Monday, September 28, 2009

Protected Now

You may think it is fairly obvious that I ask people not to copy my website text or images.  But I now have to state this on every single page of my website, so you'll have to excuse the COPYSCAPE logo which is now on each page of my website.  I need to make it really obvious to these people that steal my IP.

The vast majority of product descriptions that you read on my website are my own words, that I use to personalize my store, because I know about the products I sell.  And of course the articles are all my own words, unless a guest author has contributed something for me - and then it is clearly stated.  Some of the images are provided by suppliers, but I then edit them to suit my own website layout which takes alot of time to do all that.  So its not nice when someone just copies them all from me!

I've now had THREE occasions where I've had to contact competitor businesses to notify them I was aware they had copied my stuff.  It is so easy for me to find copied pages using web tools!

From now on, I'm going to send a cease and desist letter when this happens and I will contact their website host to notify them of the copying.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Breastmates Newsletter

Thank goodness Daylight Savings has started here in NZ. Every year I have good intentions of re-programming my children so that they adjust to a new bed time beforehand but it never happens. So just remember that you're not alone when your children won't go to sleep. (My eldest has only just shut his eyes!!)

Thanks for checking out my new website recently, and all your feedback. If you do happen to find any spelling mistakes please let me know! I am really focusing on Breastmates for Boob and Bottle Feeding support for you as well as a store. So if you do have a story or some tips you would like to share with other parents, please contact me.

Please take advantage of Free Delivery on all orders over $100 (for a limited time)

Breastfeeding Clothes now in stock for summer. Choose from over 10 different styles - with subtle openings for nursing. You'll see little demonstrations that show how they open, colour comparisons, plus measuring guides. But don't worry if you're not happy, just send back and I can sort out an exchange or refund for you.

Mumcho Ponchos are reduced by 50% in some styles. The fabrics are just gorgeous, and they make breastfeeding easy in public.

There's quite a few new items in stock for you, from stainless steel reminder bracelets, comfy maternity undies and more. Take a look at this page to see everything new. There are also a few bargains to find on our sale page such as the Avent Sterilizer for $60. (Sale items cannot be exchanged).

Are you a member on my Facebook Page? Don't miss out on the random giveaways I've been doing. The other week women were sharing stories about their ugliest bra, it was really funny reading! A random winner got a lovely new set of lingerie for free.

Speaking of lingerie, will have some exclusive news to share with you next month.....

Do you know about Kids New Zealand Directory? It's a resource for all Kiwi families full of info on family things and discounts. They are looking for great photos of kiwi kids to include in the Directory. If you have a photo of your child that you'd like to be considered for publication please click here.


Mumcho PonchosBreastmates is a finalist in the David Awards for Small Business 2009. It was a worthwhile task just doing the application as I had to sit down and assess my business, so exciting news to be a finalist. Thank you to each and everyone who knows about my little website. Will find out on 7th October.


Thanks for reading, and enjoy your BBQ season



Thursday, September 24, 2009

Orders from Russia

My friend Mr Google told me about this comment someone had made about Breastmates today.  I was interested enough to look, but it was all in Russian.  So found a free translation thing.  I think some of the actual text got lost in translation, like "Kangaroo" instead of Australian.  Funny!

I've been sending HOTmilk everywhere! 


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Finalist in Business Awards

I just got a very cool email, I'm a finalist in the David Awards

" Hi there Frances

Congratulations! Breastmates is a finalist in The David Awards 2009: heroes in small business "

Maternity Knickers

Maternity Briefs:  these are the most comfortable knickers I've ever worn and I'm not even pregnant. No VPL*  No PUC* No builders crack.  Perfect Fit Undies were originally designed for pregnant mothers to wear, as comfortable maternity knickers.  They are excellent to wear at any time – not just pregnancy.  Comfortable, enough coverage without showing builders crack, but not Nana Style.  You will be very impressed.


View more information and order here  Maternity Knickers


*Defintions VPL = Visible Panty Line

* PUC = Panties up Crack.  When your knickers ride up


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Nursing Clothes - New

Breastfeeding Clothing for summer is now in stock.  At our Maternity Store “Breastmates” we have over 10 different designs of breastfeeding tops for nursing, which are in summer designs.

A customer asked me today, which ones I would recommend for post-partum tummies, and which are more flattering for lumps and bumps on bellies.  I suggest these styles below.

View our range of Nursing Clothes

Monday, September 21, 2009

Free Delivery

For a limited time only, if you spend over $100 at our Maternity Store  your shopping cart will automatically get free delivery.


You like?




Breastfeeding Tops

Breastfeeding Tops for summer are now in stock, we received a huge delivery today and have been busy unloading and preparing the website.

There are lots of gorgeous styles of nursing tops available, to suit most tastes.

Some are also suitable as maternity tops!

Take a look at our store here:

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Baby Sunscreen

Baby sunscreen is now in stock, made from safe ingredients with no artificial fragrance or colour.

This baby sunscreen is SPF 15, so delicate but protective.


You can order it here at our online store:


My second son has very light pale skin, and reddish tints in his hair, so I use this sunscreen every day.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Buying Bras Online

Here is some feedback that I received today from a customer that has regularly purchased HOTmilk bras at my online store.

She says “Just to let you know I appreciate your website because it can be difficult finding sizes and spending time searching the shops with little one in tow only to be disappointed. Going through all those pregnancy changes it is great being able to measure and then send away for the right size, it only takes minutes. I am also very happy with the comfort and quality of your product.


Baby Poo

Well the time has come, I have finally succumbed to writing about poo.

Read my latest article that describes newborn baby poo (for breastfed babies and bottle fed babies) including some photos that I’m sharing!


Moby Wrap

Due to a lot of requests, we are now stocking the Moby Wrap.


These are a really comfortable way to carry your baby, its just like having a cuddle but keeping your arms free. 


Baby’s weight is distributed over your back and shoulders.


You can order your Moby Wrap here:


Friday, September 11, 2009

Engorged Breasts

Engorged Breasts

what they look like and how to treat

This photo shows perfectly what an engorged breast looks like, compared to a normal breastfeeding breast. You can see that one boob (the one of the left) is very full and rounded. Its like it has a huge silicone implant, although it is actually just full of milk. This would be really painful! You can see in the photo, how the breast on the left is full and is very round. its sitting higher than the empty breast on the right hand side. The treatment we suggested was a hot shower and massage just to ease out a little of the milk from the engorged breast. Then she tried some heat packs.
If the pain had been unbearable for her, then she could have expressed some milk out with a breast pump. But remember this important thing I am going to tell you: if you express milk to relieve the pressure, it will also mean that your breasts will make more milk ready for a few hours time, which just would have repeated the engorgement problem later in the day. Using a breast pump to relieve engorged breasts should really be a last case resort, because your breasts will make milk depending on the volume that is being withdrawn, as if baby were drinking.

We do have lots of remedies, equipment and help for breastfeeding at our webstore Breastmates- you can view the store here: Breastmates Store

And Breastfeeding Advice

Thursday, September 10, 2009

HOTmilk Video

HOTmilk have made this great wee video…. She is pregnant and sexy.

And will confirm that no computer-generated bellies are used in their modeling shots!

You can view the video here:

and you can buy HOTmilk style here




Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pregnant Belly at 39 Weeks

Because I was having a planned c-section for my second baby (due to complications first time round) we knew the date and time to be at the hospital.

This really is a picture of me and bump waiting to get ready for theatre. (39 weeks pregnant)

Yes it really was the baby, not a ball.

My second pregnancy my tummy was a lot more compact, but my baby was actually bigger. He was 8 pounds 5 ounces. I had a lot of back pain during this pregnancy as the baby was so close to my back!

Its handy having an online maternity store when I’m a mum!

Hotmilk Bra

Feedback about Hotmilk Bra that I received today:


From: (name deleted for privacy) Davidson
Sent: Wednesday, 9 September 2009 2:11 p.m.


Hi Frances,
I received my Hotmilk Bra today and am absolutely thrilled with it. I will have to buy another one in the not too distant future.
Thanks for all your help. I will definately be telling people about Breastmates.
Kind Regards


Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Even though I don't sell nappies (just nappy creams and diaper bags at my online store) people seem to ask me questions about them.   Probably because they know that I'm a mum and that I'll answer their enquiry.

Regardless of whether you use cloth nappies or disposable nappies, the main thing that the nappies are easy to use, and do not leak. 

You are going to be changing nappies every 3 or 4 hours. When baby is newborn, you'll get into the routine of feeding from one breast, burping, change nappy, and then feeding from the other breast.   So that will be around 4 hourly during the feeding cycle - and extra if they poop.

When they start sleeping through the night, luckily nappy changing frequency will reduce.  And when they get older too, the time is reduced.  But there will be a lot of nappies!!!!  For a couple of years!!!!!  That thought was daunting to me when I was a new mum!

With my first son I used cloth nappies (I am a greenie after all).  With cloth nappies, things have been modernised nowadays so you don't need big flat squares nor pins.  These days its all about convenience and ease of use. Nappies have really been re-invented now with improvements in fabrics and snap systems rather than pins. There are a couple of systems you can go for:

  • Breathable waterproof overnap, which you put  in Prefolds (folded up absorbent cotton layers)
  • Pocket Nappy  (which you stuff with absorbent prefolds)
  • All-in-One  (this has the waterproof layer and the absorbent layer all sewed together.  This one looks most like a disposable, but they do take longer to dry.

There are a number of different brands available, and it can get quite confusing when you are researching.  But all the nappy options and brands will come down to the 3 functions that i described above.

A great place to do research is  This website also has a really good forum with thousands of helpful mums to answer your questions.

I personally used Overnaps with prefolds on the inside, and also Pocket Nappies.  I liked the Pocket Nappies as the brand that I used could be adjusted to fit from birth to toddler.

A good store that I would love to recommend to you is Pippa's  (if you visit her online or store please tell her that Breastmates referred you!)

When my second son was born, the advantage of cloth nappies is that I could reuse them all again and not have to purchase.  But when he was born, my business got a lot busier, and I struggled to keep up with my normal washing let alone nappies too.  So I use a mix of cloth and disposables. 

So just like breast vs boob, and cloth vs disposable I've done both :-)


Monday, September 7, 2009

Candles By Design

I was recently informed about a fantastic website called candlesbydesign.  Actually the store owner Brigitte emailed me, as we had a mutual contact with Verve Eastside Magazine in Auckland.  She wrote me a very complimentary email, and so the least I can do is a promotion on my blog for her! 


Check out her gorgeous website, you will be as surprised as me!


The special candle website  is


If you visit please tell Brigitte that you were referred by Breastmates

Feeding baby with a cold

It can be a really difficult time if your darling new baby has a cold. 

When babies are healthy, they can breathe through their nose while continuing to suck and nurse at the breast (or bottle).  This is a natural instinct that babies are born with, but they will grow out of it.  (have you ever tried to breathe and swallow at the same time - not possible!)

So when a baby has a cold, their sinus can be blocked up.  This means that they won't remain latched on at the breast for a long time, because they will need to breathe through their mouth.  You may find that baby will take a few sucks, then come off the latch. (and milk might squirt as your letdown continues!).  This will mean that it will take longer to feed your baby, they could get very impatient as they are obviously hungry but can't get to their milk fast enough. A few tears and stress too!

Doctors often suggest getting Saline Drops.  If you squirt a few up baby's nose just before a feed, then the liquid helps to loosen the mucus.  Then when baby is feeding, it forces the mucus to clear and go down the back of their throat.  And sometimes you might get a a snot deposit on your boob!

Your baby may also be very noisy and snuffley.

The stop-start feeding motion may also mean that you feel a little engorged.  But it is really important that you empty your breast after feeding.  The breast that does not get fully emptied after the feed will be the one that you offer first to baby next time.

Some parents also get room vapourisers, or they might put a little dash of "Vicks" on the baby's pillowcase to help breathing also.

If your baby's cold doesn’t improve within 24 hours, then I would suggest you talk to your doctor or midwife.

For more breastfeeding help please refer to our website Breastmates



Friday, September 4, 2009

25% Off Hotmilk

From today until Sunday night, we have a 25% discount on HOTmilk lingerie.

This is a great way to pick up a bargain!!

It applies to all the styles – as shown here:

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hitwise Top 10 Website Award

Twice a year, Hitwise awards the 10 most popular websites across some of our 160+ categories.

From January - June, 2009, was ranked #3 in the Hitwise New Zealand 'Shopping and Classifieds - Intimate Apparel and Accessories' industry based on monthly average market share.

This ranking relates to New Zealand based users visiting New Zealand websites.


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Breastmates Relaunches Today

1 September 2009   my latest press release....

Boob or Bottle?

New Zealand webstore has relaunched this week, with the focus to provide real information for parents on infant feeding.

Breastmates was created from scratch in 2004 by Frances McInnes, who has slowly developed the brand herself over the past few years to become a Specialty Baby Feeding Store with an extensive range of products for pregnant and new mothers.

Frances noted there was a lack of resources for mothers in New Zealand on baby feeding issues, and that it could often be difficult for people to get advice for their situation.

Frances has taken it upon her self to fill this void. Frances is a mother who has both breast and bottle fed her two children, and has been told that customers like her “non-militant non-judgmental” stance on breastfeeding.

After considerable time and investment, Breastmates relaunches this week as a useful resource for parents as well as an online shopping site. “I wanted my website to consist of honest information to prepare people with the truth – and not unrealistically high expectations. I can be the person that tells you ‘yes breastfeeding is hard, but if you can’t do it then forget the guilt trip ”

Breastmates will now fill the need for information on infant feeding, and provides a balance between breast and bottle feeding.

There are over 250 articles on relevant topics including videos, photographs and demonstration contributed from an extensive network of midwives, specialists, as well as mothers sharing their experiences.

Frances hopes that she will be able to reach more people with her new website, and help them “just a little bit” during what can often be stressful times.