Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Mitten Sleeves (Review)

Thank you Susan for taking the time to write this review about the anti-scratching  Mitten Sleeves , we’re so glad they have helped your baby.


My second born has eczema since he was a few weeks old. He had flare-ups quite often & even though we used many types of creams to soothe it, he would be back to itching, when he was stressed out, or not well in hospital but especially when he was tired or asleep. We started swaddling him at night just so we could get a good nights rest without worry, as well as using socks & mittens during the day. He is now alot older and swaddling etc isnt an option anymore these arm sleeves are fantastic. Worn like a little jacket/shrug which goes across the back, makes it impossible for them to wriggle off, & i do now have piece of mind that he will not wake up in a mess from scratching. The material is nice & soft on the skin. It can be worn all the time & does not interfere with the lil ones playing they can still grasp easily. I tend to keep arm sleeve for day/night naps, & now always keep in nappy bag. Winter is coming up & i know he will be nice and snug. I believe this product to be beneficial for all babies and children. Great for new borns because they scratch in their sleep. Awesome for eczema and other skin conditions, as well as chicken pox even. I dont know where i'd be without the arm sleeve but am completely sold on this product, & will use for as long as my toddler needs it. We love it.