Thursday, April 30, 2009


An email from the States (New York) ordered some products from me. She purchased them on 20th April, and now has received them on 30th April. Not bad delivery.

She writes:

Thanks for the order - have received my lingerie and love it - so comfortable. Please can you let me know when you get any new designs in the future. Cheers, Caroline

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Breast-Feeding Cushion

Some more feedback that I just received from a customer who ordered a nursing cushion from my NZ webstore. You can see our range of nursing pillows here:

Thanks for the great breast-feeding cushion, the BabyFirst one. It is taking a lot of the strain off my shoulders now that my baby is getting a bit heavier. The roll bars are great, that extra bit of security is fantastic. Also like that it clips around the waist so that the cushion can't move away from my body. Thanks for a great product. Nicola

nursing pillow nz

Order from Australia

Some lovely feedback from a customer in Australia:

Hi Frances – you offer a very efficient and personal service and I think your business deserves to succeed and flourish. My parcel of HOTmilk arrived this morning. I’m really impressed with the speed of your service and will be letting my Mother’s Group friends know about you!
Kind regards

My business is

It makes my day to get a lovely message like this :-)

Super Size your Breast Pump? No

Someone told me today that they have been reading my blog, and she says

"There’s one post in particular where you tell a woman about the various breastpumps, and tell her she’d be better with what would be the cheaper single electric pump. That post speaks volumes about you, and how you care about your clients more than the profit margins..."

Yes that is true, I would hate for someone to purchase the
wrong breast pump from me and find they they had spent too much money when they only needed a small pump rather than a turbo one. 'tis all part of the service.

Pump Battery Cover

A question from a customer

Hi there,
I have a
Madela Mini breast pump and have lost the battery cover - can you let me know if it is possible to get one - if so how much would it be.

No sorry unfortunately we don’t sell the battery cover for mini electric as a spare part. We do have spare parts for all other parts of the medela equipment, its just the pump battery cover for the mini electric is not sold as a spare. Sorry!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

HOTmilk Australia

I just got this feedback from a recent customer who had purchased some HOTmilk at our online store, to send to her in Australia.

We sent it on Thursday, and she now received it the following Tuesday.

Hi Frances I received my package yesterday and wanted to thank you for the super quick delivery and great service. The breastfeeding tops are great and the Hot Milk PJs are fab! I will be sure to let my friends know of your site. Kind regards Jacqui

Monday, April 27, 2009

Medela Nipple Shields

A recent question from a customer:
I would like to purchase some Medula Breast Sheilds. The one I currently has says 18mm. Is this the small size? Do you have any breast shields in stock? Am I able to purchase this directly from your website - I see only medium available there.

My answer: The
medela breast shields (nipple shields) only come in sizes 16mm, 20mm, and 24mm (S, M, L) We have the size 20mm nipple shield in stock today, and will have the other size nipple protectors later this week. But just wanted to confirm the size with you.

nipple shields

Mothers Day Prizes

mothers day gift

Mother’s Day is our favourite time of year!
To celebrate all the gorgeous
HOTmilk women, there are 3 Pamper Packs to be won
wrapped in a
stylish baby bag for the new mother!
When you purchase your HOTmilk lingerie from Breastmates you will be given a postcard entry form, so just fill out your details and send away. You'll be in the drawer
Good luck!!
Get your HOTmilk online here

Driving in the Country

Living here in Cambridge, we are missing McDonalds.

So it was my husbands birthday the other day, we we decided that we would drive to Te Awamutu for a birthday dinner at McDs.

So we were driving in the country, in the dark, with no street lights.

My four year old son started crying and was really distressed about the darkness. He wanted to go home. We managed to distract him.

But it was the first time that he had driven in the dark country, without any street lights. What a city slicker!!

manual breast pump

A customer recently sent me an email asking about the following:

I have a manual Medela breast pump and its fantastic but get sick of pumping and want to purchase an electric pump. I usually only pump once a day in the evening (this is for my son's bottle feed the following night) and occasionally I pump off so that I can go out or do the odd day at work. Is an electric pump quicker or just less fuss? Also if I purchase a double pump can I use just one side at a time? Have heard electric pumps are noisy, how noisy exactly are they? Is it something that you can put up with?

I know exactly what you mean about getting sick of pumping, the manual pumps do take a lot of work, and sore hand, to get the milk. For your situation then I would recommend the Mini Electric pump.

electric pump is quicker to use, it gets the milk out faster, and it is less fuss to use. But yes the Mini electric is quite noisy. I have put some video recordings on my website (via youtube) to try and show the noise.

You also ask about the
double breast pump. Yes it is possible to use this just one side at a time, rather than both breasts at the same time. But if that is what you are planning to do, then you might aswell just stick with the Mini Electric. The double pump is just to help speed up the expressing process, but is more suited to someone that needs to express more often.

The double one makes exactly the same noise as the single.

For more information or to discuss YOUR requirements just contact us at our website

breast pads

Some feedback from a recent customer

I have already purchased brestfeeding bras off you (after being recommended your site by my sister in law) and breast pads. Your hemp breast pads are fantastic. Really comfortable to wear and discreet. I’ve found that they are basically invisible under tops as they are so thin and larger than the others I have which obviously appear as little circles underneath my top saying “look at me I’m wearing breast pads!" : ) I would highly recommend your ones them to anyone. Get lots so you can change them regularly and feel fresh and clean and you don’t have the added pressure of getting the washing done so that you can rest and take care of baby! Lauren

You can order the
hemp breast pads here:

hemp breast pads

Friday, April 24, 2009

Mumcho Poncho

Feedback from a customer that just ordered a Merino Poncho from us. I have just received my MumCho Breastfeeding Poncho (the very next day in fact - very fast delivery!) And I have tried it on and just love the style, I think its fantastic, looks great and is able to be worn so many ways - I even made up 2 new styles by mistake when trying to replicate theirs

breastfeeding ponhco

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Cat Wrecked my Breast Pump

Got this email from a customer today, who needed some breast pump parts that I supply at my store

Can you tell me how much two of the silicone tubes with the connectors are for the medela double electric, my cat chewed them up!!!!! also what is the price on two soft fit breastshields.

All parts available are listed here, we can get them for you:

Maternity Stockings

A great new product, you will wonder why no-one has thought of it before.

Bump Friendly" maternity stockings.

These are light weight
maternity tights, which differ to panty hose because the fabric is a bit more durable. They will last for ages and ages and ages. Plus the fabric of these maternity stockings won't run or fray, so you can actually cut of the feet and make footless leggings - which looks great this season with layered clothing.

The pantyhose allow enough space for bump, without being too tight.

To see more information and to order some maternity tights, go to our store here

maternity stockings

Hire Breast Pump Waikato

So my product rep for Medela Breast Pumps has told me that there is a real shortage of places for mothers to rent breast pumps from in the Hamilton and Waikato area..... so we discussed it, and it will now be possible for you to rent breast pump from Breastmates.

We will supply the
Symphony double electric breast pump, which is a premium one to use.

We will be supplying
rental breast pumps for mothers in the greater Waikato area.

Please see this webpage for more information

symphony breast pump rental

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Red Breastfeeding Top

Another great style of breast feeding top for winter. Long sleeve warm top, which looks and feels great. I love the cut of this nursing top.

To order this nursing top, just to to our webstore here:

Nursing Clothing for Winter

This is a new style of nursing top that we have at our webstore. Just a little demonstration to show you how the nursing top opens up for breastfeeding.

Breast Feeding Clothes - Long Sleeve

This is a little demonstration to show you just how lovely this new breastfeeding top is, that we are selling at our website

It just looks like a normal top, but has a special design

To order this nursing top go to this page:

Breastfeeding Hoodies for Winter

Just because it is hard to tell how these hoodies look on a webpage, I have done some demos.

Breastfeeding Hoodies are available online at

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Maternity Products Waikato

Breastmates is a Specialty Breastfeeding and Maternity Store based in Cambridge, Waikato, New Zealand. We have a wide range of products to assist breastfeeding, everything from breast pumps, nursing clothes, maternity bras, feeding pillows, breast pads, maternity clothes, nappy bags and baby stuff.

We are
online stockists of a whole range of baby products and maternity products, including HOTmilk Maternity Lingerie which means that we can send this nationwide or worldwide.

Our new marketing campaign focuses on the fact that we offer a
maternity bra fitting service from our Studio Shop in the Waikato.

You just need to make an appointment to have a
bra fitting, then you can come over. We operate this business from a Studio at our home in Cambridge. You will receive a personal and private appointment with Frances for a bra fitting. Eftpos is available.

Now you can also visit Frances for a
Waikato maternity bra fitting - and you might just come away with a gorgeous, pretty, and sexy maternity bra style that you will LOVE! We carry the HOTmilk range of nursing lingerie.

If you are near to
Cambridge, you can take advantage of our maternity bra fitting service. Come over and see our range of products in real life. Cambridge is also a nice little town if you want a country drive, and lunch at a nice cafe. Actually we are getting a lot of visitors who come from out of town, in their last few weeks of pregnancy, mum-to-be and dad-to-be come to Cambridge for a quaint little day out together before their baby arrives.

For more information go to our website

Bras for Africa - UK

The Bras for Africa campaign has spread around the world!!! There are now lingerie stores that are collecting preloved bras also to support this. Remember that the bras should be washed and in good condition.

Read more about the collection here

The list below are the stores in England that are accepting donations:

Amanda Jane Lingerie 69 Harpur St, MK40 2SR, BEDFORD 01234 327799

Bizou 5 Danby Wynd, YARM 0164 278 9009

Bordello 55 Gt Eastern St, LONDON 0798 414 9089

Brassiere 4 Leeds Road, HIPPERHOLME 01422 201 753

Bravado Underwear 18 Baker St, Stirling, STIRLINGSHIRE 01786 469 777

Eden Lingerie 7 Cocoa Yard, NANTWICH 01270 610071

Esu Lingerie Ltd 18 Middleton Rd, Royton, OLDHAM 0161 627 5757

Femme Fatale The Square, Lenham, MAIDSTONE 01622 851 444

Fishnets Lingerie 24 Skinner St, YO21 3AJ, WHITBY 01947 604 702

Le Reve Lingerie 6 Bene't St, CAMBRIDGE 01223 328 111

OH Knickers 6 river Street, TRURO 01872 242 461

Sigi 9 White Swan Court, Priory St, NP25 3NY, MONMOUTH 01600 711988

Swells Maternity Wear 204 Dury Walk, Broadmarsh Centre, NOTTINGHAM 0115 9470408

Vanilla Bloom 39-43 William St, EDINBURGH 0131 220 2502

Bras for Africa Australia

Bras for Africa campaign spreads!!

Sorry this campaign finished back in 2009

Breastfeeding Hoodies

Some feedback from a customer that recently purchased one of our breastfeeding hoodies
Hi Frances,
Thanks for the
breastfeeding hoodie and the prompt service. Really pleased with it, a good fit and lovely fabric. Will certainly recommend breastmates when the opportunity arises. Regards,
You can order your breastfeeding hoodie here
breastfeeding hoodie

Friday, April 17, 2009

Winter Nursing Tops

This is another new breastfeeding top that we have at our maternity store. This is a nice pink rose colour, which really does make a nice change from the black black black or white other breastfeeding tops that we had stocked in the past.
for more information on this nursing top, size guides and prices etc, just go to our website here and we will be happy to help you out
breastfeeding tops

Long Sleeve Nursing Tops

Another style of nursing top that we now have at our online maternity store Breastmates, is this one shown below which we call the "Cowl Neck" feeding top. This is a smart feeding top, also with secret layers for nursing baby. This can be dressed up for a more formal occasion, and also looks great with jeans and boots.

I hope you like these
breastfeeding tops that we have at our store!

For more information, and size guides, colour comparisons etc view the site here

breastfeeding tops

Breastfeeding Hoodie

Breastfeeding Hoodie Jumpers - who would have thought there would be such a thing? Well - there is! And they are SO popular. With this particular style, it just looks like a normal hoodie, but it has secret access layers for feeding baby. Hood, pocket (great for putting breast pads in while you are nursing!). Just a great casual top for discrete feeding.

These have a mohair wool blend fabric which feels divine.

Now we have more information on our website, aswell as colour charts so you can compare the colour as it may show up a bit too light on your screen.

breastfeeding hoodies are available at our store here

breastfeeding tops

Breast Feeding Tops for Winter

We finally have some new styles of breastfeeding winter tops, which are ideal for feeding during the cooler months.

Long sleeve classic style tops. Lovely quality fabrics. And the design of these means that no-one will know there is a secret access layer underneath.

You can order all of our breastfeeding clothes via our website

This particular style of breast feeding top is a "wrap style" in a lovely ruby red colour.

breastfeeding tops

Baby Gifts

New products at our online baby store this week, are some GORGEOUS rattles. I love love love them. I want them for myself, not my children. Hahah.
It seems like everyone is having a baby at the moment, or you will at least know someone that is expecting. Such a baby boom. These are a high quality designer style baby rattle without the price tag made from lovely fabrics, plush, colourful, patterned and textured with a rattle inside. They make a great gift for anyone pregnant or with a new baby. (or yourself!)
You can view the full range and order from here:
Our webstore is mainly for maternity products online, plus we have a few treats like these :-)

baby rattles

baby rattles

baby rattles

baby rattles

Nature's Sway Slng

Hi Frances
thanks very much got the
sling this morning and have already started using it, by baby loves being close to us so the sling is perfect.
thanks again


Bras for Africa

A journalism student contacted me to ask some questions about the Bras for Africa collection we are involved with. Check out the Press page on my website if you want to learn more. and also this page

1) In a sentence or two, what is the 'Bras for Africa' campaign all about? The campaign is about collecting preloved bras that are then distributed to women in Zimbabawe. Most women have a bra or two that they are no longer wearing, but yet still in good condition, so we have been collecting them up to give to women that have very little.

2) When did this idea come to you? and how? (Dates (months) to be specific) I was notified about this collection initiative from the company that supplies the maternity bras that I sell on my website This company is HOTmilk and they told me about the idea to start a collection to support Zimbabawean women. I was told about this campaign, and asked to participate on 21/1/2009.

I believe
HOTmilk had heard about the campaign through the Knickers for Africa charity. There is also a women named Morag Roy, a Zimababwean now living in Australia who travelled back to her home country and saw the need.

I thought I would use some of the contacts through my
business to promote the word. I sent out a newsletter to my database of customers. Most women, mothers in particular, have bras that they nolonger fit especially after having children so it seemed the perfect way to collect a lot of bras.

3) Why is it a passion for you to do this campaign? Well I do love lingerie!!

4) Why did you think to give Bras to Africa and not things such as money, education, school stationary? Well I know that women and children in Africa and Zimbabwe need anything and everything, they have nothing. Sure there probably are more important things they could do with first. But bras align with my business so it was something that fit quite well. I didn’t realize the response that I would have had, now over 4,000 bras in the past month.

5) How are you hoping to help people in Africa particularly Zimbabwe with the Bras for Africa Campaign? I have been told by the organizers, that if a women in Zimbabwe owns a bra it can help give them prestige and confidence, and this can help prevent abuse. If just one of these bras helps a women in this way, then I believe that it will have been worth all my time. Plus I hope that the women who receive this items, knows that other people in the world care about them.

6) What are your thoughts on people who believe this campaign is not going to help Africa? Well I would like to ask these people what THEY are doing that could help Africa, and maybe I can be involved in that.

7) Are you hoping to set up another campaign other than Bras in the forseeable future? If so, what? Initially I was just going to do the bras, but I have felt very rewarded doing this bra collection, so yes I would hope to do more in the future.

I would like to acknowledge the support that I have received from so many people with regards to this collection. Many people have started “mini-collections” at their places of work and have dropped big boxes off to me. I have had donations from women, girls, grandmothers, women who have gained weight, women who have lost weight, women who have had mastectomies, and even some transsexuals and cross-dressers!

I would also like to acknowledge Express Logistics Ltd who have already taken the first truckload of now 4,000+ bras from me, and who along with HOTmilk will be transporting the container.

For more information, please refer people to my website

(copyright interview)

some personal feedback that i want to gloat about

from my friend Lynny

Does your hubby realize what a fantastic wife he has, man you are so efficient online and off. So you have packed, moved a couple of hundred kms, with 2 kids and a hubby, unpacked and are back online, business as usual… all in what 4 days….. god I want to be married to someone like you lol…., WONDER FRAN…to the rescue .hehehehe

actually it was all within 2 days. then soon after the children had a tummy bug, and now they both have chicken pox so it has been a very busy few weeks!!!? what an upheavel!!

Mothers Minder Wristbands

reminder wristbands

Mothers Minder Reminder Wristbands

I received this interesting feedback from a happy customer the other day

"I wanted to thank you for your prompt delivery of my
Mother Minder Wristbands. I was delighted to receive them so quickly. I bought three of them for three of my pregnant friends, and one for myself, even though my "baby" is now 15 months.I think they certainly are revolutionary and I have been wearing mine ever since and have already told about 5 mum's and mum's-to-be. I plan to use mine for when my daughter needs medication. Also great as my husband can wear it too... very handy as he's the most forgetful person I've come across yet ;-) "

Family Owned Business

Some feedback about my WAHM home-based business that I started

"I was excited to hear that Breastmates is a family owned business, I have been telling my friends this too. .... I think alot of us Mum's .... and Dad's... appreciate parents going into business to help other parents, I also think we like to help our local economy in these hard times."

Medela Spare Parts for Pump

Question: Medela Spare Parts

medela breast pumps
< "I am after a part for my Medela Harmony Manual breast pump. After looking at the Medela website the part we are after looks to be called the Diaphragm, puller and O-ring. We searched your site and think it is the part described as diaphragm with stem and o-ring? It is actually just the hard stem part that we have broken so are hoping if we order this it will be the right part? "

Yes thats right. Yes we can supply this small part for your harmony breast pump, no problem at all.

We do supply all spare parts for all medela products.

We are based in Waikato, New Zealand but can send the items anywhere in the world.

Chu Chu Teats

A customer came back and order some more of the Chu Chu teats from our website as shown here ""

When I sent out confirmation that her order was being sent the same day, I said I was pleased that she was ordering more of these teats, as she must like them. Personally I really really like them and have used them with both my children.

She replied "you're right! Baby wouldn't take any bottle, and these seem to work! so sticking with them. Then I was telling my plunket nurse, or think she is well child nurse, and she said she remembered Chu Chu from years ago, when working with children with cleft problems, she wanted one to have on hand, so thought I'd order another one too. We're going well now, since she takes a bottle, can have time out! "
chu chu teats

Customer Service or Not?

Got this email from a customer today

"Thanks so much for organising the service on my swing breast pump - it arrived here this morning!! Great service."

No problem about arranging for her
breast pump to be fixed, it was covered under warranty.

Now this lady dropped the
faulty breast pump off to me (in the Waikato) and when she visited my son Lochie would have had chicken pox contagious stage (although we didnt know as the spots hadnt come out yet). I really hope that we didn’t give it to this customer's little baby son – that would be really bad customer service don’t you think!!

Breast Pump Not Working - Solution

medela breast pumps

Breast Pump Not Working?

"I have a medela breast pump which is less than a year old, and now it's not pumping and I'm pretty sure it's the motor. I've bought new valves and membranes and tried that but no luck."

ANSWER: The first thing to try is replacing the valves and membranes, as you have done. Now you need to try flushing out the motor using a teaspoon or so of warm water poured in through the part where you attach the tube, do it while it's running.

For more information, help and advise on Breast Pumps go to our website

Breast Pump Looses Suction

medela breast pumps
Pump is not sucking, looses suction

For the MEDELA BREAST PUMP: Breast pump looses suction and draws milk into motor. This will most probably be because the membrane has milk residue and the Valve Head was chipped. The solution is to replace the Valve Head and Membrane, and then the pump should have the correct suction levels.

**Customer Please Note: The breast pump valve and membrane is one of your main points of suction, if this is either split, milk residue, chipped or not sitting flat on the yellow piece (valve head) you will not get the correct suction. When this happens it causes the milk to go back up the elbow through the tubing and into the motor. If this happens over a period of time it will cause the motor to clog with milk and the motor will end up dying on you. **

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Waikato Maternity

Today I had a visit from a previous customer of mine, Morag. When our maternity product shop was based in Auckland, Morag actually lived about 10 minutes away.

She came today to our new place in Cambridge, in the Waikato. She was passing through, and thought it would be a good opportunity to buy some product (as we do have great prices) so it was worthwhile for her to call in.

I am pleased that my Auckland customers can now find me in Cambridge too!!

Breast Pump Prices

PRICE INCREASE EFFECTIVE 15 APRIL 2009 on Breast Pumps and related Avent / Medela products.

All the retailers are doing this, as the supplier has put up their costs. Its not just us!!

We are very sorry that we have had to pass on the increase in costs from our suppliers, we have tried to hold out as long as we could to keep the prices low for you but the increase finally had to happen.

You will see that our website prices for avent and medela products are still MUCH cheaper than retail shops, we are trying to absorb some of the price increases so that we remain totally competitive.

You can see all our breast pumps and related products here:

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Blog Posts for March

I was a busy lady last month. Was busy with my home based business selling maternity products online, busy writing blog posts, sending orders everywhere, keeping the website updated, shifting house to Cambridge, sick children and chicken pox!! And then I still managed to get 60 blog posts written. What would i do without a computer!!

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Blog Posts for February

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Other things that I have noticed about living in Cambridge New Zealand.

We have been here a week today, and feels like it has been always.

- we can hear the cows mooing at night, even though the Green Belt where they are is about 5 minute drive away. The silence of the neighbourhood must carry the sound

- at the petrol station, none of the pumps are on Prepay. You can just drive up to a pump, fill your car, then go inside and pay. In Auckland we had to pay first, then fill the tank. Which was a pain because I never knew how much money to put on, now I can just push the Fill button again.

- there are 3 op shops in town. Yesterday someone on the street asked me where the Sally Army shop was, and I could answer her!

- Today we went to the above mentioned Sally Army shop, and for 1 year old baby we got one of those Fisher Paykel scooter things that converts from a ride on to a scooter for only $4 in good condition. BARGAIN

- The grannies at all the shops we go to, stop to comment on my cute kids and chat. No one did that in Auckland. Even with a newborn baby I can never remember any old people stopping to comment on cuteness. And Yes they were the cutest babies.

So far I am liking Cambridge town.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Free Gift with Purchase

milkman boxers
A great FREE gift with purchase.
A HOTmilk version for men!!

FACT: 80% of men's undies are bought by women.

Simply purchase two sets of HOTmilk from Breastmates, and you can get a free pair of men's boxers to share the love with your man.

See conditions below*
This Gift with Purchase applies only to HOTmilk lingerie and sleepwear styles that are purchased on the Breastmates website. Your purchase must equate to at least $159.80 by purchasing either
- 2 sets of lingerie (2
bras and 2 knickers), or
- 2 sets of
sleepwear, or
- 1 lingerie set (
bra and knicker) and 1 sleepwear set
To get your free gift, go shopping for some HOTmilk on this Breastmates page:

Saturday, April 4, 2009

milkman boxers

Hotmilk also has a "search for the milkman" competition where you can win $5000 USD to use on travel of your choice. All you have to do is upload a photo of your guy in his boxers (any boxers) and answer some questions. Then people will vote.

The winner will also be named the HOTmilk milkMAN and secure the role for the model for the 2009 photoshoot of the boxers which will be sold for charity. Enter your dude here, and tell them that "Breastmates referred you". Good luck it is an awesome prize!!!!

Keep your eye on our Breastmates website to learn how you can get a free pair of Hotmilk milkMAN boxers for your guy!

Enter milkman Competition

milkman boxers

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Breastmates Waikato

Breastmates is now based in Cambridge in the beautiful Waikato. It doesn't really matter where our business is based, as we still answer emails and send orders just the same as if we were back in Auckland. Though we can now provide Waikato residents with breastfeeding support, maternity lingerie, nursing bras, feeding pillows, and breast pumps etc if they want to collect them from our studio store.

Here are a few things I have noticed already about living in a small town.

The people here are so friendly, everyone on the street says hello.

There are pretty much only white people around. This is a big change from our multicultural community in Royal Oak, and makes me a little sad that my children wont mix with as many cultures. I wonder if the local preschool my children will go to will also celebrate Divaali Indian Festival of Lights like we did before? (sp)

Meat at the supermarket is a lot cheaper

I was in a shop yesterday and the till didn’t have enough cash for $15 change, so the shop owner popped to the shop next door!