Monday, April 28, 2014

Clip on Cami Review


It was so nice to stumble across this random review of my “Clip on Cami” on the Sweet Mama M blog


I liked the part that said “They are PERFECT. I would highly recommend them to any new nursing mother and I wish that I had got mine sooner. They hide my tummy, leaving only the slightest sliver of skin when feeding. They’re also worn snuggly and I feel that my mummy tummy definitely looks better in them, smoother under clothes. I love that it’s quadrupled the wardrobe that I have while nursing and that it works well with both brands of nursing bra I own. When my nursing days are over, I’ll definitely be filing these away in case of a sibling.


You can see our Clip on Cami garment here: Clip on Cami