I recently used it at the Women's Expo and had at least a dozen people come up and comment on it as she slept the whole time I was there.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Hotmilk Public Breastfeeding Revolution



Hotmilk are launching a great promotion for the month of November.  We need you to join the Hotmilk Public Breastfeeding Revolution! 

How does it work? You just need  to upload a picture of yourself breastfeeding in a public place wearing a Hotmilk bra to the Hotmilk Facebook page.  

You could win a great prize pack!  And the photos will be inspiring to other mums too!!  (and even the public!!)


Details for the promo are here


So grab yourself a HOTmilk bra, perhaps you’ll buy one from Breastmates, and then take a photo and upload to Hotmilk’s page!

Baby Bib Wipeable

Wipeable Baby BibsKate says "Simply the best bibs ever for my messy toddler! Especially with finger foods which are caught in the pocket and don't end up squished down the front. No machine washing, just wipe them down in the sink and I hang to dry over the oven door handle. Has saved me so much washing. I love these bibs!  "

Zahra Maternity Nursing Dress

About the Zahra Applique Maternity Nursing Dress, Jo says " I have had comments on the dress from 3 people & so have passed your details onto these three but also another 3 friends that were present at the time that are also with new bubs, pregnant & trying to conceive. "

Maternity Shorts

Maternity Shorts (Zen), Claire says "I absolutely love mine too best maternity buy ever I'm 38 weeks and live in them even though I'm in Southland and it's not that warm yet. So comfy!"