Wednesday, January 16, 2013

HOTmilk Night Dress

Cute nightie now available.


This is made in a nice jersey elastane, comfortable and a nice option for ladies that don’t want silky.




Maternity Bra

And how do you like this stunning new maternity nursing bra?  Its blue with black overlay lace!



Maternity Swim Suit

We have a lovely new maternity swimsuit now available.  Its made by HOTmilk and is just brilliant.  I have been testing it out at the pool with my NON-preggie body and its fab for me too!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Maternity Nursing Dress

Received this lovely feedback today about our Glory Maternity Nursing Dress I have just got this dress in the mail today and love it! The fabric is beautifully weighted and is really flattering. I am 32 weeks pregnant and it sits nicely over my bump but I can see that it will be a firm favourite in my wardrobe while I'm breastfeeding as well. Thanks again Franny for providing a great product and service!”



Friday, January 11, 2013

Paying it Forward

~~Looking for Inspiration? ~~ Just before Christmas, I decided to send a random present to a customer that I felt deserved a little surprise (sorry I can't do that for everyone) I felt so CHUFFED to get this reply from her, it really did make my Christmas! ~ I hope it will inspire you too.

no idea how to start this or what even to say- my first pressy under the Christmas tree in years (apart from the homemade pictures... from my daughter- which i love of course)
she is now 7 and my baby boy 5months
its only been her and i for the last 6 years -

being just us there has never been any one else to do the whole present thing- and in all honesty ive always tried to encourage her to do home made presents- and i usually make her something for Christmas also,

even tho im with someone now yours was still the only present for me, i didnt really know i liked presents that much until i had yours to look forward to, i was so excited! (i even bawled my eyes out- again...)
so funny- all this time thinking i didnt really care about presents- truth is i think i love them!

love love love the nightie- its my size, perfect fit and ive worn it almost everynight and at breakfast- and walking about the house cleaning- feels so nice feeling desirable- even if mere male doesnt notice- at least i do.
so nice having something decadent and beautifull just for yourself

so easy to feel invisible as a mum or as if your human'ness doesnt matter any more, not that any of us are really complaining- im sure we all love mothering - i definatly do- maybe its that overwhelming love for our kids/ partner/ husband that causes us to forget about ourselves, then without even knowing when it happened we are wearing ugly clothes that dont fit, eating cake and reminicsing on when we looked hot..

in saying that i love love love being a mum- nothing in the world that is better- altho giving birth was pretty amazing- kinda the same thing tho.

and because of that ive decided im going to start looking hot again- eating real food, going for walks and wearing hot clothes or hot lingerie- all the daggy post birth knickers are getting the flick as well- of course im only doing it for the children ;) ha not! im doing it all for myself- hehe 

anyway- sorry its taken me so long to say thank you- ive been adding a bit every night when i get time- i guess i just wanted you to know how grateful i was, totally totally love it- and loved unwrapping something on Christmas, really was an amazing feeling

hope your Christmas and New Years went well-

many thanks