Friday, March 27, 2009

Bras for Africa - Truck 1

I have been collecting preloved bras to send to Africa. Well I have received so many!! Hundreds turned into thousands over the space of about four weeks.
Maybe in my next life I should get a job in PR?!!

My garage was getting so full, that we arranged for our first lot of the collection to be taken into storage. I'm still collecting the bras, they keep coming in, I just needed some more space.

I want to say huge thank you to everyone that has donated bras already, and that have dropped them off recently. Lots of people even organised to collect bras from their friends and colleagues too, so I have been getting really big bags coming in.
I have received anonymous parcels in a box that I set up on my driveway, parcels in the mail (thank you postie!), and parcels from people who have knocked on the door and chatted to me. And I have lots of phone calls from people who wanted to know more.
The people who have been donating items were initially my database of mothers from my business, but thanks to the newspapers the story spread and more people were informed. I've had young women, students, mothers, professionals, grannies, people who have lost weight, people who have gained weight, ladies that have had mastectomies, and even some transsexuals donating their preloved bras.

A big thank you to Kim Herewini the Account Manager at Express Logistics Group Limited ( who organised to get this first truck load of bras collected from my place this morning at no charge.

Another thank you to the Auckland suburban newspapers, T&E, BIGfm, Oh Baby, Littlies, and TV3 Sunrise who have all helped to publicise this campaign for me.
I've tried to take some photos of the first truckload, but its really hard to show the quantity in a picture.

This is my first stint at charity work, and I have really enjoyed it. Sure it takes some time, but it is something that I can do, that WILL make a difference.

Thank you!