Saturday, January 31, 2009

Boys Growing Up

Three things that have happened today that made me realise my son is growing up.

1. I walked into the lounge after having a shower and using a new tube of Avon moisturiser on my legs. He told me that I smelled nice. That is the first time he has given me a compliment all by himself.

2. He now calls them Lemonade iceblocks, rather than "white iceblocks" that we always used to say.

3. He can say elevator rather than alligator.

1 Thing I Noticed today to Show Baby Is Growing Up:
1. He persistently crawled over to the cat biscuits in the garage, and sat there picking them up trying to eat them. I must have moved him away a squillion times, and he kept trying. He must have eaten a few. This angel 9month old baby even managed to get his older brother to eat TWO biscuits. I thought the 4 year old might have tried one and spat it out, but he ate two. Mustn't taste too bad, as the 4 year old is the pickiest eater.

mental note to move the cat biscuits onto the workbench tomorrow. The lazy cat will just have to jump up to eat.

Breastfeeding Blog

A summary of my breastfeeding Blog posts for January

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Happy Customers
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8 weeks
Nipple Butter
Microwave Sterilisers
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Medela FreeStyle Double Pump
Medela Bottles - Large Size
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Women's Bra Size
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Medela Spare Parts

Here at Breastmates New Zealand webstore we are able to supply spare parts for your medela brand of breast pumps etc. A summary list is provided below. If you need something that is not on the list, please contact us and we will get it for you. Please note that some of these items are not in our standard stock, we will order them in for you. Allow 5 to 7 days for delivery.

Email us to order medela parts

Spare Parts for Medela Harmony Manual
Personal fit Breast sheild 24mm
Soft Fit breast shield 24mm
Manual Breast Pump Handle only
Diaphragm with Step & O-Ring

O-ring for stem
2 component elbow

Spare Parts for
Medela Mini Electric Breast Pump
Mains Adapter for breast pump
Motor Unit only for breast pump
Breast Shield 24mm
Insert for Small Breast (21mm)
Valves and Membranes for Breast Pumps

Spare Parts for Medela Mini Electric Plus (double) Pump
Silicone Tubing with Connector
Mains Adapter

Plug to cover
Motor Unit Complete
Rubber Foot
Breast Shield 24mm

Insert for Small Breast (21mm)
Valves and Membranes for Breast Pumps

Spare Parts for Medela Swing Breast Pump
SoftFit Breast Shield
2 Component Connector Elbow
Mains Adapter
Battery Cover
PVC Tubing (1 piece)Neck Sling
Storing Bag
Insert for Small Breast (21mm)
Valves and Membranes for Breast Pumps

Spare Parts Medela Pump in Style Advanced
PVC Tubing with Connector
Mains Adapter
Shaped Cooling Element
Battery Pack
Port Plug

Breast Shield 24mm
Insert for Small Breast (21mm)
Valves and Membranes for Breast Pumps

Spare parts for
Medela Free Style
- will be available, just contact us

Medela Spare Parts
Conversion Kit to Mini Electric Breast Pump
Milk Collection Bottle 150mL *note it is cheaper to purchase the 3 pack of bottles
Bottle Disc (fits into lid)
Bottle Lid (threaded part)
Cap (for to cover when a teat is installed)
Personal Fit Breastshield 21mm Small Size
Personal Fit Breastshield 27mm
Personal Fit Breastshield 30mm

Specialised Feeding Spare Parts
Special Needs Feeder (Haberman)
Soft Cup Feeder
Valve membrane for
Special Needs Feeder
Valve membrane for
Softcup feeder
Valve Plate
Special Needs Feeder Teat
(packet 3)
Soft Cup Reservoir

Supplemental Nursing System
SNS Tubing and Valve - clear - 0.85mm
SNS Tubing and Valve - white - 0.75mm
SNS Tubing and Valve - Red - 0.65mm
Valve Holder

Finger Feeder
Baby Cup Feeder

Return to our website to enquire about Medela Spare Parts:

Friday, January 30, 2009

Lingerie for Valentines Day

So every mother deserves a treat on Valentine's Day! This gorgeous new style of HOTmilk Lingerie online is the Perfect gift! So just give a hint to your man, or buy it for yourself!!!

We can
ship hotmilk worldwide, and there is plenty of time if you order now, it will arrive with you in time for Valentines Day.

New Hotmilk Bra” width=”283
You can order it on our webstore here:

HOTmilk Netherlands

I received this feedback from a customer in the Netherlands who order maternity bras online.

I sent the item on 21 January, and she received it on 29th January!!


"Hi Frances,Thank you so much for my order, which I received today. So beautifully wrapped too! It felt like receiving a gift! I will definitely recommend you to other mums I know and will shop with you again. I am expecting Baby no.2 in April, so I may well need some extra breastfeeding supplies then!Kind regards,L"

You can shop at our store here:

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy Customers

Some more feedback:

Hi Frances.

I have received the order already and am very impressed – I’ll certainly share your details around with those in my various social circles. Thanks for such prompt and professional service.

Kind regards,

New HOTmilk Online

I have just unloaded a box full of gorgeous HOTmilk Lingerie. This is just a stunning maternity bra style, and is my favourite so far. It's such a pretty bra style for pregnancy and breastfeeding. So I now have 9 styles of HOTmilk lingerie online that you can choose from.

We can send
HOTmilk worldwide.

The style name is "
Her Desire was Dangerous"

This range includes small sizes and plus size maternity bras.

Sexy HOTmilk Maternity Bra” width=”398

Sexy HOTmilk French Knickers” width=”396

Sexy HOTmilk G thong” width=”393

Go to this web page to order your HOTmilk Underwear online:

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Organic Maternity Bra

HOTmilk Lingerie are going organic....well, as much as possible.
The lining in some of HOTmilk's new ranges features 100% organic cotton.
This new range will be available in February. You can view it online here:

Teats to Fit Medela Bottles

Some feedback from a happy customer today

Quote "Hello Frances. Thank you I received the order today at work, overnight so I was very impressed. The Teats fit wonderful on the Medela Bottles that I have so im very happy and will pass on the great service you have provided. Kind Regards A.B"

Teats to fit Medela bottles are available at our store here:

Small Nappy Bags

So if you decide that you don't really want to lug around a nappy bag for all your baby gear, (even though we have the gorgeous GR8X bags ones like that shown below), then here are the minimum nappy bag things that you can use.

Nappy Bags” width=”471

Changing Mat” width=”100

And you need something to keep baby's milk cool - an insulated bottle carry will do this.

Insulated Bottle Holder” width=”100

Plus dont forget you need to carry wipes, nappies, and diaper cream.

If you use these items, then you can put them into any bag that you choose, it doesn't have to be a specific nappy bag or diaper bag. You could even use your hand bag or a back pack.

This will reduce the size of the stuff that you have to carry around.
Check out our website for all of these products

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Maternity Sanitary Pads

Following the birth of your baby, you'll most probably have bleeding, bloody discharge. The technical term is lochia. This can start off quite heavy for the first few days after birth. So it is important that you get some proper maternity sanitary pads. You'll need something extra long, with wings, and highly absorbent.
I suggest the Libra Maternity sanitary pads. Yes I have used these. Yes I sell them at my online store here:
Most mothers will probably only need to purchase one or two packets of these special maternity sanitary pads, and then the discharge will be lighter so they can use normal sanitary pads. It is normal for the discharge to last for as long as up to 8 weeks - though over this time the discharge will change from heavy/dark blood to a light brown discharge.
Though it is very important not to use tampons.
If you have any concerns about the amount of blood loss, please contact your health professional.
Maternity Sanitary Pads” width=”250
Order your maternity pads online here:

Nappy Bags - Changing Mats

I love the GR8X brand of nappy bags. These ones are just like a nappy bag / backpack style. But what you don't know is that the nappy bag opens out to actually be a changing mat. A changing mat with lots of pockets for storage of baby gear, a big size to change baby on. (Removable and washable of course). Its a really neat nappy bag!
YES! We do ship worldwide.
GR8X changing mat and bag” width=”292

GR8X changing mat and bag” width=”212
You can see a demonstration of this nappy bag / changing mat here:

Larger Size Medela Bottles

Finally Medela have brought out a larger size baby feeding bottle. They always used to have the 150mL size, and now there is the 250mL medela size.

We used to get asked this question all the time, because often babies need to drink more than 150ml of
milk or formula at one feed.... so some mothers either had to prepare two bottles and switch over half way through a feed, or store milk in a container and then fill into the bottle. Either way, baby's feed would have been getting interuppted.

So now there is a
250mL size medela bottle which is ideal! You can also use this bottle for newborn babies - just only fill a smaller volume (like 50mL) depending on how much they need.

medela bottles are also free of Bisphenol-A compounds (BPA).

So who else is happy? Life just got a little bit easier with this
larger size medela bottle...something simple can make a big difference to your day.

You can order them here:

Medela Bottle Sizes” width=”200

Weaning Baby

Sometimes if you are trying to get your baby to drink milk from a bottle, they can turn into "fuss pots" and they will often reject plain bottle teats or bottle nipples. Or if your baby does drink from a bottle then they can often get lazy and not return to breastfeeding. Alot of bottle teats the milk just comes out so easily that baby learns that, and doesnt return to the breast!

So yes it can be a stressful time
weaning baby.

One product that I have used myself, for a fussy baby, is the
Chu Chu teat. It works the same as a mother's nipple, baby has to work to get the milk out. With my son, he rejected a lot of other teats but took to this one straight away.

You dont need to purchase
special bottles, you can use all the narrow-neck bottles that you already have and the teat will fit. And there is only one teat size, so you dont need to upgrade as your child gets older.

Its not a bad price to give it a try. You can order them from our webstore:

Bottle Teats” width=”300

Feeding Singlets

Well the Glamourmum (or Glamourmom as some people say) Feeding Singlets are a really popular item. They are so handy for a pregnant mother to purchase. You can wear the singlets while you are pregnant, pack it in your hospital bag to take with you when you have baby as it is handy to wear afterwards.
Then this Feeding Singlet will be very useful when you are breastfeeding baby. In summer the nursing singlet can be worn as a top on its own. In cooler months it can be worn as underwear, and will keep your belly warm while you are feeding baby.
PLUS it has a built in shelf bra, with drop down clips for breastfeeding of course.
The extra long length of the feeding singlet gives good coverage and layering.
You can order these on our webstore here:
Glamourmom Tops” width=”298

New Competition

We have just started a new competition. Just enter online and you can go in the draw to win $330 worth of Breastmates products. We have 2 prize packs to give away. The pack includes a Medela Breast Pump, HOTmilk Maternity lingerie, Glamourmom Nursing singlet, reusable breast pads, wool breast pads, and a reminder wristband for feeds.
Competition closes 31 March 2009
Competition” width=”212.5

Avondale Spider

Check out the size of this Avondale Spider that we found sitting on our BBQ. I had no idea that we could get spiders this big here in NZ. We put the spider into one of those short fat "Old El Paso" salsa jars.

Kept it in the jar for a few days. It had HUGE eyes.

Then I released it into a bush area at the local school. Watching it run up a tree, I didnt really feel scared of it.

But I was so scared of it when we first got it.

Bruce put it in the jar, he was very brave...for a little while. After he had scooped it into the jar he screamed "wheres the lid Fran, where's the lid?" It was so funny, I wish I had got that on video camera!


I like it that my children play non-gender specific games. Here is a photo of my two sons, playing "mums" with baby dolls. My son Angus is playing with my old cabbage patch kid, my most precious toy when I was a child. I used to think it was a shame that I dont have a daughter to pass her down too, and my neices would probably never treasure her enough, but my son treasures her!

8 weeks

Its been 8 weeks now since Allison died. It feels like forever, but then like it was only yesterday. Surely it hasnt been 8 weeks? It feels like it was all a dream, and that it hasnt really happened.

Everyone else is moving on so quickly.

Everything is cleaned out. All that remains is the cat Fluffbum.

Because she was in the UK, all her stuff was in boxes, she didnt have much stuff anyway.

Some days I think why was it her, it could have been me. It could have been Bruce. But it was her.

My husband thinks that deep deep down in her inner being, she knew she was going to die. Like ages ago, before she got sick. She never settled, she always had travelled. Maybe that was why.

I feel guilty that I am alive.

Things are moving on. I think of Lochies development in terms of before and after she died. Like jsut before she died baby Lochie had started to sit up. But now that she has been dead 8 weeks the baby has learnt to crawl.

I am sorry that she had to die.

Nipple Butter

Earth Mama Angel Baby: Natural Nipple Butter

The first organic, all natural, plant-based nipple balm created without lanolin, so it’s certified vegan too.

This is an alternative to the Purelan lanolin nipple cream that we also sell on our website here:

The Earth Mama Angel Baby Nipple Butter is a rich, organic cream, made with cocoa butter, shea butter, mango butter and healing calendula. It's safe for both nursing mamas and babies — no need to wash it off before nursing. Sore and cracked nipples can diminish some of the joy of nursing, so keeping them nourished, protected and moisturized helps you as you nourish your angel baby — naturally.

Why lanolin free? Lanolin is used as a moisture barrier, but some are concerned about trace pesticide and antibiotic residue.

Natural Nipple Butter” width=”250
You can order this online here:

Microwave Sterilisers

Whether you call (spell) them as Microwave Sterilizers or Microwave Sterilisers, its time that I updated you. We have some new microwave sterilisers available at our webstore. These are non-branded simple version. So they are less than half the price of other brands (namely Avent Microwave Steriliser) that we also have on our webstore.

budget sterilisers work perfectly of course. They dont come with any bottles or teats. They are non-branded. But they are large enough to fit whatever bottles and teat system you have, plus they can also fit whatever breast pump you have.

Add water, put in microwave, and hey presto all your
baby feeding gear will be sterile. Keep the lid on and the contents stay sterile for 3 hours.

You can order these online. Its nice to be able to offer an
affordable option of steriliser!

Microwave Sterilser” width=”285
Return to our main website page here:

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Swaddle Wraps

Swaddling wraps are a great way to wrap up your baby so they are snug and secure. You can pretty much tie down their arms so that they cant wriggle out and wake themselves up.

We have the
Lalito Wraps here at our webstore. They are a lightweight cotton voile swaddling wrap- so great for hot summer nights. And then in winter just add another warmer wool blanket over the top. These have PLENTY of fabric so they really do wrap right around baby a couple of times.

Suitable for newborn to 10 months or so. And here I have just done a couple of tutorials to show you
how to swaddle your baby!
Swaddle Wraps” width=”100

Order your's here we do send nationwide in New Zealand, and worldwide

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Medela FreeStyle Double Pump

A brand new medela breast pump model! This is the latest technology is this double electric breast pump.

double breast pump is recommended for mothers who are committed to breastfeeding, and need to express milk frequently, for a long term duration for their child.

This is a super fast, small, and quiet
breast pump that is fabulous to use.

It is light. It fits in the palm of your hand. And it has great new design features like a rechargeable battery, digital display timer with backlight, and a memory for your settings so that you can use the same comfortable settings the next time you express. Plus it comes with a great "CityStyle" bag to carry it all in.

You can read all about this new brast pump - NOW available in New Zealand and online at our webstore here:

Medela Bottles” width=”469
Breastmates will need to consult with customers before they can purchase breast pumps online
Return to our home page

Medela Bottles - Large Size

Finally!! Medela have finally brought out a larger size for their breast milk bottles. They always had the small size which were 150mL bottles, but now they finally have the 250mL medela bottles available here in New Zealand. Its good having this larger size medela bottle, as when your baby gets older they could quite easily drink that much at a feeding. As always, the medela bottles are free of BPA.

You can order these
baby bottles at our webstore, we do ship everywhere!

Medela Bottles” width=”200
Team it up with the Chu Chu teat

Medela CityStyle Bag

Medela have brought out a great new carrier bag for breast pumps. It has enough space to hold all types of medela breast pumps, and also comes with a chilly pack - eskie bag, ice pack, and 4 bottles.

I really like this bag, its a nice design. And doesn't scream out "I've got a
breast pump in here" Nothing like that at all. No big Medela logo over the front of it.

Its a good price too. You basically pay the same price that the chilly pack and bottles used to cost, and you get the attractive hand bag for free really.

This style of bag is called the "CityStyle"

You can order this at our web store

Breast Pump Bag” width=”393

HOTmilk's Knickers for Africa

HOTmilk, maternity and nursing lingerie label (sold by Breastmates), is sending a very special gift to help young women living in villages in Zimbabwe avoid being sexually abused… underwear.

“Sometimes we can take a lot for granted, from the roofs over our heads right down to the fact we own underwear,” says the lovely Ange Crosbie. “When we heard that something as simple as
undergarments had the possibility of giving young women in Zimbabwe a better chance to live a life free of sexual abuse, we knew that we wanted to help.”

The company is assisting former Zimbabwean Morag Roy, who returned to her home in Australia from a recent trip determined to help the local communities in Zimbabwe in a very unusual way.

Roy discovered that sexual abuse of young girls there was rampant, so she asked a local priest what the girls needed most to prevent it. “He told me that underwear gives a women prestige, shows they have money and means men are less likely to assault them,” says Roy. “I was amazed but when I ew back six months later with suitcases stuffed with bras I saw rst hand what a difference it made.”

During that trip Roy also found that most of the young girls and mothers there only had one ragged pair of knickers each, so they often wore none. “They also desperately need
knickers, but I guess a Catholic priest wouldn’t have thought about mentioning that!” she says.

So far HOTmilk has donated 6,500 brand new pairs of underwear for the project.

Breastmates and HOTmilk are now teaming up for YOU to lend a hand too.

Breastmates would like to offer the NZ public the chance to donate their old bras to this wonderful cause. Get out any second-hand-good-condition bras that you have... (or any brand new knickers) you can drop them into our Studio Store in Auckland, or mail them to us.
*Please no secondhand knickers*

We will then give you a voucher for a big discount on your next HOTmilk purchase at Breastmates. As shown here:

Nursing Pillows

I just got this feedback after a customer in Canada purchased a nursing pillow.


Hi Frances,Your website was very easy to navigate and make my purchase! The currency conversion was a great touch. Anyhow, thank you for including the dimensions for the nursing cushions on the site. I had no idea ones that big were even available. I've been nursing my daughter since birth and I was determined that no drop of formula would ever pass her lips Anyhow, little did I know that I would STILL be nursing her at 3 years of age- I guess she'll wean whenever she's ready. My daughter will be delighted with the new nursing pillow! Thank you so much for making this such a lovely, supportive, and easy experience!

Breastfeeding Pillow” width=”407

Yes we can ship these worldwide

Go to our webstore here:

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Amber Teething Necklaces

Grizzly baby this week. I think he has some more teeth coming through. He already has two bottom, and 1 top incisor just pokes out. He is dribbling lots, his lip kind of hangs down as if he has been at the dentists. Clinging. Not eating much. Runny poos. Not happy at all. And so many teeth still to come through.

These days heaps of baby's are wearing amber teething necklaces. I do wonder if they look silly on boys, but other people do it.

Apparently Baltic Amber has therapeutic healing properties as it is warmed and sits against the skin.

I'm going to give some teething necklaces a try, (Thanks for the idea today Helen) and shall defintely let you know!

Breastfeeding Clothes

We have just confirmed with our supplier our new styles of Breastfeeding Tops that will be available in March. These are really good quality breastfeeding clothes that are suitable for nursing wear and beyond. You don't just have to be breastfeeding a baby to wear these clothes.

You can get a sneak peak of two new
breastfeeding clothing styles below. And if you want to look at the page or shop online for nursing clothes, just click on the pictures below.

Breastfeeding Wrap Top” width=”267

Breastfeeding Wrap Top” width=”271
Return to our main breastfeeding blog here:

Sexy Maternity Underwear - Sale

Our great sale on Sexy Hotmilk Lingerie is continuing! Lucky you! I bet you are glad you found this blog post about our lingerie sale!
Choose from any of these styles of sexy maternity bra's with matching knickers and purchase them at a discounted price of 33% off!! These sexy maternity bra's and maternity panties have a big price reduction!!
This lingerie sale only applies to these styles shown here, we do have other gorgeous style of HOTmilk Lingerie to choose from as well though, at our website here:
YES we ship lingerie worldwide, at affordable rates. Plus the exchange rate makes these a great buy for everyone outside of NZ

 HOTmilk Sexy Maternity Bras

 HOTmilk Sexy Maternity Bras

 HOTmilk Sexy Maternity Bras

 HOTmilk Sexy Maternity Bras

We also have a bra fitting guide that shows you how to measure yourself. So you can measure your size at home, and convert bra sizes for different countries.
 HOTmilk Sexy Maternity Bras
Return to our breastfeeding website

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bra Fitting Auckland

Yes we do offer Auckland maternity bra fittings.

Our new marketing campaign focusses on the fact that we offer a
maternity bra fitting service from our Studio Shop in Auckland.

You just need to make an appointment to have a
bra fitting, then you can come over. We operate this business from a Studio at our home. You will receive a personal and private appointment with Frances for a bra fitting. Eftpos is available.

There used to be a lady "
Molly" in West Auckland that did maternity bra fittings. But now you can also visit Frances in Auckland for a maternity bra fitting - and you might just come away with a gorgeous, pretty, and sexy maternity bra style that you will LOVE! We carry the HOTmilk range of nursing lingerie.

Sexy Nursing Bra” width=”260

Or if you are not in Auckland, there is a comprehensive bra fitting guide on our website. The sizes we carry are small cup size up to plus size maternity G cups.

Go to our
Breastmates website to see more information here:

Nappy Bags

Want to know about baby bags and what to pack in them?

Firstly start of with a high quality nappy bag, you will want something that looks modern and funky and suitable for mum. Don't purchase anything pink or pastel thinking about your baby, you will need something that appeals to mum and doesn't scream out "I'm full of baby gear".

We have some fantastic nappy bags online at our website, which include the GR8X brand of nappy bags. These are spacious nappy bags that are so stylish. They also include pouches and pockets for all the baby gear, bottle holders, changing mats. And the best thing is the quality and how stylish these baby bags are. We love them!

You can see more about these new nappy bags on our website pages here

Nappy Bags” width=”471

Nappy Bags” width=”421

The next question that I get asked all the time, is "what to put in the nappy bag?". What are the essential baby gear items you need to carry?

Here is my suggested list based on what I am carry around in my nappy bag today.

nappies (cloth or disposable). You should take about 3 or 4 if you are going out for a day. Remember to restock when you get home.

baby wipes

plastic bag to throw dirty nappy into when you are out.

baby bib for spilly babies

baby wrap, you never know when you'll need a wrap for warmth or also to drape over for some shade. We have some lovely baby swaddling wraps at our store.

Diaper cream. I love the Lucas Papaw nappy cream for my kids.

breast pads for mum, whether you are using disposable breast pads, or reusable breast pads, you should carry a spare pair in the nappy bag

a toy for baby such as our Vintage Rattles

hand sanitiser incase you are not near a washroom

sun cream

change of clothes for baby, or at the very least a spare romper.

snacks for older sibling, and maybe a small toy for them, like a toy car, or pen and pencils.

All of our
Nappy Bags online would fit this gear, plus have room for extra stuff. The size of the nappy bags is practical and not too big.

Purchase online and we can send directly to you, you'll enjoy using these Great Expectations Bags. Let us know if you have any comments or suggestions about what to carry in a nappy bag too!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Women's Bra Size

So you want to buy your women some sexy lingerie?

To be fair, the biggest challenge buying your girl HOTmilk Lingerie is getting the size right. Too small and she’ll think she’s fat. Too big and she’ll think that you think she’s fat... and you’re in the dog box.

Best place to start is to sneak a peek in her knicker drawer... like you haven’t before. Now the secret here, other than not getting caught, is to pick a bra that she is wearing currently and that fits her well and that she’s not already bursting out of. This may require you to pay more attention, conducting even more painstaking research, like checking her out next time she’s wandering about the house in her smalls...

You could also check the laundry basket, or her bra's that are hanging on the clothes line.

Check out the size tags. With bra sizes the number is her rib-cage circumference or ‘under-bust’ and the letter represents her breast or ‘cup’ size. Now bear in mind that when a woman gets in the motherly way she usually will go up about one cup size from what she normally is.

Panties may have labels marked as 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 which correspond to S, M, L, XL, XXL.

Now make note of the sizes and order the lingerie online at Breastmates. If the size is not right, exchanges are permitted (except for items that are on sale).

You can view all of our current sexy lingerie available by clicking here: Sexy Lingerie Online