Thursday, August 15, 2013

This email really made my day:


Jen says “Can I please pass on some feedback about your wonderful website? I have found it so helpful lately. I have two young boys - the first (now nearly 4) I breast fed exclusively with no problems at all. Naturally I was expecting to do the same with my second (now 10 weeks) and when it turned out that I couldn't breast feed him as planned, I was absolutely floored. 


I've made the choice to pump exclusively, figuring that is the second best option, but it is not an easy path as anyone who expresses full time will know! And there is such a lack of support or information out there for those in my situation. Your website has been so helpful - loads of useful, practical and, most importantly, non-judgemental advice about pumping and bottle feeding. And all the essentials - and extras - available to purchase and shipped so promptly. 


So thank you from a very appreciative Mum!