Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Mitten Sleeves (Review)

Thank you Susan for taking the time to write this review about the anti-scratching  Mitten Sleeves , we’re so glad they have helped your baby.


My second born has eczema since he was a few weeks old. He had flare-ups quite often & even though we used many types of creams to soothe it, he would be back to itching, when he was stressed out, or not well in hospital but especially when he was tired or asleep. We started swaddling him at night just so we could get a good nights rest without worry, as well as using socks & mittens during the day. He is now alot older and swaddling etc isnt an option anymore these arm sleeves are fantastic. Worn like a little jacket/shrug which goes across the back, makes it impossible for them to wriggle off, & i do now have piece of mind that he will not wake up in a mess from scratching. The material is nice & soft on the skin. It can be worn all the time & does not interfere with the lil ones playing they can still grasp easily. I tend to keep arm sleeve for day/night naps, & now always keep in nappy bag. Winter is coming up & i know he will be nice and snug. I believe this product to be beneficial for all babies and children. Great for new borns because they scratch in their sleep. Awesome for eczema and other skin conditions, as well as chicken pox even. I dont know where i'd be without the arm sleeve but am completely sold on this product, & will use for as long as my toddler needs it. We love it.


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Made4Baby Massage Oil

#customer love from Kaylie:



Made4Baby Massage Oil

Rating: 4

Comment: Lovely massage oil that soaks up well, a good alternative and cheaper than the similar popular Weleda product.


Monday, April 28, 2014

Clip on Cami Review


It was so nice to stumble across this random review of my “Clip on Cami” on the Sweet Mama M blog


I liked the part that said “They are PERFECT. I would highly recommend them to any new nursing mother and I wish that I had got mine sooner. They hide my tummy, leaving only the slightest sliver of skin when feeding. They’re also worn snuggly and I feel that my mummy tummy definitely looks better in them, smoother under clothes. I love that it’s quadrupled the wardrobe that I have while nursing and that it works well with both brands of nursing bra I own. When my nursing days are over, I’ll definitely be filing these away in case of a sibling.


You can see our Clip on Cami garment here: Clip on Cami

Breastmates Top

# customer feedback from Nicki


Nourish Maternity Nursing Top

Rating: 5


Thanks so much, received top today and put it on straight away.  Am 37 weeks pregnant and I can already see that I'll be living in it!  Great length & beautiful comfortable fabric!  Service was also wonderful and personal, will definitely be recommending you and your products.


Saturday, April 19, 2014


Thank you Kristen for your nice review of our Clip-on-Cami

Rating: 5


This top has changed my wardrobe into wearable! Totally love it as now I can wear any top I have and still feed. Great long length, perfect to keep warm in winter. Nice snug fit to keep saggy boobs in check. Highly recommended, and couldn't say more about the great service by franny!!

Nursing Top

Another great product review from Kristen!


Nourish Maternity Nursing Top

Rating: 5

Comment: This top is brilliant. So stylish and so practical. The color is stunning, the fit is gracious and I FEEL great in it! Its such a treasure to look good and feed baby! Thanks Franny, you rock!


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Mitten Sleeves

A nice review about our Mitten Sleeves (Arm Socks) that stop baby scratching.



Mitten Sleeves

They have been absolutely brilliant! It was so easy for little man to take the socks off his hands so to have something that he can't remove has saved us from the daily & nightly battles and resulted in a happier toddler and mum! Highly recommend!



Product Reviews

Baby Must Haves have done a review about some of my products.  You can view it here!!




A nice email message to start my day!

Just wanted to know I loved what you are doing. From the ordering to receiving the goods, the service has been impeccable and quick.

Glad to say both items ordered were also of a high quality. Very happy with it, you've made my life so much more comfortable.

I got to know about your website through a friend. Will definitely pass on the site to other expectant mothers :)

Keep up the good work!

Kind regards


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Fire Engine Meal Set

What do you think of this funky new meal set!


Fire Engine Meal Set


Or we have Police Car too!

Seamless Nursing Bra

Thankyou  Genevieve for telling us your review of the Seamless Nursing Bra, I’m so glad you like it!!  It doesn’t look glamorous but the comfort level is amazing ay!
I got one of these when my baby was 4 months old but I wish I got it sooner! It is the most comfortable bra I have ever had! I wear it in bed and day time too. It also washes well. I highly recommend it!




Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sports Nursing Bra Review

Sports Nursing Bra

Rating: 4

Name: Charlie

Comment: Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I can finally jog & mountain bike comfortably.  I was a size 10-12 A prior to pregnancy & am currently a size 12 D (give or take...)  with plenty of new back fat to go with my new breasts.  Size wise I went for a medium.  It is very firm fitting so perfect for exercise but probably a bit too firm around the band for comfortable sleeping (the join on the band digs in if I am lying on it).  It is also probably a bit on the small side around the arms - but only because it comes up high for extra support & my new back fat!  It is certainly the best sports bra I have found - despite the minor points above it is super comfortable & I wanted to buy another after my first day in it.






Breastfeeding Top

A nice review from Charlie about this breastfeeding top


This top is great - it covers my post baby belly, falls nicely, is super comfortable & is very easy to discretely breastfeed in.  I was a size 10-12 prior to my pregnancy weight gain & medium fits well.


Maternity and Breastfeeding Top

Another great review from Happy Customer Charlie, Maternity Top


This top looks great - it somehow gives me slim length!  It is super comfortable, easy to breast feed in and totally covers my post baby wobbles while being fitted across my upper chest & arms.  If I had one top for cooler days this would be it.  I bought the medium (pre pregnancy weight gain I was a 10-12).  Love it!



Friday, April 11, 2014


Customer love from Karolina today.  I share these types of messages to this blog so that I have a record for myself in the future!

I placed my order on Wednesday night, and the package arrived this morning (Friday)! Amazing!  Love the dress, so comfy and looks really nice on. I have bought quite a few things off Breastmates and I was very very happy every single time. Your products are great, but what's more important - your customer service is absolutely exceptional!  Love shopping with Breastmates - Franny you deserve more than 5 stars!

After Labour Belly Wrap

Thanks for your feedback Kirsty, about the Belly Wrap.  Great idea to wear it inside out so the Velcro doesn't scratch


Belly Wrap

Rating: 4

Comment: This has been really useful for getting my tummy to shrink. I found the Velcro a little scratchy because I have sensitive skin but then realised you can actually wear it inside out and it still has the same effect! Very friendly and efficient service, too, so I am a happy customer :)

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Fashion Shoot

* Big thanks to OHBaby! who included our "Breastmates Nourish Top" in their recent fashion shoot.  I like the way they styled it.


Maternity / Breastfeeding Top is available here:


credit to

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Breast Pads

Thanks Alice for your great feedback!

Thanks so much for the fast delivery, the breast pads arrived safe and sound! I love these pads, they're the 2nd set I've got, and nothing compares... not even close! I had parents group today, so told all the breastfeeding mums to check out your website.


Monday, April 7, 2014

Sports Maternity Bra

Nice message from Danielle today:



I'm very happy with my sports maternity bras thanks! 

Super comfy and supportive... Been wearing them to bed too 😊

Thanks for the super fast delivery and friendly service.



Friday, April 4, 2014

please can you vote for the Clip on Cami

If you love our "clip-on cami" can you spare me two seconds and vote for it in the My Child awards?


Just go to this page.   Scroll down halfway to "Just for Mums" and then in the "Favourite Breastfeeding Product"               







Reusable Breast Pads

A nice message this morning from Alice, about our Breastmates Reusable Breast Pads.  These were our founding product all those years ago!


Hi Franny,
Thanks so much for the fast delivery, the pads arrived safe and sound! I love these pads, they're the 2nd set I've got, and nothing compares... not even close! I had parents group today, so told all the breastfeeding mums to check out your website.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Maternity Dress

#customer love from Rachel,


I love the pink maternity dress I brought, great price and loved the $10 off voucher!  I also have a few other items of yours such as the purple/blue dress and I love them all.  

I feel as though your clothes were made to fit me.  When your new season stuff arrives, I think I will come to Cambridge and try on :)



Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Maternity Pants

#customer love from Melissa



i wear the maternity pants everyday to work and they are very comfy - and great for the colder weather we are just starting to get

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Breastmates Breast Pads

#customer love from Keren


Breastmates Breast Pads (Multipack)

Rating: 5

Comment: I brought these when my daughter arrived 4 months ago and have used them everyday since.  We were away the other week and I didn't pack all 3 pairs and ended up buying another brand, needless to say I ended up with a soggy t-shirt in town for all to see!  So to avoid this happening again I am about to order a back-up set to have in the car and nappy bag!!  Thanks Franny for a great products.