Friday, March 27, 2009

Российские Матери нуждаются в Лифчике

Если Вы нуждаетесь к лифчику в лифчике материнства.
Вы должны купить некоторый HOTmilk от
Очень хорошие цены за клиентов в России
Новозеландский Доллар - приблизительно имеют USD
Поставка занимает приблизительно 10 - 15 дней
Размеры - то же самое как российские размеры
Великолепные стили
Купите от матери, управляющей этим бизнесом

The above is a blog post that I wanted to write to my customers in Russia.

Bras for Africa - Truck 1

I have been collecting preloved bras to send to Africa. Well I have received so many!! Hundreds turned into thousands over the space of about four weeks.
Maybe in my next life I should get a job in PR?!!

My garage was getting so full, that we arranged for our first lot of the collection to be taken into storage. I'm still collecting the bras, they keep coming in, I just needed some more space.

I want to say huge thank you to everyone that has donated bras already, and that have dropped them off recently. Lots of people even organised to collect bras from their friends and colleagues too, so I have been getting really big bags coming in.
I have received anonymous parcels in a box that I set up on my driveway, parcels in the mail (thank you postie!), and parcels from people who have knocked on the door and chatted to me. And I have lots of phone calls from people who wanted to know more.
The people who have been donating items were initially my database of mothers from my business, but thanks to the newspapers the story spread and more people were informed. I've had young women, students, mothers, professionals, grannies, people who have lost weight, people who have gained weight, ladies that have had mastectomies, and even some transsexuals donating their preloved bras.

A big thank you to Kim Herewini the Account Manager at Express Logistics Group Limited ( who organised to get this first truck load of bras collected from my place this morning at no charge.

Another thank you to the Auckland suburban newspapers, T&E, BIGfm, Oh Baby, Littlies, and TV3 Sunrise who have all helped to publicise this campaign for me.
I've tried to take some photos of the first truckload, but its really hard to show the quantity in a picture.

This is my first stint at charity work, and I have really enjoyed it. Sure it takes some time, but it is something that I can do, that WILL make a difference.

Thank you!

Coming Soon to Waikato

This is our really exciting news, it is all happening very fast. Breastmates baby store is relocating to Cambridge. So we will be based in Cambridge, near Hamilton in the Waikato and will be able to provide our great range of maternity and breastfeeding products to Waikato residents. We are still in the moving stages, but when everything is ready we will be set up for visitors, and anyone that wants to purchase HOTmilk lingerie, breast pumps, maternity clothing, nursing pillows etc, anything like that, they can purchase from us in Cambridge when our studio is set up.

Breastmates is a home-based business. But it is not a little cottage industry or hobby. We send items nationwide and worldwide, it is the mail order side of the business that keeps us busy. But I really do like getting visitors, meeting people, and seeing belly bumps and new babys for anyone that wants to visit us in the Waikato.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


All the people that see my kids, always tell me how much like my husband they look. They both look like miniature versions of him.

But check out this photo that my eldest son and I took together. Baby is not in the photo, we should have lined him up too. We three have the same blue eyes.

Their dad has hazel eyes.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Baby Slings

We also sell Baby Slings at our webstore, and the Nature's Sway brand is very popular! It is made in New Zealand.
Nature’s Sway Sling
Got this email from a customer today: thanks very much got the sling this morning and have already started using it, my baby loves being close to us so the sling is perfect.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A complaint about Manual Breast Pumps

This is the message that I recently received from someone. They hadn't purchased the breast pump from me, and it just goes to show the bad advise out there.

I very rarely sell a manual breast pump. If I do, its purely for the reason that the mum wants to use it infrequently, like once a fortnight or something.

Quote "My friend bought me the Manual Avent Breast Pump. My baby is 4 - 5 weeks old and as I was full, I expressed before going to bed. Unfortunately after 30 - 40 minutes I went to sleep only to wake the following morning with two sore wrists with inflamed tendons.I have not been to the doctor yet as I am hoping they will go down. Please could this be a warning for other newbees to manual breast pumps. RegardsAnna"

Yup you will certainly get a sore hand with the manual breast pump trigger.

Something to be aware of if you are wanting a manual pump, and if your hands and wrists could be prone to OSS.

Do contact me if there is anything I can help you with, or questions about expressing.

HOTmilk Designed Well

Feedback from Sarah who brought HOTmilk in New Plymouth.

"Thanks Frances - absolutely love the Hot Milk lingere! Beautiful and extremely comfy. Someone really has designed this well. "

You can view all HOTmilk styles here:

HOTmilk Australia

A customer in Australia recently ordered some HOTmilk lingerie and wanted me to send it to Australia for her. Sure thing! I send HOTmilk Australia all the time.

This is the feedback she told me:

"Just wanted to let you know that the order has arrived already - wow! much faster than a lot of my Australian orders have!"

Glamourmom Tops


Got this feedback from a customer who had recently purchased another Glamourmum Feeding Singlet. These are a great feeding singlet and are suitable for both summer and winter. Just add or remove extra clothing layers!

"Yes I'm loving my current singlet and wear it most days! Hence the need for a second one. Sarah"

Plus Size Maternity Bras

Today we also have the newest styles of HOTmilk bras. These are a gorgeous pink colour with lace detailing. Suitable for sizes 10B right up to 20G (and all the sizes inbetween). The full figure bras have more design/engineering features to ensure that they really are supportive and comfortable. And pretty too!

A nice option for
plus size maternity. A nice option for any size maternity!

You can order all
HOTmilk styles at our webstore Breastmates.

HOTmilk Bra

HOTmilk Panties


So remember last week I told you in a blog post that I had an article published in the suburban newspapers?
One person that read the story in the paper was Ali from TV3's Sunrise Morning Show. The reporter and camera-man came out to my place yesterday and we shot this story. It was great fun.
And I have had a great response - so many bras!!
Breastmates TV interview

Friday, March 13, 2009

Free Breast Pump - You can Win

This is the latest competition that we are running in conjunction with Littlies:

WIN Medela Swing Breast Pump from Breastmates
Courtesy of Breastmates Breastfeeding Store, you can win a Medela Swing Breast pump worth $255. This is the ideal breast pump for mothers that need to express either occasionally or full time. We love how Breastmates are so dedicated to breastfeeding support and advice, and you can trust them to help you find the right product for your needs. Phone 0508 BREAST. Enter here.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Email Marketing Finds it Way Back to Writer

When running Breastmates website, every few months I send out a newsletter to my confirmed subscribers, to all the people that requested to join up to the newsletter to be notified about sales, freebies, and competitions. (Join Here)

It was somewhat eerie when I received this message from my good friend Kylie... to see my own words being sent back to me after going around a few offices, over to Australia, back to New Zealand, around a few more offices and then forwarded on to me!

See the email trail here


Some of our HOTmilk lingerie was compared to other brands in a recent Cosmo Pregnancy magazine.

The editor seemed to like the HOTmilk lingerie in the line up.

To view all our current styles available go to

Breastfeeding in NZ

This is the advertisement photograph that New Zealand is using in its magazine and TV advertising campaign, to help promote breastfeeding and improve breastfeeding rates in NZ.

The TV ads are very focussed towards Pacific Islanders and Maori, as apparently these mothers have lower and shorter breastfeeding rates.

Their offical website address is which is very similar to my website address Some people have been confused between the two, and have been typing in my address ( after seeing the TV adverts for the ( site :-)

Wool Cot Blanket

We also have some new cot blankets now in stock, that you can also purchase the cot blankets online. These are 100% pure New Zealand wool, made in New Zealand. They are woven in the Thermal Aircell method which means they are super warm but lightweight.

Wool Cot Blankets are practically a New Zealand tradition, and are a yummy and practical purchase for your nursery.

Wool Blanket

Nappy Bags Online

We have a new style of nappy bag here at our online store, a great place to buy some nappy bags online.

This is the Boho Red
nappy bag. A relatively compact style of nappy bag compared to the other nappy bags that we sell (gr8x). It has enough room to carry everything you need for a baby and toddler, without looking like you are carrying your holiday luggage.

Nappy Bag

For more information go to our webstore

Bras for Africa

Here is a wonderful email of support that I received about our Bras for Africa collection.

Hello dear.May God bless your soul.My name is woman in Britain and am into helping out suffering Zimbabweans too.I am really thankful that you came up with this great idea. Hear it from me. I am a Zimbabwean woman and I know that many many women not only in villages but also in urban areas have nothing and will appreciate your help even if it's second hand. I understand some disgruntled people might see your efforts as ridiculous but be assured Frances, those in need in Zimbabwe appreciate it greatly. I work with the needy in Zimbabwe and I understand their concerns. Let no word discourage you from helping out my fellow sisters and mothers .

Isn't that nice. It was just the type of message I needed to receive today. Its such an easy way for me to help other people. If all I have to do is round up some bras, and ask people, then ship them over. Its great to help.

We've had our story published in our local suburban newspaper this week, and its also on their website
They just made two mistakes in the article
1. They said we are also collecting money that people may donate. This is not correct. We are only collecting bras.
2. They said we are doing the bra collection from February to May, and gave our Auckland address. This is not correct, the Auckland address is only valid until the end of March, because after that Breastmates is MOVING and I don't want people to send in bras if I am not here any more.
But we will notify the delivery address on our website so that you can still send them in until the end of May.
I have got tonnes of bras here now already!! Great response.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Successful Self Employed WAHM

So I had another email today, which just reminded me how far I have come in my self-employed journey as a Mumpreneur working at home.

This lady wrote

"...My question is about starting up a web based company in NZ. As I am only just starting out, and I have read about your success and always here people say 'check out the breastmates web site'. I'm wondering if you would mind answering a few questions about what has worked and what hasn't. Or just some general advice in terms of how you became a house hold name amoungst nz mums...."

So I sent this lady a quick reply to encourage her with her WAHM business, I must admit I was quite flattered and took her email as a great complement.

It certainly has not been easy to get where we are today, and some days are harder than others.

But I LOVE what I do!!


So I am a Mumpreneur, a WAHM!

Take a peak at this video that was made featuring Me and one of my children.

Just so you know more about me, and know that you can trust me.

To see my business, go to this page:

Monday, March 9, 2009

Clothes for Breast Feeding

This is the long sleeve breast feeding top that we sell at our Store Breastmates. Its hard to show how it works for nursing using photos, so I am showing it to you on this video of breastfeeding top. For more information or to order, please go to our website here:

HOTmilk PJs

So we do have the stunning range of HOTmilk bras knickers and maternity sleepwear. Some people have been asking me how the pajama top works for breastfeeding. Its hard to show using photographs so check out this little video.

The top does have co-ordinating pants in a blue colour with flower print.

For more information on
HOTmilk and breastfeeding PJs see our website here:

Nursing Clothing - How to Use

This is one of the stylish breastfeeding tops that we sell on our webstore Breastmates, its a classic style cross-front tshirt with ruched layers. What everyone else WONT know is that this top has openings for breastfeeding.

This little video shows how!

You can order these breast feeding tops here:

Breastfeeding Tshirts - How to Use

Today I have just recorded some demonstrations on how these Muu Design Breastfeeding Tshirts work, that we sell on our webstore Breastmates.

It is quite difficult to show how a nursing tshirt opens for breastfeeding just using photographs, so check out these recordings.

You can buy the breastfeeding tops here:

Nursing Covers - How to use

I have just recorded this demonstration showing how our Nursing Covers work. These are such a lovely way to feed baby, totally private you can really feed your baby anywhere - even in a crowd and no one would know.

Just keep the nursing cover in your nappy bag.

Love the fabrics too

You can see more information here:

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Start-Up please vote for me

Please come and vote for Breastmates on this Facebook Competition

this is being run by which is a great community for business.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Maternity Sleep Wear HOTmilk

Depending on what hemisphere you live in, our range of HOTmilk maternity sleepwear will have you covered for any season.
We have two styles of maternity nightie chemises to choose from.
And we have two styles of breastfeeding PJs to choose from - in either a camisole top for warm weather, or a three quarter length warmer top for cooler climates.
These are all in the HOTmilk brand which we are now famous for.
Not Dull
Not Boring
Not something your Granny would wear.
Do check out the full range of HOTmilk sleepwear go to our website here:

Medela Online

Here at Breastmates webstore we are able to supply all of the medela products that you may need, and of course we can send them out to you anywhere. Just order your medela online at our website.

All of our shopping product pages for
Medela are accessible via this Medela logo below.

Of course we can obtain other information that may not be listed, so contact us to enquire about this. The up to date information is available on this page

Medela Online

Hotmilk NZ

A recent customer of mine sent me this feedback after purchasing some HOTmilk maternity PJs
"Hi Frances, I just got my order this afternoon after only placing it last night – wow what fantastic service! I have ordered a lot of things online and have never had delivery this fast. I will definitely let my friends know about you! "

Actually this customer also has her own business, the website in her email signature is: Its a very cool looking website by the way, I love the graphics. Plus I am quite partial to a Mince & Cheese myself.

HOTmilk PJs

Maternity Camisole

HOTmilk Camisole
Some feedback from a customer that just purchased a HOTmilk maternity camisole set.
Quote "Just wanted to let you know the Camisole arrived Tuesday - Thank you!
It fits perfectly and I am so very pleased with it. What a beautiful top!
Many thanks for your service. Jenny"

Order from Singapore

Of course we can send anywhere. If you have a postman in your town, or delivery truck, we can get the orders to you. Whatever you need, we can send it. We do send a lot of HOTmilk lingerie and other breastfeeding products like b-feeding clothing, maternity bras, breast pads etc.

Got this email from Ruth:

"It's great that you can send over to Singapore. I'm due mid-March and actually hadn't prepped anything for nursing/ hospital or home dressing, hence, your site is great."

Our site is

Gifts for Mommy - to -Be

A while ago, I wrote a blog post about how we had a great range of sexy lingerie for mommies for Valentines Day (

Not surprisingly, some guys put orders through after getting the email forwarded to them by their girl.

I got this feedback from Paul.

Quote" got the
lingerie thankyou. she loves it"

Customer in the States

And then I received this email from a friend of mine in the States. She had bcc'd me into a copy of a message that she had been sending to a colleague of hers.

meet Frances, she owns a very successful e-commerce website selling sexy lingerie for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, and a range of products for mummies to be, and new mums. She has been my online daughter for 5 months, and she is my pride and Joy, this woman works so darn hard on her website, and I just adore her, she’s the only person I know that works as hard and long as I do. This is her site and unless you have been keeping a secret Justine, know you don’t need anything she sells, but maybe you need to get something for someone else…. And make sure you send this link to 5 of your friends. Lol….

Aww shucks, isn't that sweet.

I think it is nice that one other person in the world knows how hard I work, and that I'm not just sitting here playing. But it is real. And it is my life.

Breastfeeding Australia

Check out this lovely email that I received this morning. This was the first message that I read when I turned on my computer and it was a Great start to my day. This was from a breastfeeding mother in Australia.

"great site. your site has very good sizing info, on which to make a choice from, so i would feel comfortable buying on your site. great to see the little videos on your site, as HOW the openings work, on bf-ing clothes is all important. impressive site - i have looked at MANY breastfeeding clothing sites in the last three years, yours is very very good.
wonderful that you can apply the knowledge gained from your engineering background - and bf-ing two lovely wee kids, to your products.

To view our site use this link:

I am so pleased and proud to have created a website that mothers like using :-)

Find a Midwife

There is a real baby boom on at the moment, and I guess it must be getting really hard for people to find a midwife. Last year when I had my baby, I had trouble finding a midwife too. I remember phoning around trying to find one when I was about 6 weeks pregnant, which is so early, and many were already booked up with clients. It must be even harder to find a midwife now. I reckon you'd need to book one as soon as you do the test!

Plus a lot of people don't know where to find a midwife. Here is a link to the search result on the white pages. You can narrow it down to find a midwife in a town near you.

Find Midwife:

Some midwives work independent. Some work as part of a hospital or clinic. Some will visit you at your home during your pregnancy, most you will have to go to their clinic rooms for your visits.

This is usually the same midwife that is with you during labour, unless her "backup" is called, or unless you are using a hospital midwife service or obstetrician. So it is important to find a midwife that you click with, and that you like.

HOTmilk UK

Breastmates sell HOTmilk in the UK, we have a lot of customers from all over the United Kingdom that use our online store to buy HOTmilk. We've had a lot of customers from London, Manchester, Glasgow, Cork, and even one from Nottinghill!! Lots from England I can't even remember the place names now. Wouldn't it be cool if I could do deliveries myself!!

We are proud to be a HOTmilk supplier in the UK, just come and visit on our webstore and we can sort out the HOTmilk for you in the UK.

Go to this page to view our styles and order your HOTmilk

HOTmilk United States

I love that our HOTmilk range of products get sent all over the world. Thanks to the internet it is so easy for customers to buy online and get their parcels sent anywhere. This week we have had a surge on customers from the states buying HOTmilk lingerie. Again, the exchange rate makes this great HOTmilk buying for them in the States.

Its no problem for us to send
HOTmilk to the States, just pay using credit card or paypal.When your payment is received we'll send you a message to confirm the parcel is sent. Then just wait about 10 days and your HOTmilk will arrive with you in the States.

To view our current range go here:

Medela Swing Breast Pump

Medela Swing breast pump is such a great breast pump. Suitable to be used occassionally or frequently, this breast pump will suit all mothers. It is small, quiet, and very efficient. Plus comfortable to use.

This is a video that I have recorded to show you how to use it, and the sound. So quiet!

You can see more information and order breastpump online at our store:

Medela Pump In Style

This is a little demonstration video that I have recorded for the Medela Pump in Style advanced breast pump. This can be used as a double or single breast pump. It is in a backpack arrangement. It is very efficient and ideal to use for regular pumping and expressing.
For more information and to order this breast pump online, go to our store:

Medela Freestyle Double Pump

This is a little demonstration that I have made, to show you the new Medela Freestyle Breast Pump. This is a double breast pump, electric pump of course, and it is tiny, quiet, and fast to use.

For more information on this Freestyle pump, go to our store:

How to Use a Manual Breast Pump

This is a little video that I have recorded, showing how the Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump works. Just to show you the motion of how to use a manual breast pump

For more information on this breast pump, go to my webstore

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Breastmates Review

Today I got a lovely message from Leah at Cloth Dreaming.

This is what she said: "... I write a little review of something I found that day that I really loved. Today it's you. The discount on HOTmilk lingerie is fantastic buying and I really love the concept for your whole store. Here's hoping the write up gives you a little extra, well deserved attention."
You can see her website and her write up about Breastmates here:
Hey Lady
If you are watching me today then don't copy me. Think of your own ideas and do your own research. Be original.

But still strange that you happened to find the blog post in the first place. Someone is watching me, I know that for sure. How else would you have found the post.

And please refrain from phoning me in the future.

Breastfeeding Advice

You know I have been writing a lot of commentary around baby things and breastfeeding. I was looking at my history today and there is a lot of information that I have written for my website Breastmates. This is just part of being a WAHM and having communication with the outside world!

Here is a summary so far. To see our current full range go to this page:

baby hunger signs
baby layette list
benefits breastfeeding
boosting milk supply
bottle feeding baby tips
bra fitting
bra fitting auckland
breast changes
breast feeding discrimination
breast feeding fashions
breast feeding tips
breast pump sizes
breast pumps
breastfeeding after csection
breastfeeding clothing
breastfeeding latching
breastfeeding time
breastfeeding tips
breastfeeding twins
breastfeeding video
cracked nipples
drinking breastfeeding
enough milk
expressing breast milk
expressing working
formula feeding
heating baby milk
HOTmilk Lingerie
hotmilk lingerie online
hotmilk media
hotmilk worldwide
how to express milk
lactation boosting cookies
leaky boobs
maternity bra advice
maternity bra fitting
maternity sanitary pads
medela large bottles
medela spare pquestions
medela spares
nappy bags
new baby questions
packing your hospital bag
sexy lingerie
sexy maternity underwear
sexy nursing bra
tigers milk recipe
essential purchases
maternity sleepwear
starting solids

Breastfeeding at Work

I heard in the news today that new provisions are being put in place to make it easier for nursing mothers to return to either part time or full time work. From 1 April 2009 employers will be required to provide facilities and unpaid breaks for employed women wanting to breastfeed their babies or infants during work hours. There is more information on

This is a great move. But thoughts come to mind are:
- so does this mean your baby will be at your work,
- you may need to work close to where your baby is being minded so that you can nip out to feed them
- you'd be under alot of pressure to feed them quickly and get back to work
- if you are not with your baby, then you'd be expressing. So I assume this new provision means that you can take breaks to express milk.

I used to work as a consultant in an office, mainly of men. I am just trying to imagine where I would feed my baby or express if I had still been working them. If I had baby with me (but realistically baby wouldnt have been with me in the office) then I could have breastfed him in the lunchroom. But I wouldnt have expressed in there. I guess I would have expressed milk in the loo. With a large open plan office I wouldnt have done it at my desk.

So the new provisions are great, but there are still practicality issues.

Thank goodness I am a WAHM now, so I can feed my baby while I work at home anyway :-)

HOTmilk Australia

The past few weeks I have noticed a surge on the number of orders for HOTmilk Australia that we have been receiving. Australian customers buying HOTmilk must like our sale prices, and the exchange rate. And even with shipping it is better for them to purchase HOTmilk directly from us here in New Zealand.

Of course it is no problem for us to send to Australia HOTmilk. We just wrap, pack and send as usual. Parcels take about 7-10 days to arrive.

Breastmates is a great place to buy HOTmilk in Australia, to view our current selection go to here:

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Clothes for Breastfeeding

Here at Breastmates we have a great selection of nursing clothes, to wear while you are a breastfeeding mama.

We have everything from short sleeve, long sleeve, casual, smart, warm, wraps, ponchos, and even hoodies now.

A summary of nursing clothes styles is provided below. To view the available stock go to our website page

breastfeeding clothes cowl
breastfeeding clothes open
breastfeeding clothes open2
breastfeeding clothes wrap
Breastfeeding Clothing
breastfeeding clothing criss cross
Breastfeeding Clothing Hoodie
Breastfeeding Clothing Winter
breastfeeding ponchos
Breastfeeding Tee Shirt
breastfeeding top
breastfeeding tops twelve animals
breastfeeding tops twelve animals long

Natural Maternity Products

We have the delicious range of Earth Mama Angel Baby products now at Breastmates. LOVE THEM!

earth mama bottom balm
earth mama lip balm
earth mama milk tea
earth mama no more milk
booby tubes
bosom buddies herbal
natural nipple butter

Other natural maternity products that we sell are the Mother Well range from New Zealand naturopaths.

As shown on these pages:

mother well baby wash
mother well belly oil
mother well natural products
mother well sitzzz
mother well tummy

To view our full range of breastfeeding aid products and remedies go to here:

Knickers for Africa

So you know last week I told you about the Knickers for Africa campaign that we are involved with?

Since the press release was sent out by me, I've had:
- radio interview
- cover on t&e newspaper
- story in Western Leader newspaper
- story in Central Leader paper

Okay so that is great press to get behind the campaign. I've had TONNES of phone calls from ladies wanting to donate stuff.

Today I had 4 parcels in the letter box, a big bag left on the porch, and 2 bags hanging on the picket fence.

I've already got 2 big rubbish bags full of secondhand bras. I think I am going to get more than 1000 when this has finished.

I think everyone really likes to do something with their old bras. Most women have bras they dont wear any more, lurking at the back of their draw. This way they get a REALLY good use.

Breast Pump to Get Milk

Another customer was emailing me this week, asking about whether she would be able to express more milk if she used an electric breast pump compared to a manual breast pump.

Really the success of expressing breast milk does differ for people.

It can depend on the time of day that you
express (mornings are usually better), how much your baby is drinking, and how much you expressed at the same time on the previous day.

Medela Mini Electric Breast Pump has 3 suction levels on the motor, you start off slow and if it is comfortable you increase the suction.

This differs to the
Swing breast pump, which has 2 modes – first it pumps fast to stimulate letdown and then it pumps slower for the longer expressing and you can increase the suction then.

The different suction levels on the mini electric do not necessarily mean that you get more milk out, as you may find it is uncomfortable if you increase the suction too high.

mini electric of course is easier to use than the manual, and it can be quicker too.

Let me know if you have more questions, I want to help you best I can.

To view our full range of breast pumps and expressing equipment, go to here

Medela and Avent Breast Pumps

Here are some of my thoughts on breast pumps.

I do actually favour the medela brand slightly more than the Avent, just because they have a better range of breast pumps and prices. The avent breast pumps only have the manual and the electric. Now if someone is planning on expressing just one bottle a day, then they don’t really need a high end electric breast pump, so the only other option with avent is a manual breast pump. Depending on the circumstances I don’t recommend manual breast pumps because they are quite a pain to use, and you can get a sore hand etc, and most people would buy them for the wrong reason. Most people that I know who have brought a manual pump (from other shops) have not been happy with them.

Medela are good because they have a middle range breast pump, the mini electric breast pump. This one is ideal for pumping about one to two feeds per day, and is a lot easier to use than a manual pump. If someone is wanting to express more often than this, then I recommend the medela swing pump.

I recommend the
medela swing pump over the avent uno, because it has the 2 phase expression method whereas the uno doesn’t have this. The 2-phase method starts of fast to stimulate letdown and when that occurs you push a button to change it to a slower longer rate. This means that you can get more milk in less time.

Another advantage of the
Medela products is that they are all BPA free.

If you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to ask, or have a browse around our