Thursday, February 26, 2009

HOTmilk France

So I have a lovely customer all the way in France, that has ordered a few times from me now. She likes our cheap HOTmilk prices with the exchange rate! It works out much cheaper for her to purchase them from us directly in NZ rather than in France.

I asked her the other day if she had received the
HOTmilk that I sent to her in France.

This is a copy and paste from her email. If you look at the TO: FROM: DATE: lines of her email you will see that this is genuine and in French, I think. How cool! I reakon you can almost hear her accent.

I have removed her name and email address of course. But wanted to share..

En date de : Jeu 19.2.09,
> a écrit : <>Objet: RE: Breastmates OrderÀ:
Date: Jeudi 19 Février 2009, 19h47

Yes i received 2 others
For the size it's correctly.
Because i didn't know exactly what is my size, it depends in the daytime, i nurse and certain day have a big breast and other day more small.

So thanks a lot for advance
Best regards


Changes to Breast Size During Pregnancy

I received this question from a website visitor earlier this week, and thought I would blog about it as there might be other people with the same question.

"I am only 8 weeks and gone from a D cup to an E overnight. I m not sure what size I am going to end up and I wondered if you could provide some advice....or let me know from your experience what is a common experiences. ...."

So I replied along the lines of:

Most women generally go up at the start of their pregnancy, like you have done. They notice their breasts increase at aroudn 3-4 months. This increase is usually about a cup size and they remain this size for the majority of their pregnancy.

They might also increase at the end around 36 weeks, which is the time that we measure for a nursing bra. (or you can use our online measuring guide bra size calculator)

But remember that you do need to feel comfortable now, and throughout the rest of your pregnancy, so I would suggest that you do get some bras. The maternity bras do have stretch in the cups, so they do allow for breast size fluctuations , and breast changes during pregnancy.

There is some more information on these pages:

We stock the complete range of HOTmilk lingerie

Natural Nappy Cream

Diaper Cream
So we have this new Earth Mama Angel Baby diaper cream at our store Breastmates. Of course I have been using this on my own baby's little butt cheeks. I love this stuff!
Yes it is small looking jar, but you just need a tiny bit so it defintely will last for AGES. When it warms on your finger it just spreads really well. And it smells so yummy. Quite lavender or chamomile smelly. I really like this natural bottom balm.
Plus its all natural, and free of petroleum stuff.
I'm also using the new herbal lip balm, also made by Earth Mama Angel Baby so will have to do a review on that shortly.
All these products are available at our store

Bras for Africa - Press Release

A business owner is asking Auckland women for their old bras. Not a strange request nor anything untoward but a simple donation for charity.

Frances McInnes, the owner of
Breastmates Breastfeeding Store, is asking women to donate any of their preloved bras which will be collected up and sent to women in Zimbabwe.

Breastmates is running the collection drive in conjunction with
HOTmilk the supplier of the maternity bras that are sold as part of Breastmates’ range, and former-Zimbabwean Morag Roy who saw the need for bras in the country.

The bras will be distributed to school girls and women who often do not own any underwear. Something as simple as underwear gives women prestige, shows that they have money, and means men are less likely to assault them.

The collection is called “
Knickers for Africa” but Frances clarifies that only secondhand bras are being collected from the public. “We are also sending our end-of line knickers that are brand new, not secondhand ones.”

Frances says she is “extremely pleased to put her energy into this project”, and that “if all she has to do is ask people for their old bras for it to make a change to another person’s life, then it is totally worth the effort.”

Frances has already started taking collections, through pamphlet drops in her neighbourhood, local community groups, and promotions on her website.

“I’ve been quite bombarded with bras already, every day there are a few more in the mail box and my postie must wonder what is going on.”

The collection is being run from February through to March, when the bras will be shipped to women living in villages in Zimbabwe, Africa.

For more information go to
Pictured below: Frances McInnes, manager of Breastmates hanging out a load of donated bras

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Breastfeeding Bracelets

We had a new delivery of Breastfeeding Bracelets (the Mothers Minder Wristbands) arrive today. About time you might say! We had been out of stock of the Purple and Mint wristbands for ages!!

So now we have the
Mother's Minder Breastfeeding Reminder Bracelets in Pink, blue, purple, mint and plain white.

These are a simple little gadget, but are a godsend when you have a new baby to keep track of the times you fed baby and what side breast.

They are also ideal during pregnancy so you can keep track of baby kicks during the day, and make sure you get to 12 kicks each day.

You can order these little
breastfeeding bracelets on our website, they are a cool baby shower gift too. Order here:
Mothers Minder

Friday, February 20, 2009

Orders from Dubai

Large Medela Bottles

Comments from a recent customer in Dubai: "I have been searching everywhere for the larger BPA free bottles and finally found you through an internet search with your 250mL Medela."
Yay - isn't the internet great! I actually get quite a few orders from Dubai for everything from medela large bottles to maternity lingerie etc!

Breastfeeding PJs SALE

HOTmilk Breastfeeding PJs (which can also be worn as maternity PJs) are on sale for a whopping 50% off!

This really is a good time to get yourself some of these
HOTmilk jarmies, they are lovely and are a nice way to treat yourself!

You can order online at
Breastmates, we do send HOTmilk worldwide

HOTmilk PJs


We have a great sale on Our great sale on HOTmilk

Prices are reduced by 50%! So if you are ordering from
New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Europe, America, Russia, or theUK - well anywhere in the world - then this going to be great buying for you.

For international orders the currency exchange rates makes these bras about $15 USD!!

This HOTmilk sale only applies to these styles shown here, we do have other gorgeous style of HOTmilk to choose from as well though, at our website here:
YES we ship HOTmilk worldwide, at affordable rates.

 HOTmilk Sexy Maternity Bras

 HOTmilk Sexy Maternity Bras

 HOTmilk Sexy Maternity Bras

 HOTmilk Sexy Maternity Bras

We also have a bra fitting guide that shows you how to measure yourself. So you can measure your size at home, and convert bra sizes for different countries.
 HOTmilk Sexy Maternity Bras
Return to our breastfeeding website

Nursing Covers

We have a very cool new fabric design in the Nursing Covers. This is brown with blue flowers, and has that vintage sort of look. I really really love this fabric!

There is also a new style of Red fabric design for the nursing covers, this has stitched on detailing in a sort of floral pattern.

These nursing covers are made in New Zealand.

Nursing Covers

Nursing Covers
For more information, go to this webpage on our site:

My Brest Friend Pillows

"My Brest Friend" is a brand of nursing pillows that are really popular with mothers in America

We will have them available very soon, probably next week, at the
Breastmates website

My Brest Friend pillows are big, but not overly huge, and very supportive for mum and baby while nursing. They actually have a lumbar back support which really makes a difference to your comfort while breastfeeding.

For more information, go to this webpage

My Brest Friend

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Wireless Bras

I got this lovely message from a friend of mine:

"I just wanted to ask if you would be happy for me to recommend you to my clients that I see who require wireless bra's. My clients are women who have had breast reconstruction and they are not allowed to wear bra's with underwire and often usually have difficulty finding non-underwire bra's. Many of the ladies I see wear breast feeding bra's. I noticed on your website you have the maternity bra option without the unlatching part which would be great for them. And also the bra's are pretty which would make them feel nice following something so challenging. Let me know if you are happy for me to refer. "

All of the
HOTmilk bras that we stock, none have underwires so they would be great for these clients. Most bra styles have the nursing clips, but we have one particular style that does not have the nursing clips. So this can be worn by anyone not breastfeeding and I think would be ideally suited for women that have had the challenge of breast reconstruction. They are wireless bras of course too.
Wireless Bra
You can see more information on this non-underwire bra here:

Medela Car Adapter

Someone asked me the other day whether they make a medela car adapter for the medela breast pumps
The answer is no. Sorry they do not have medela car adapters in NZ. Though the breast pumps can be used with batteries.
For more information about medela breast pumps and medela spare parts, view our website:

Breastfeeding Photo

Here is another breastfeeding photo of me and my baby. My husband took all these great shots when my second son was 2 weeks old. We just had timed it after a feed and a bath. I decided not to use this one in my marketing though for my breastfeeding store
Looking back at this photo now, my bubs was so tiny and cute! Well he still is cute, he's just grown a lot. I should have taken more pics

Blue Eyes

The other thing that I want to remind myself about...Nearly everyone, or maybe it is everyone, who meets my kids will comment on their gorgeous blue eyes. They get these from me. They also get their gentleness from me, and they have my toes. Thats it. Everything else is an exact replica of my husband. So we have 1 Big B, and 2 mini-B's.

Here is a photo that my 4 year old took of himself. Its a great shot of his eyes. I dont know if he was blinded by the flash - but it was the only photo of his eyes that i found on the memory card


My husband often comments on baby's hair and he says that it is red, or ginger ("ginga"). It is a light blondy colour but I do admit that sometimes it looks almost ginger, or strawberry blonde. This photo taken by my 4 year old son, confirms clearly in photographic evidence that his hair is blonde. So far.

Or he might turn out ginga like his Aunty La.
That would be okay too!



So my baby has been a bit grizzly this week. No wonder, he just cut 3 teeth in a week.

I tried to get this photo, to show you how sore one of the holes looks, just wear the new tooth is poking through. Its red and looks bloody, but no blood comes out.

I am using a teething necklace for him, and I think it helps.

He has 7 teeth so far. Age 10 months.


HOTmilk maternity lingerie range. We have summarised the styles that have been available in the past at the Breastmates webstore, to compile a history of what we have done with HOTmilk. And some of the names of the HOTmilk styles. To view the current HOTmilk styles that we have for sale at our online store use this page. . You can buy HOTmilk online, we do ship worldwide. We also have a size conversion/measuring chart for you to use.

HOTmilk Bra's and Knickers
HOTmilk Season Preview 2007
HOTmilk Bra - Baby Doll Delicious
HOTmilk -HOTmilk Bra Cherry Bomb Chic
HOTmilk - HOTmilk Lingerie Silver Sass Kitten
HOTmilk - Maternity Bra Sinfully Sweet Seductress
HOTmilk Season Preview 2008
HOTmilk Bra - Whisper Sweet Wickedness
HOTmilk Bra - Ablaze with Azure
HOTmilk - Love in a Mist
HOTmilk - Delicate and Dangerous
HOTmilk Maternity Bra Full Figure - Age of Allure
Hot Milk Plus Size Lingerie - Confidence is Radiance
Hot Milk Maternity Bras - Midnight Mystique
Hot Milk Breastfeeding Bras - Silhouette of a SecretHot milk maternity nightie - Portrait of Desire
Hot Milk Breastfeeding PJ - Indulge in a Moment
Hotmilk Sexy Hotmilk Lingerie - Her Desire was Dangerous
HOTmilk Sexy Maternity Bra - Zoom Detail of Her Desire was Dangerous
HOTmilk Sexy Hotmilk Lingerie Online - Her Playfulness
HOTmilk Tshirt Maternity Bra - Her Playfulness was Captivating Zoom
Hotmilk Sexy Full Figure Lingerie - She Blushes
HOTmilk Full Figure Maternity Bra - She Blushes Zoom
HOTmilk Sexy HOT milk Lingerie - She Embraced
Hotmilk HOTmilk Bra - She Embraced the Moment Zoom
Hotmilk Pregnancy Bra - She Craved a Little Decadence

HOTmilk Maternity Breastfeeding Camisoles
HOTmilk HOTmilk Maternity and Nursing Camisole - Ruffle My Feathers
HOTmilk Breastfeeding Camisole - Sweet Remininsice

HOTmilk Maternity Breastfeeding Nighties
HOTmilk Maternity Nightie Slip into Seduction
HOTmilk Breastfeeding Nightie Portrait of Desire

HOTmilk Maternity Breastfeeding PJs
HOTmilk Maternity Pyjamas - Sugar Coated Comfort
HOTmilk Hot Maternity PJs Indulge in a Moment

HOTmilk Customer Feedback

Feedback from customers about our lingerie, delivery and service.

We may not always have time to keep this index of HOTmilk history and styles up to date. However you can click on our current HOTMILK LINGERIE PAGE for everything in stock.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Breastmilk Storage Bags

A customer in Australia wrote to tell me today that she had received the order of breast milk storage bags that I sent to her.
Milk Storage Bags
She wrote "Thanks very much. I had been trying to freeze milk in Avent bottles that I thought were airtight but apparently not as the milk was taking on a taint from other things in the freezer. Another mum mentioned the medela milk storage bags to me so I thought would give them a go!"
Avent Bottles

The breastmilk storage bags that we sell at our webstore Breastmates, are sterile and ready to use. You can attach them directly onto your breast pump too.

For more information on breastfeeding and storing breastmilk, go to our main website

Breastfeeding Campaign

A very cool breastfeeding campaign has recently been undertaken in California.

An extract from NBC Bay Area

"A series of life-sized photographs of women breastfeeding their babies, cut-out and plastered on poster board, is all part of an eye-catching campaign to encourage and promote the acceptance of breastfeeding in public.

The Marin Breastfeeding Coalition said it would love for everyone to notice the campaign and to question why they were even paying so much attention to a breastfeeding mother in the first place.

The group wants the public to know that breastfeeding in public is perfectly acceptable and that it is actually protected by law. "

You can read the full article here:

I think this is a brilliant campaign. Maybe we could get something like this started in New Zealand. But then again, breastfeeding in public is very well accepted in our country.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Double Breast Pump used as Manual

Double Breast Pump to Manual:

Question: I have a mini double electric pump and am wondering if I can get something to convert it to being a manual pump?

Answer: Yes it is possible to buy a little kit which converts the electric pump into a manual. This is known as a Conversion Kit to Manual Breast Pump.

Just let me know if you would like to order one, and we can organize that for you.

Gina Ford Routine

I received this question from a customer on my website recently: "I am due to have my baby in March and I am hoping to follow as closely as I can the contented little baby book. I was wondering if you could give me some advice on the better breast pump to use to follow Gina Ford's plan."
So this was my reply: The Contented Little Baby Book is great! I really recommend a lot of the things in Gina Ford's book. I have followed parts of it (not all) with both my children and they have both been very settled babies, sleeping through from about 6 weeks, and breastfeeding well!

Gina Ford Routines

For the frequency that you’d need to do the pumping, I would suggest either the Mini Electric pump, or the Swing pump which are both the medela brand. You can see more information about them here
Breast Pumps

Just let me know if you would like to start an order

Monday, February 16, 2009

Breastfeeding Cushion

If you need to purchase a breastfeeding cushion, then check out these ones that I have. They are large and soft and comfortable to use! The size of this nursing pillow is also ideal if you are breastfeeding twins.

I do have the
large bean filled ones which are also great for twins, here

Breastfeeding Cushions
All options can be viewed here:

Friday, February 13, 2009

Salma Hayek Breastfeeding African Baby

A bit of celebrity breastfeeding news here on the Breastmates Blog today:

Salma Hayek is such an advocate of breastfeeding. The latest thing that I heard about, was when she was visiting Sierra Leon working with UNICEF to eliminate tetanus. A clip was featured on US Nightline show.

During the interview an African mother said that her baby didn't get much breastmilk. So Salma nursed the baby for her! The TV camera clearly recorded Salma breastfeeding, and you can see the baby suckling and looking very content. Wet nursing.

The TV segment discusses the importance of breastfeeding, especially in countries like Sierra Leone where malnutrition is rampant.

The fact that Salma wet nursed another women's baby is sure to be quite controversial.

You can see the video here

Salma has spoken to the media about breastfeeding before, on Oprah when she said breastfeeding doesnt help weight loss, another time when she said she addicted to breastfeeding and pumping all the time to get lots of milk. I love it that she is such a proud breastfeeding mama, even if she is a celebrity!

Return to the main Breastmates webstore

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentines Day - Saturday

So in my other blog post about Valentines Day I mentioned that we had a great new HOTmilk Sexy Maternity Bra style that would be the perfect gift.

Valentines Day is on Saturday.

There are going to be a lot of happy mums and mums-to-be who open up their parcels from Breastmates!! It has been great fun wrapping their Valentines gifts on behalf of their partner.

I wonder what my hubbie might get me...if anything.... a sleep in would be heaven!!

Baby Wraps

The best baby wraps that I have ever come across, are these lovely cotton voile swaddling wraps. They have so much fabric that you can wrap up baby snug and secure. But light enough so that baby doesn't overheat.

They do also make a great
baby shower gift, its something you KNOW that the mother will enjoy using.

The baby wraps can even be used right up until about 9 or 10 months old!!

Baby Wrap
Baby Wraps
You can view more information, and order, at our webstore here:

BellyBra Online in Black

The BellyBra that we stock on our website, that is so popular with so many mums, is now available in BLACK. Finally, its about time!

The Bellybra is a support garment that is comfortable to wear, (like bathing suit fabric) and which provides support for your growing belly and back/hips.

You can order the Bellybra at our webstore Breastmates :


Victoria's Secret Maternity

We have a new style of maternity lingerie available now at our webstore Breastmates. This really is the equivalent of a Victoria's Secret style, if they did a Victoria's Secret maternity style.

This maternity bra has been specially designed to be worn throughout pregnancy.

And it can also be worn for anyone that wants a
pretty non-underwire bra.

You can order this
maternity bra at our webstore, we do ship worldwide. View more information here:

Chu Chu Teats - Love Them

Chu Chu Teat
Feedback Received from Dani on the special chu chu teat that we sell at our webstore:
"I just wanted to say I've just tried this teat and it was actually AWESOME, I am so so happy with it because baby just hated the normal new born ones. It didn't drown her or anything and she didn't have much wind either afterwards, she seemed to find it way easier to drink off- so I'm buying another one and I've forwarded the details to all the people from my antenatal group. Plus I have a whole lot of other friends who are pregnant that I'll tell. Thanks so much!! "
You can get these narrow neck chu chu teats on our webstore here:

Nursing Covers

A recent customer gave me some feedback about the nursing cover she had purchased online at our webstore:

Quote ""I have been really pleased with the hideaway feeding cover it makes breast feeding any where easy. I also get lots of comments about what a good idea it is"

We have a whole range of nursing covers at our webstore Breastmates. Some people might be familiar with the Bebe Au Lait brand, but these are the Hideaways brand which are made in New Zealand.

You can see more styles on our website here:

Bebe Au Lait - New Zealand

We have a whole range of nursing covers at our webstore Breastmates. Some people might be familiar with the Bebe Au Lait brand, but these are the Hideaways brand which are made in New Zealand and have a few design differences. The nursing covers still work the same, to give you somewhere private to feed baby without needing to wear special breastfeeding clothes, keep baby private, and the gorgeous designer fabric ranges.
You can see more styles on our website here:
Nursing Covers

Breast Pumps for Twins

If you are planning to use the breast pump to express milk for all of the feeds, like if you are having twins, then the best pump I would recommend is the Medela Pump in Style Travel. The second best would be the Medela Swing. Both of these pumps are suitable for the large amount of expressing that you need to do.

Medela Pump in Style and the Medela Swing Breast Pump both have similar suction and power levels. They are both very quiet and comfortable to use. The main difference between these is that the Pump in Style Travel is a double pump so it is a little bit quicker to use as you can express both breasts at the same time. The Swing pump is also very good to use, and it is smaller aswell which some people prefer.

Pump in StyleSwing

I really don’t want to recommend the Mini Electric Plus double, it is not very powerful and it is very noisy. This is the same as the Mini Electric single, just that you can do both breasts at the same time. But the power rating and suction in this pump is not the greatest, and this particular pump wouldn’t really stand up to the frequent expressing that you are planning to do.

Anyway, let me know what you decide and we can sort out the ordering process for you

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Ooh Bloggy Blogness.... had a celebrity purchase something from me last week. From a TVNZ show.

So that makes 2 celebrities that have purchased from me in 2009 already.

She was very nice, and even wrote ME a message to say she had received it and she liked it.

yay me.

Hey Kath - Can you Hear Me?

So today I was chatting on the phone to my lovely big sister. She is my PR lady and writes great articles that I give out to my media contacts... we are working on a big one.....

She lives out in the whop whops in Taranaki, and never used to have interent. Now she has moved closer into town (still whop whops though) and is pleased they have internet. She said it was broadband.

Anyway, while we were chatting I asked her to check out my new
Press Page on my website. It took ages to load, so we kept chatting while she was waiting for the page to load. It never did during our conversation.

So either I have a problem, or else her internet is really really slow. Or maybe it is because here in the Big Smoke our house is right next to one of the Broadband Cable Wire Box Things and that makes our connection faster.

So anyway, now that I know my sister know the address of my website, I wonder if she will stumble across this blog.

If so, Kath, can you please post a comment on here...


Manual Breast Pump

This is a demonstration that I have made to show how to use the Medela Harmony Manual breast pump. No breasts or nipples were used in the making of this film.

This movie shows a distinction on how the manual breast pump works with the two phases - firstly quick pumping to stimulate milk let down. Then when the milk starts flowing, you switch to the other end of the handle for slower longer pumps. Like a baby does when sucking.

This manual breast pump can be quick and easy to use. The 2-phase for milk let down really helps to speed up the time it takes to express breast milk.

We do have the whole range of Medela Breast Pumps, Medela Spare Parts, and Accessories online at our store

Clothes for Breastfeeding

Got a new style of breastfeeding top in stock now, this is a great design. Its a flattering long length nursing top, so it covers your butt, and gives a scrunched layered look on the front.

3/4 length sleeves.

"kimono" type of design.

Has a hidden underlayer so that you can easily access your
breasts for nursing.

This is available in this pink colour, for sizes 8 to 18

Breastfeeding Top

You can order it from our
maternity webstore here:

Being a WAHM

Today I am a WAHM, a Mumpreneur. The only thing that I miss about working in the real world, today, is AIR CONDITIONING.

Man it is soooooooooo hot here!! I miss the cool refridgerated feeling of the office!!

Breastfeeding Wraps

We have some fabulous new colours of Merino Wraps available at our webstore Breastmates now. There are six stunning colours to choose from. These merino wraps were originally designed to be used as Breastfeeding Covers, Nursing Covers, Breastfeeding Poncho or Breastfeeding Wraps (whatever you want to call them) but they can actually be worn by anyone. So not necessarily a maternity garment.
Gorgeous fabrics. Stunning feel.
These pictures show some different ways that you can tie to wear the wrap.
Made in New Zealand.

Breastfeeding Wraps

Breastfeeding Wraps

Breastfeeding Wraps

Breastfeeding Wraps

Breastfeeding Wraps

Medela Symphony Breast Pump

We can supply any parts that you may need for a Medela Symphony Breast pump, whether you are hiring the breast pump, or if you have hired one and then want to convert the parts so that you can continue to use them at home.

Spare Parts Symphony
Membrane Cap
Protective Membrane
Silicone Tubing with Polygon Connector
Lactaset Single Pump set for Lactina Rental
Symphony Double Pump Kit
Symphony Conversion Kit to Manual Breast Pump

Conversion Kit to Mini Electric Breast Pump

Spare Parts for Manual Breast Pump (with piston action)
Manual Breast Pump
Rubber Seal for Piston
Piston no seal
Yellow Cylinder no vacuum regulator ring
Vacuum Regulator Ring for cylinder
Cylinder Holder includes port cap
Port Cap for cylinder holder
Silicone Tubing with Polygon Connector

Double Pump Upgrade Kit converts single pump set or Lactaset into Double Pump
Symphony Upgrade Kit converts any medela pump into a single pump set for the Symphony Pump

Just contact us if there is anything that you need to find for your medela pump. Go to our main website

Friday, February 6, 2009

Medela Citystyle Bag

I recently received this question from a customer:

I need to purchase 8 of the 250ml medela bottles, and 4 medium flow teats. I really like the Citystyle bag. Is it possible to purchase this with the 250ml bottles? Will they fit in the bag?

The answer to this question is no. The Medela Citystyle bag only comes with the 150mL size medela bottles. But YES the 250 mL bottles will fit into the bag, you just need to purchase them seperately.

You can get them on our website here:

Tubing for Breast Pump

Question 3: Tubing for Breast Pump: I am just wondering how I go about ordering the silicone tubing for an electric double medela pump and the cost involved. This is the medela breast pump brand. I need 2 tubes for an electric double pump (I have purchased pump on trade me which has only been used a couple of times but I wish to attach new tubing as these cannot be sterilised as well as other parts, like bottles.

Answer: Please just email me and we can get this organised for you. We can supply all breast pump tubes and connectors.

For a full list of medela spare parts, click this link Medela Spare Parts

Medela Mains Adapter

Question 2: Motor Unit - Mains Adapter: I have a daughter in law arriving from Canada in a week and she is looking to obtain a motor unit for her Medela Mini Electric Breast Pump, as their voltage is only 110, can you please advise what the price would be to obtain a motor unit.

Answer: Does your daughter inlaw need a
new motor for her existing pump? Or does she just need a mains adapter so that she can use the pump that she already has, on the NZ power frequency of 240 volts?

If it is the latter, then she will just need the Medela Mains Adapter. This new mains adapter will mean that she can use her existing pump from overseas, but plug it into the NZ power socket with this adapter and it will still work.

For more information go to our medela spare parts list here: Medela Spare Parts

Medela Spare Parts - Membrane

Question 1: Valves and Membranes "I am needing to purchase a part for a Medela mini electric breast pump. The part I need is the white rubber air valve. Please advise if you have any in stock and if so, the cost, including postage to Wellington?"

Answer: Yes we have these
medela air membranes in stock, they are sold in a packet of 6 membranes and 2 valves. Delivery is $6 by courier within NZ or we can ship worldwide if you need to.

You can order them via this page here:

Adiri Bottles

Questions about Adiri Bottles:

1. Will the Adiri warming caps be available soon? Answer: Yes they will be coming to New Zealand sometime in 2009, just depends when the NZ distributor gets their supply of Adiri Warming Caps. Contact us here at Breastmates and we can let you know when the stock is ready.

2. Once there is wear and tear on the nipple of the Adiri bottle, is it possile to change just the nipple or must the entire bottle be bought new? Anwer: No, it is not possible to just purchase the nipple part of the bottle. You would need to replace the entire thing.

3. Also, I was just wondering if you have used these Adiri bottles before? Is this something you would strongly recommend? As my little 4 month old son is adamant on not taking the bottle :) But I'd really like to have him on half breastfeeds and half bottle feeds. What I've read so far of the product is very promising :)

Yes I have used the adiri bottles. I do like them. I also had trouble getting my youngest son to drink from a bottle, he never liked having any teats go into his mouth and wouldn’t even close his mouth to suck. I actually had better luck with him using a Chu Chu teat as baby has to push down and “latch” like they do with a bottle. So this Chu Chu teat actually worked a lot better for me, and the good thing with these is that 1 size will suit all babies.

Adiri bottles are nice because they are soft and squishy like a boob, so they have a similar feeling. My son now happily drinks from either an adiri bottle, or a narrow neck bottle with a Chu Chu teat.

You can read more information about the Adiri Bottle here:

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Nursing Bracelets

Reminder Wristbands width=”638

I love this little gadget, its got to be the coolest invention. With my first son a few years ago, these reminder wristbands were not available. I used to keep a note book of the times he was asleep and awake, when I fed him. I was always trying to remember and work it out, so that I could plan my day.

So anyway this
Mothers Minder breastfeeding bracelet is the worlds first patented bracelet that helps Mums remember! And I've found out that it has a few uses:

Pregnant Use the
wristband to count how many baby kicks you are feeling during the day.

Baby Feeding Use the wristband to remember the time you last fed baby (either breast or bottle), and which breast to offer baby for the next feeding.

Nap Time You could use this to remember what time you put baby down for a nap.

Medicine You could also use the
wristband to keep track of the last time that you gave medicine to your child during the day, particularly if baby needs a dose every four hours for example.

Made from silicone. One size fits all. Available in a few colours.

And these are a very reasonable price. You can order them from our webstore here: