Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Great feedback about our latest product.  A bit of a novelty, but also very practical too!


Belly Button Cover


Belinda says: “I was so tired of people constantly commenting on my bump and my 'outie'. This product single-handedly stopped the stream of inane comments!

"Wow, you've popped!"

"Not long to go now! Oh you're only 5 months along? *Awkward silence*"

"Well I certainly never had an outie when I was pregnant, maybe you should eat less?"

"Are you sure there's only ONE in there?"

This product stopped all of the questions that were driving me up the wall! Now you can't tell if I'm pregnant, or just ate one too many burritos at lunch!

Thank you Breastmates!


Just wanted to tell you what an awesome company are.  We have a promo running with them at the moment, where people can enter to win some vouchers to use on ready meals. (I thought this would be a great prize for busy families, or those with new babies in the house!) .  A few people were commenting on my Facebook page.  The owner of the Eat company was reading some of the messages, and decided to send some random meal parcels to a family that had been through a heartbreaking time.  This was extra to the giveaways in our promo.  So kind.


Received this lovely feedback today, which I find so encouraging.

I must say I've found it hard to find any nice maternity clothes in my home town of Hobart, Tasmania and also websites of clothes in Australia didn't grab me. What I loved about your collection was things other than black or grey - yay! ....combining maternity and breastfeeding needs in one outfit.....and the great flexible returns/exchange policy. Good luck and thanks for your shop - I can feel good in some lovely, unique clothing now, mix up my 2-3 item maternity wardrobe now without costing me the earth.


Friday, August 23, 2013

Review: Clip on Cami

Trish likes our Clip-on-Cami, she says: “Just wanted to say that I ordered the 'Clip on Cami' and it is the best thing ever! Allows me to support my ample bosoms and also keep me warm, without unnecessary layers! Brilliant! Will definitely be ordering some more!”


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