Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Breastmates Mocktail Maternity Dresses

With party season coming up, expectant mums will be in the mood for the new range of mocktail dresses from Breastmates – stylish, flirty maternity dresses for the best-dressed bump under the disco ball!


Breastmates has the perfect dress to suit every occasion this summer.  Designed exclusively by Franny McInnes, the collection of bump-flattering designs will take you through pregnancy and are kind to your post-baby body too.  The dresses have concealed openings for discreet breastfeeding – because you shouldn’t have to sacrifice style when you need to feed your baby.


Friday, December 5, 2014

Breastmates Shorts

Breastmates Zen Shorts

Got this nice review from Kate, I like to imagine customers prancing around in their new clothes!


Hi Franny


I just wanted to say, I've just received my zen shorts. I'm not pregnant (our family is complete now!) but I saw them on Facebook yesterday and thought they looked great. The best part, they ARE great! I'm already prancing around in them J.


Thank you for the super speedy turnaround.




Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Breastmates Maternity Clothes Review

Got this message from Amy today, about the maternity shorts and maternity dress she had purchased.

Wow your service and clothes are amazing.. got them today and they fit perfect and are so jolly comfy. I tell all my pregnant friends and mothers about you.
thanks heaps, Amy

Friday, October 24, 2014


Our Clip-on-Cami won an award at the 2014 Oh Baby Awards.

It is in the Top 10 Most Recommended Products  (voted by their readers!)



You can SHOP HERE for Clip on Cami J

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Oh Baby Awards 2014

Last night we had the pleasure of attending the Oh Baby! Awards 2014.


We were finalists in several categories, including Best Breastfeeding Product, Best Online Store, Best Nursing Bra Range, Best Maternity Range.  It was amazing to be acknowledged as a finalist in all these ways.


During the event, we came away with a placing in the “Top 10 Most Recommended Products” for our Clip-on-Cami.   AMAZING!  Thank you.  I am so glad that my customers like this simple product, they have told their friends about it, and told Oh Baby about it!





See it for yourself!!




Sports Nursing Bra review

From Kelly “ The tops are a good fit and the sports nursing bra is my new best comfy but supportive for the gym/walking and easy for feeding!”


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Breastmates Clip-on-Cami

Awesome feedback today from Melanie:



Absolutely the best singlet ever for breastfeeding in. Its so great to be able to feed and still have your stomach covered up so you don't get cold. Its the best thing since sliced bread in my books

Matenrity Skirt & Maternity Leggings

Great message from Kendall today, about our Maternity Skirt and Maternity Leggings.





Omg I love my skirt and ¾ tights, they're amazing. Definitely going to look at more items J


Sunday, October 19, 2014

How to Make a Desk from Recycled Door

Maybe you'd like to see the new desk I've made myself? Total cost $80ish

I bought an old door from the demo yard, painted it Resene Charlotte Blue one side and white on the other side (incase i feel like a change later). Then I bought 4 little MDF shelves from the warehouse to use as legs + extra storage. And a bit of fabric at the back to hide the wires.   This is my new workspace for Breastmates HQ.






Friday, October 17, 2014

Maternity Shorts

Maternity Shorts review from Kelly


Maternity Shorts Rollup


Comment: I bought these shorts a couple of weeks ago and wore them for the first time today to work.  They are so comfortable and can easily be dressed up and down.  I can see them getting LOTS of wear in the coming months.  As ever, service was great and super fast.  I agree with the other reviewers, more colours would be great, preferably coral for me!!  Thanks :)


Monday, October 6, 2014

Maternity Dress Reivew!

Kelly says:

“This dress is amazing.  It's incredibly comfortable but also stylish.  I've worn it both in and out of work.  The fabric is super smooth and really lightweight which is going to be a big plus as the weather warms up.  I heartily recommend this to anyone.   As always the service from Franny and her team was speedy and very helpful!”


Spirit Maternity Dress



Monday, September 29, 2014

Maternity Skirts



A nice review from Hayley today:


Flipped Out Skirt

This skirt is a must have in your maternity wardrobe!  In those latter stages of pregnancy when you're not always feeling at your best, this skirt delivers soo much comfort, teamed with a stylish and flattering design....perfect for in the office as well as casual weekend wear.  And in the earlier stages of pregnany, its a great and essential part of your wardrobe.  Perfect for your entire pregnancy.  This skirt is a must have :)

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Breastmates Clip-on-Cami

Oh a nice review from Shona

Clip-on-Cami (Colours)   


“Love these singlets!!! I've got two and I couldn't be without them now. Much better than those flimsy breastfeeding singlets-which provide no support! Great quality and nice colors.”



Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Maternity Dress

Thanks Kimberley for your review of this dress!


: Swishable RaRa Dress

Rating: 5

“Firstly can I say thank you for such amazing service!  I purchased the orange and pink ra ra dress earlier this week- I just loved it so much that I went and ordered the blue and purple one immediately, which I have received this morning!  I am so impressed with not only the service, but the quality of the products as well.  I have had a pretty rough start to this pregnancy and it will be nice to now be able to wear something that makes me feel so much better!!”


Friday, September 19, 2014

Sports Nursing Bra is featured

WOW a  customer likes our Sports Nursing Bra so much that she blogged about it.  (And FYI I didn’t ask her to do that, or pay her to, she did it unprompted out of kindess!)

You can read what she wrote here:






Thursday, September 18, 2014

Maternity Pants NZ

·         A nice email from Charlotte to start the day!


Hi Franny

Oh my goodness, my maternity trousers just arrived and I love them. Thank you thank you thank you for making these and having the on your website. They are exactly what I need as I am flying to the uk next week and they will be so comfortable! I have found nothing like it so far.  So I think I will be ordering again soon.

Again thanks so much




Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Breastmates Nursing Cover.

A nice review from Tania this morning, who buys these for baby shower gifts.



"I found this nursing cover so useful when I was breastfeeding, I now buy one for each of my friends as a baby shower present. Its something that they probably wouldn't get themselves or even know about."




Monday, September 8, 2014

Breastmates Review from Megan

Megan writes “I wore this breastfeeding dress the day that it arrived, and absolutely loved it.  I felt great in it, which says a lot since I put on about 30kg during my pregnancy and still have at 12kg of this left 4 months post-partum.  Most of the time I feel fat and frumpy, but wearing this dress I felt amazing!  And I obviously wasn't the only one to think so - in a walk down the street the dress got compliments from literally every person I bumped into, including 2 Plunket nurses, a fellow nursing mum, a stranger in the street, and my husband.  Breastfeeding in it is super simple and discreet.  I actually thought the colour was red when I ordered online, but it is a dark coral colour and even nicer than I expected.  The length is perfect (just skims the top of my knees), it is super comfortable (I walked about 6km in it pushing a pram), and you would never guess it was a nursing dress so I will definitely wear it once I finish breastfeeding.  Cannot say enough good things about this dress! :-D


Breastmates Dress Review

Stripelicous Dress

Rating: 5

Comment: I had just about given up trying to find maternity clothes that are stylish, attractive and comfortable, then I found this!  I LOVE this dress.  It's incredibly flattering, the shape is fantastic and it's so comfortable.  I only wish it came in more colours.  The material is lovely and the sizing is spot on.  A must have!




Thursday, August 28, 2014

#Review of Unimom Forte Pump

Unimom Forte Double Pump

Rating: 5

Comment: I am so glad I bought this pump! As a full time expresser (6-8 times per day) I needed a hospital grade pump that wouldn't affect my already meager milk supply. I had previously purchased the very expensive Medela Freestyle double pump with my first child and suffered from a drop in milk supply because it just wasn't strong enough, so naturally I was nervous when looking to buy again for baby #2. Franny gave me some great advice and this pump has been fantastic. I haven't noticed a change between this and the rented Medela Symphony pump, although perhaps it takes slightly longer to drain my breasts with the Unimom, even though the suction is just as strong. It's so easy to use and easy to wash up afterwards - no fiddly little membranes like the Symphony, just the shields and the valves. I highly recommend this to anyone who expresses on a regular basis!


Monday, August 25, 2014


A note to my future self, remember how amazing it felt being at @baby show with my budget DIY stand, and remember the feeling of people coming over specially to meet me, and giving me a hug.   And the realisation afterwards,  that being around people and hearing feedback is what drives me and boosts my spirit and confidence.  Realising that it is ME that makes it Breastmates.  And that its about the ‘mates’ not the breasts.




Franny McInnes






Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Thank you Mrs R for your review about our Nursing Covers, I’m really glad that you have been able to enjoy using it, and don’t have to leave the room to feed your baby while still feeling private.



I just wanted to let you know how amazed I am with the feeding wrap which I bought.   I went out to a family function over the weekend and normally I would have had to go in the room to feed my little one. This time I sat with everyone enjoying the conversation whilst feeding bubs and not missing a minute of the fun.  My cousin's all wished they had something like this when they went through breastfeeding their kids.  I am going to recommend you to all my new mum friends.  Thank you so much. 



Monday, August 18, 2014

#Belly Wrap Review

Review from Catherine

May I say how amazing the wrap is too! Day 2 I couldn't get the Velcro to meet, day 9 (yest) it's now needing more Velcro area so have just purchased next size down, plus I'm back in my old jeans as of baby girl being 1 week!!! Whoop! Defo this wrap is doing something!  My sister who's due in 5 weeks with her 4th has put dibs on the bigger one now haha! 

Thank you for your fab service



Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The day I was on Stuff homepage.


You can read my business story here.  It was first in the Waikato Times newspaper, Saturday edition.



Monday, August 11, 2014

Review of #sportsNursingBra

Reviews of Sports Nursing Bra at Breastmates.

Rachael Says: “I love mine and wear it at the gym several times a week, it's great as I can pop up to feed my baby in the daycare and go straight back to working out without any hassle”

Hannah says “I love this bra too... Comfy enough to wear to bed cos I need the support!”

Sarah says “It is awesome! I also use one for netball and its very supportive!”




Friday, August 8, 2014

kids music

APRA|AMCOS NZ has released ‘Music Box 2014’ from the Children’s Music Awards. Download the awesome 15 tracks for free in the month of August.


In particular, as a mum of boys,  I like the track “they’ve got an awful lot of poo at the zoo”



#Breastmates Tunic

"I highly recommend Breastmates. Franny's service on my order was fantastic and when I needed to make a change it was handled quickly and with a smile!


I particularly love my Revive tunic, gorgeous material and perfect for breastfeeding, I wear it everywhere! Thanks so much :)"

From Lisa

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Breastmates Feedback

An amazing email just received, with huge encouragement for me.  And with this I will shut-down my computer on a happy note!



Hi Franny,


I love the breastfeeding pillow, thankyou.  It is way better than anything else on the market so thank-you very much. I have had a tough time breastfeeding and the pillow has helped. After 4 months and seeing every lactation consultant in Christchurch the pain has eased and with some self diagnosis I now love feeding my baby. I am absolutely certain I had Raynand's phenomenon but I only worked that out after reading an article in the newspaper. 


For the first time I actually see light at the end of the tunnel because of the support your site has provided in more ways than one. Caring for Eddie has been great but breastfeeding has been a huge challenge. I remember thinking my degrees mean nothing but if I can only breastfeed with confidence, be pain free and to have a comfortable bra that I am not popping out of would be my greatest achievement... Your la leache bra provided that for me. 


So, I just want to say thank-you very much. You are doing a wonderful job. 




Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Badger Night Night Balm for Kids (review)

Nikki recently trialled the  Night Night Balm and gave us her review:


“The husband and I were both a little sceptical about whether this would work. Our 10 month old has been sick all week and this has resulted in one middle of the night wake up by our little guy for the past 5 nights. We've used the balm on ourselves and our little man once we have him changed and settled, and we've all gone back to sleep straight away! I normally struggle to get back to sleep if I'm ever woken so I think this product is fantastic and I would definitely recommend it!”



Friday, August 1, 2014

#Breastmates Review

Received this message from Michelle today, thrilled!

"I have been meaning to email you to say I love your clothing, all items fit and I really like the fabric used and that they are machine washable.


Your customer service is wonderful....all the best for a long and prosperous business.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Breastfeeding Covers

Review from Carolyn (Breastfeeding Covers)


This is for my friend who is about to pop (she was due on Sunday) and after seeing another friend of mine who I was with yesterday feeding in a cafe I just thought it really is such a great thing for everyone involved. I think it gives mums (especially new mums) a bit of confidence too!

Medela pump improved...

I have heard a rumor, from mums that are using Medela Breast Pumps and retrofitting them with an Avent Pump Valve to increase performance.


"For those ep or part time pumping mums out there: if you use a Medela I have been let in on an amazing trick! Try replacing the yellow valves and membranes with the white 'v' shaped valves from an Avent pump. They fit perfectly into the Medela parts and improve suction! For me they have cut my pumping time in half! This tip was shared on an ep group I'm in, and there have been many positive reports back from women who have tried it "


Well, if you want to try it then we do have the suitable Avent Valve at our website here – though I must inform you that this particular valve is limited in supply, as Avent have a new range of pump called the Comfort Natural which unfortunately means it has different shaped spare parts.




Friday, July 25, 2014

#breastfeeding top

Thank you Sarah for this nice product review:


Nourish Maternity Nursing Top


Love this top, purchased it just before the lil man came along, so wore it at the end of my pregnancy when little fit, but now it's become my wardrobe staple. Super flattering and a rich winter colour, just love it.

Hope it stays in the line, other colours would be great.


Breastmates Dress

Review received from Sue today!!!



Stripelicous Dress

: Honestly Franny. Everything I have ordered from you (I really mean everything) has been amazing. This dress is my favourite item so far, fits beautifully and is of fabulous quality. Thanks so much!



Thursday, July 24, 2014

Bottle feeding stories

An encouraging email from Nicola today:

I just wanted to say how happy I was to find the section on your website, on
bottle feeding.

It is rare indeed to find a company willing to promote it in order to be

I came across the stories page when I was having a bad day, and it was
incredibly comforting to read of others' struggles.

I have my own story I would love to share, in the hope it may help another
mother in a time of need. Please let me know how I could do this, if

Kind regards,

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Breastmates Clothing

A nice review from Rachel today:


My order arrived today.  I so love your stuff!  I am 37wks pregnant with our fourth and so over wearing the same thing over and over again.  I find it hard going out shopping and haven't found any other clothing that I love as much as yours.  So comfy!  And it has dual wear, maternity and breast feeding!!!


Sunday, July 13, 2014


This email from Jess, just made my day!

I'm expecting baby number 3, and your website has been my number one for maternity clothes and Breastfeeding clothes! It's the first thing I recommend to newly pregnant mums (:
Feel like I'm returning to an old friend- 3 years between each pregnancy, so it's nice to be shopping again!
Thanks so much.      


Ange said I could quote her on this, so here is the quote:

"I will most definitely order from you again, the nursing tops are gorgeous, and they work!  Your customer service is outstanding! A rare find in this online shopping world. Franny, you can quote that in your website too!"

Thanks again,

Try for yourself at

Friday, July 11, 2014

Breastfeeding Top

#Breastfeeding Top Review


A lovely email from Bea to start the day:


Hi Franny

Just wanted to let you know I received my order this morning and it not only fits perfectly, it looks and feels great too.

Thank you so much, big fan.



Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Breastmates Revive Tunic

my revive tunic arrived and is so lovely. 

 I am going to a women's breakfast this weekend, my friend is the guest speaker, and I will be wearing it.  

My Mum also just bought me the zesty ruffles top in navy for my b'day.

I love having suitable clothes for this stage of motherhood, I only wish I had not waited till the fifth baby to make sure I was comfortable and looked good too.

Thanks for having a great selection at attainable prices.



#Breastmates Review

From Kylie:


"So happy with the clothes I ordered from you! Great quality clothes, and wonderful service with great communication. Will definitely recommend your site to friends.

Thank you


Monday, July 7, 2014

#SportsNursingBra review

Thank you Dal for your honest review of the Sports Nursing Bra.   I like your review so I’ll share it to my blog too!


“ Love this bra, I don't think it would be supportive enough for me for sports but then I'm not expecting to find any maternity bra that would be supportive enough for me for that being a 16F! I love it because it's comfortable and I feel more covered than a maternity bra plus I feel it can cope with the change in boob sizes easily. Love it. Have the white and grey and now want the black! “


Review: Breastmates Maternity Dress

Received this nice email from Nicola who has been wearing our Breastmates Glamour Maternity / Breastfeeding dress for some functions!


Cute photo too, thanks Nicola!

"Also attached is a picture of the glamour dress in use at a wedding in March (also worn to another wedding in April and a function last night 8 wks post baby), is great to wear, so comfy and breastfeeding is easy and discreet whilst wearing, thanks heaps!"


Friday, July 4, 2014

#Unimom and Medela Breast Pumps

I just wrote an article about Unimom and Medela Breast pumps.  You can read about it here:  Unimom and Medela

Unimom Forte Double Breast Pump Hospital Grade



#Breastmates Review from Jessica


“Thanks so much for your great service! You have amazing products and beautiful clothes, it is impossible to find flattering breast feeding clothes here in Whakatane, if any breast feeding clothes at all! So love your website.

Yes I have you on Facebook, and I always recommend your website to friends, family and on advice pages : )

And I would just like to say that when I wore the Dress I purchased back in March to my brothers wedding everyone was so impressed and commented on how I could easily feed my son in it plus it was gorgeous : ) so that was a bonus!”

#Breastmates Revievw

Oh a nice email from Linda to start the day!

Hi Franny,
Got the parcel yesterday- am really happy with everything I ordered. I thought there would be at least one thing that didn't fit but your size guide is really good! Love the fabric and the way you package things. Will buy again- like supporting small nz run businesses and you are doing a great job!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Unimom Double Pump

Unimom Forte double pump review from Jenna:


: I was hesitant to buy this pump after using the Medea swing and the Medea Latina Rental. This pump is amazing quick 10 minute pumping sessions now whereas on the other pumps it was taking e 20 to 30 minutes. Only difference is that medulla looks better but the union is a lot quieter....


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

What Bottle Gear Do I Need?

A new article on my website, about the items you might need if you are planning on expressing to do bottle feeding; or for formula feeding.


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Black Maternity Pants (Breastmates)

A great review from Debbie today, about our black maternity pants.


Arrived today! Have fallen in love with them. I'm usually a 8-10 but bought medium as i usually put weight on my thighs and they are perfect! I am currently 18 weeks preg with number eight so tend to be bigger earlier hopefully will last most if not all the way through. Love the fabric.


Thursday, June 19, 2014

#mumpreneur Q&A

here is the link where I did a Q&A session a few weeks ago:


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Review for Clip-on Cami

Thanks Jill for your review of our Clip on Cami!



‘These are so fantastic - no faffing about with extra straps and layers!  I bought two and loved the simplicity so much I grabbed an extra three in different colours!  If there's one breastfeeding clothing item must have - it's this one!’


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Breastmates Reviews

Thanks Melanie for your lovely feedback today, this is so encouraging!!


Thanku so much for my speedy order.It arrived first thing this morning.I want to say how impressed I am with your high quality of service especially the contact on the shipping/time frame of the order etc.Then when receiving today the special little touches in the packaging & the luvly pen.Its the little things that count & you  & your team make shopping on line hassle free.As I work in retail & dont normally buy lots on line as like to support local.But your company is a pleasure to shop with.I luv the feeding cami & will definately spread the word.

Thanks again Franny


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

#clip-on-cami Review

Thanks Jess for your lovely review today!



Just received my order 3 of these camis and other bits today and I'm wrapped with them! But most of all so impressed with the special touch that you have taken to put together my parcel, as well as the super quick delivery! Can't wait for my next purchase, definitely now my choice of online maternity shopping in nz. Many thanks, Jess X



Monday, June 9, 2014

Breastmates Review Tunic Review

Breastfeeding Top Review Breastmates

Review from Debbie:

“ Love this breastfeeding top. Ingenious, hidden access for feeding, lovely material and cut, and love the cute pocket, very handy! Fantastic next day delivery to Dunedin too.”


Friday, June 6, 2014

Breastmates Review

#customerlove from Charlotte today:



Hi Franny,

Just wanted to say I am 39 weeks pregnant and have worn all my purchases that were purchased in thought of once baby is born for breastfeeding. The garments all fit great after doing measurements and ordering off your sizing guide. The fit and styles are great, fabric great and great value for money. In a time I feel so frumpy you have made me feel comfortable in some clothes :) thanks so much


Thanks Tanya for your review about our Revive Tunic Breastfeeding Maternity Tunic



“A wonderfully designed and quality made tunic. Really comfy and easy to wear. I have had lots of compliments in my first week of wearing. Washed and dried really well too. Thanks Franny! “