Monday, September 8, 2014

Breastmates Review from Megan

Megan writes “I wore this breastfeeding dress the day that it arrived, and absolutely loved it.  I felt great in it, which says a lot since I put on about 30kg during my pregnancy and still have at 12kg of this left 4 months post-partum.  Most of the time I feel fat and frumpy, but wearing this dress I felt amazing!  And I obviously wasn't the only one to think so - in a walk down the street the dress got compliments from literally every person I bumped into, including 2 Plunket nurses, a fellow nursing mum, a stranger in the street, and my husband.  Breastfeeding in it is super simple and discreet.  I actually thought the colour was red when I ordered online, but it is a dark coral colour and even nicer than I expected.  The length is perfect (just skims the top of my knees), it is super comfortable (I walked about 6km in it pushing a pram), and you would never guess it was a nursing dress so I will definitely wear it once I finish breastfeeding.  Cannot say enough good things about this dress! :-D