Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Medela Power Adapter

Yes we do sell the Adapters for the Medela breast pumps.

Though please note that if you have travelled from overseas and would like to use your breast pump in New Zealand you must purchase a power adapter first!!! We have these at our store Breastmates.

IF you use the Breast Pump in NZ with your overseas adaptor it could damage the inside of your motor due to our different power frequency.

If you have tried to use it in NZ already, the motor will be broken already.

So get the medela pump adapter first!!


Belly Bra Tummy Support

A lady had some questions about the BellyBra we sell at our online store.

"I was referred by my midwife to buy a belly bra as I have a lot of trouble with my pelvis
as this is also my fouth pregnancy. I am only four months and already I am feeling the
problems. Will the
belly bra carry me right through my pregnancy? I am usually a size
14-16 pre-pregnancy. "

I’m sorry to hear about the trouble you have been having with your pelvis. I had the same problem with my second son and personally found the
belly bra great!!! It really does support your back and belly.

Yes the
BellyBra will take you right through your pregnancy, and will allow for growth as your belly grows too.

These are available http://www.breastmates.co.nz/belly_bra_pregnancy_support.html


Ireland Orders

A customer in Ireland wrote to tell me"

Hi, My order arrived this morning to the west of Ireland and I am thrilled with it, I got 2 Hot Milk bras and a breastfeeding black top. I love them all and feel a million dollars in them! Thank you very much

To view our full range of HOTmilk and Breastfeeding tops too, see our selection on our website http://www.breastmates.co.nz/ we can ship them anywhere in the world at affordable rates.

breastfeeding tops

breastfeeding bras

Bras for Bigger Breasts

Another customer who recently purchased some HOTmilk Lingerie wrote back to tell me

"I'll definitely mention you to my friends - the stuff you buy in shops is terrible quality, especially for bigger breasts!"

The HOTmilk bras that we stock are top quality, and we have them available in all cup sizes including A, B, C, D, DD, E, F, FF, and G.

To view our selection go to our website here: http://www.breastmates.co.nz/hotmilk.htm

Breastfeeding Hoodies

A customer recently purchased a nice breastfeeding hoodie, which is great for winter.

She wrote back:

Just wanted to say THANKYOU very much for your excellent service!! Speedy delivery!! My breastfeeding hoodie arrived yesterday morning and fits perfectly, excellent top!!
I have passed on your website details to my coffee group, friends and family. Hopefully more business will be coming your way.
I will definitely be a customer of yours again, if not for myself then I will certainly shop for gifts.
Thanks again Frances – much appreciated!!!

breastfeeding hood

Breastfeeding Singlets for Winter

A customer recently asked me this question about our selection of breastfeeding singlets, suitable to be worn in winter.

Which of your products do you recommend more – the hot milk cammie, or the breast feeding singlet. Just want to put something underneath my tops, so I don’t need to bare all over the winter. Is it ok to wear your bf bras under these singlets?

breastfeeding singlet breastfeeding singlet

For the purpose she had described I would actually recommend the Glamourmum tops the most. They are nice and fitted, and are a slim design so they are the perfect undergarment for nursing. Yes you can still wear bras under these aswell. The Glamourmum tops are really suitable to wear under most clothing, whereas the hotmilk cammie wouldn't be ideal under fitted tops in my opinion.

View our full selection here http://www.breastmates.co.nz/clothing.htm

HOTmilk in States

This is some feedback from a customer in the States that was recently purchasing on our website. She was looking at the HOTmilk lingerie range, we have this on display for sale here: http://www.breastmates.co.nz/hotmilk.htm

I'm hoping I love the fit of the bras as much as I love the look. This is my second baby and I refuse to wear the ugly nursing bras this time!

breastfeeding bras

Breast Feeding Tops

breastfeeding clothes
Some feedback I just received from a customer that had purchased some breastfeeding tops from our website. It was overnight delivery too.
You can see our full section of breast feeding tops here
The two tops arrived today. I just wanted to drop you an email to let you know I am very impressed with them - they are a wonderful quality of fabric and made very well. They are very stylish and the wrap-over design is very flattering to post-baby figures! I am very happy with my purchase & will be spreading the word!

Philips Avent - WIN

Thanks to my lovely friends at Philips Avent i have this stunning Nappy Bag to give away!

Simply purchase ANY Philips Avent product between now and the end of July, and I will automatically put you in the draw.

Its a limited edition bag, ideal for day trips. Limited edition cherry red colour.

This offer is EXCLUSIVE to breastmates!!

So to check out the Philips Avent range of products that we have for breast and bottle feeding, check out our website: http://www.breastmates.co.nz/

Win this nappy bag

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Baby Bottle and Formula - When you are Out

I asked a question on my facebook page the other day about how mothers do the whole formula feeding, storage, transportation when they are out and about. There is very little information about how to actually do bottle feeding, because I think health professionals are so worried about breaking the code on WHO breastfeeding rules. But surely people should be told how to feed formula and how to store bottles when you go out, you wouldnt want babies to get sick from drinking formula that was stored wrong etc would you? No one would carry around a warm bottle of cow milk rather than putting it in the fridge right?!

So here is what happened on my facebook page (which you can join here)

I wrote "Hi, I am doing mum-research today. If are formula feeding and you go out, how do you take your powder and water? There are many different ways, please share how you do it? eg. powder in a container & hot water that cools by the time you need it. or Powder and water mixed and kept cool, then you warm it. ... etc "

Reply 1: I'm not a formula feeder, but those I know all seem to bring bottles of pre-boiled water and measured powder separately. Everyone seems to mix the powder into the water before or without heating.

Reply 2: I use a Thermos every day, fill it up with my morning cuppa and it will do a day of feeds, saves power time and is easy if i have to go out i just chuck it in the nappy bag with the powder in a bottle then add hot and cold as i need.

Reply 3: ziplock bag of premeasured powder, bottle of cooled boiled water. and fed to baby at room temp.

Reply 4: Phil & Ted's offers a bottle that holds the water and formula seperatey, and all you have to do is twist it a bit to mix the 2.. its prety cool. But if your baby is fussy on their botle teat, it may not work well for you.

Reply 5: That is one cool bottle! I breast and formula feed. When we go out I will take a bottle of pre mix and another bottle of then boiling water and formula seperate.

Reply 6: I had a Phil and Ted one and it was Crap!! the water and formula NEVER mixed properly. It always leaked. I should have taken it back but unfortunitely got it at a show and couldn't remember the name of the store I purchased it from. I don't recommend it!! You know there aren't many resources out there for formula feeding, considering how many there, are so good on you for posing the question!

Reply 7: I fill my bottles up with pre-boiled water and have a formula dispenser which holds 3 lots of measured powder then add to bottle when a feed is needed :)

Reply 8: Take them out mixed and frosty. He likes his milk cold!

Reply 9: I take powder and get water from cafe :)

Reply 10: I take boiled water in a bottle in a drawstring thermos pouch and then when it's at the right temp and bubs is hungry then I add the formula. I take the forumula in a tomee tippee container which has 3 separate compartments and you just turn the lid and tip it out. If it's a bit hot and bubs is really hungry then I just add some cold water from a cafe. I exclusively breastfed for 5 months and then had to top up with formula from then on. I had to switch to fully formula fed at 9 months. I thought it was going to be a huge hassle going out and about formula feeding instead of the instantly breastfeeding. But it hasn't been too bad at all. :-) You do what is best for you and baby and this is what works for us.

Reply 11: Oh boy - sounds like a lot of hassle to me!! Glad mine is all attached, mixed and just the right temperature when required :-)

So there you go. Hopefully if you find this blog post, it is because you need information, and I have hopefully answered it for yoU!!

View my main website here: http://www.breastmates.co.nz

Monday, May 11, 2009

Nature's Child Breast Pads

Coming soon, Breastmates will be stocking the Nature's Child range of certified organic products. Including baby wipes, wraps, and lovely soft breast pads!

join up to our newsletter to be informed when new products like this arrive JOIN

Update: These organic breast pads are now available at our store here: http://www.breastmates.co.nz/organic_breast_pads.html

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Nut and Bee

I stumbled across a lovely blog website recently, with some gorgeous little illustration prints.

I ordered a notepad, as I do get a lot of orders from my website where I wrap the gift and send it directly to the recipient. This is a nice little note pad to write those messages on. I chose this picture becuase it is cute with the child and the bear, and suitable for my product line too.

She has some lovely designs, so do check out her site.

The prices are in $US but it is defintely a NZ site.

Friday, May 8, 2009

HOTmilk Online

This is another one of the new HOTmilk styles that we unloaded today. This is available in small cup sizes from 8A cup to 16F. With matching french knickers and bikini briefs.

Don't you just LOVE the imagery settings that HOTmilk use in their campaigns! So cute!

This is a very light lemon colour, almost pastel lemon is a way to describe it. A very pretty HOTmilk bra with moulded cups and lace. For more details and images, close ups etc, go to our webstore http://www.breastmates.co.nz/hotmilk.htm


New HOTmilk Styles

Well I had a busy day here at the business today, I had a tonne of new HOTmilk stock arrive. So lots of unpacking and re-arranging. I think my courier driver Tim was surprised by the sheer number of boxes that he dropped off this morning, and then ALL the parcels that were packed and wrapped for him to collect this afternoon.

A very busy day!

new styles of HOTmilk are just scrummy. This HOTmilk "Her Playfulness was Captivating" style is a very soft pink, it has a moulded cup which is seam free and has been cut and moulded in one piece. This is PERFECT for under white tops etc, so you "dont smuggle tic-tacs" which means you dont have nipples showing through your clothing on a cold day!

Its quite a baby doll pastel pink colour, and comes with a matching bikini knicker, also low seam showage.

This is one of the first NICE designs of
nursing bra that is available in the tshirt cup style.

Do check out more of this HOTmilk Bra on our website, we have other images and close ups to show you.



Thursday, May 7, 2009

Be a Star Breastfeeding Campaign in Britain

I recently came across a Breastfeeding Promotional campaign in Britain, where young mums have been photographed in beautiful poses with funky make up and clothes, while breastfeeding their baby.

The aim is give breastfeeding a trendier image amongst new mums in areas where rates fall way below the Government health targets. By raising awareness of the benefits to both mum and baby, health officials are hoping the model mums will help turn the tide from bottle to breast.

I was just blogging about it today, how in the UK breastfeeding is not so widely accepted as here in NZ. (see post here)

But a campaign like this in New Zealand would certainly be beneficial.

I congratulate the people in Britain that have organised this, the creators, the photographers and stylists, and the beautiful mums and their babies!!

Well done, and good luck with your campaign!! It should certainly help breastfeeding appeal to mothers !

You can see more information about Be a Star here: http://www.beastar.org.uk/

Free Stuff

Today I had a pile of old baby stuff that I wanted to get rid of, before we move to our beautiful new home next month. I had some large things like an exersaucer, baby bath, and carseat.

There are 3 opshops in our new town in the Waikato, but I thought I would choose the one that is run by Hospice. Since my beautiful young sister inlaw died just a few months ago to the nasty old cancer, I am going to support hospice with my donations and shop there too. Plus it is right next to the bakery with nice chicken rolls and donuts, so I got lunch too.

Well, anyway, my story is. Just as I was about to walk into the hospice opshop with a big pile of baby things, a lady with a big pregnant belly walked out. I said to her "oh do you need some baby stuff". And she did. So the stuff didn't even make it into the opshop. She was pleased to get free baby stuff too!!

The funny thing was that she was parked right next to my car. She noticed the Breastmates branding on my car and asked if I was Frances. Small world huh!!

She was very pleased with the items, and I was thrilled to be able to give them away and clear some junk!!

HOTmilk Ireland

Another customer in Ireland, recently came back to our maternity products store to buy some more items.

Hi Frances, Our new arrival has been keeping us busy but I'm delighted with the Hot Milk nursing bra's and pj's that I bought from you. It's given me a little lift to know that I can have something pretty still :) Thanks for the milkman boxers offer - can I order the large size please? (these are some free HOTmilk milkman boxers for you guy) Just to let you know that I recommended your website to some friends so you might be getting some enquiries from the Emerald Isle. Take care,Nicola

I always like it when customers email me, even if they are all they from Ireland. Isn't the interent great!!

Wellington Maternity

A customer recently ordered some products from our online maternity store, she is in Wellington.

She wrote back to me:

Hi Frances,
Thank you for sending the order so quickly. It was here in less than a day!

Now I can't take the credit for her fast delivery, must just be a good courier company (or just that day at least!!)

Chu Chu Teat

Would the chuchu teat fit on my avent bottles?

No the chu chu teat wont fit avent, it only fits narrow neck bottles. (Like tommee tippee - but not the tommee tippee closer to nature ones)

For more information, go to our webpage: http://www.breastmates.co.nz/express.htm

Breastfeeding Rates

I was talking to someone the other day, about how good NZ women are at Breastfeeding. It really is considered the norm over here, and most people are comfortable breastfeeding and breastfeeding in public.

The midwives and hospitals here promote breastfeeding so much, and formula is pretty much taboo. The health staff here actually cannot tell people anything about formula due to the WHO rules. Which of course makes things extremly difficult if you are in this situation, so contact us and we can help answer your questions. I'm a mum myself!!

Did you know that Ireland is still years behind. Apparently the hospital midwives push formula on everyone, including breastfeeding mums. It totally undermines new mums. It seems to be a policy to give a newborn formula . They also still give out free samples of formula. There is a small but determined movement growing to make changes but as formula is so the norm, and breastfeeders have such a poor image there they have a long way to go.

Maybe my business Breastmates should spread wings to the Emerald Isle? What can I do to help from here?

Baby Wont Take Bottle

A recent question from a customer of mine:

Baby Wont Take Bottle
Baby is 4 months. I have been trying him with the bottle of expressed milk for over a month, about 20mls of expressed milk 1-2 times everyday. On the floor in my arms, with someone else giving it to him, when he is hungry when he isn’t and he jolly well wont take it. he can as he has sucked about 30mls all in one go about 3 times but as soon as I take the bottle out of his mouth and try again, screaming and pulling away and out comes the breast. I have tried Avent and Tommy Tippee teats. I have almost given up. And so I thought of you…any suggestions of miracle teats or other techniques to try?

So I answered:

With regards to the feeding, I know what a pain and concern it can be when a baby wont take a bottle.

Have a look at this
teat, it is a special one called a Chu Chu that works exactly like the breast. So baby has to work the same way to get the milk out, rather than just having the milk pour out like with the avent and tommee tippee teats. Maybe when your baby was drinking from these other teats, he got the milk flow when he started but he didn’t like the rate that it came out.

You can see this
special teat on the website here: http://www.breastmates.co.nz/chu_chu_teats.html

Also, have you tried him
drinking a bottle of water, using the same teat. Then you can check whether it is the teat or not.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Nursing Reminders

I was emailing my friend Bridget today, and she wrote something funny.

She says "Oh, I forgot to tell you something nice - My friend Claire has just had a baby and we were sitting chatting and I had given her the mothers minders bracelet (nursing reminder) that I got off you. Anyway she was telling me how she had seen them on a website and then bought some beautiful lingerie off the lady and how great it was to go to your house to try them on etc. I thought, hmmm that sounds like Fran and it was! Her name is Claire Xname removedX and is one very happy customer. She actually used to play with your husband and his sister when they were little living in Howick. Small, small world. Bridget :)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Bras for Africa

Read the full article written by Waikato Times here
For collection and drop off details go here


My repeating customer in New York wrote back to me today, after I said I should deliver her parcel to her in the States. Wouldn't that be nice. But alas, to the post office instead.

She writes: "My new bra (HOTmilk) is definitely so much more comfortable than any others I've tried. Am sure NZ is more beautiful than New York and at least you have clean air and less swine flu!!"

We actually have a few probable cases of Swine flu this week, after some students returned from Mexico. My husband thinks it is the pharmaceutical companies trying to sell more medicines during a recession, they started a story.

HOTmilk Australia

A customer recently purchased some HOTmilk items from my online website, she is based in Australia so it was great for her to take advantage of our sale prices and exchange rate prices. Even with the cost of shipping it was cheaper for her to purchase HOTmilk from us in New Zealand rather than from her local store.

The parcel was sent on 26th April, and today 4th May, she says:

Hi Frances,
Package arrived on Friday last week and
pyjamas are fabulous.
Thanks for an efficient service!
Cheers, Zoe.


Sunday News

Bras for Africa
The Sunday News picked up on our bra story which was also on Stuff.co.nz and the Waikato Times last week as part of the Knickers for Africa programme.

I think a lot of people will be doing google searches for me and Knickers for Africa this week, as unfortunately the article didnt specify any contact details. So I dont know how they were meant to know where to send the bras!!

Anyone can contact me via my website here: http://www.breastmates.co.nz

Thank you
Frances McInnes


Breast Pump Hire

I read a short article in our Waikato newspaper last week, which said that the third breast pump is missing from Waikato Hospital's newborn intensive care unit.

"The $3000 breast pump was taken between 7pm Tuesday and 10am Wednesday. Police are investigating and looking at closed circuit television coverage. On Christmas Eve last year, thieves took two breast pumps from the unit. Two breast pumps that were in storage and due for mothballing are now being used by mothers in the ward."

Its sad for a mother of a newborn baby, under a stressful time, but good on her for breastfeeding and going to the effort of expressing milk. Its just weird that the breast pump got stolen.

It was probably the medela symphony breast pump. The Symphony pump is about the only $3000 breast pump available, its a real premium one made by medela. They are about $100 a month to hire one.

Hire pumps are shown here: http://www.breastmates.co.nz/Medela_Breast_Pump_hire.html

Friday, May 1, 2009

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Waikato Times

A reporter came yesterday from the Waikato Times who had picked up on the Bras for Africa story. He had never seen so many bras in his life! We made a bra mountain and took a photo.

The story was in the newspaper today, and has also been on the front page of Stuff.co.nz. Also today I've had 4 phone calls from Radio Hosts who have interviewed me over the phone about it all!

A friend of mine just told me on Facebook that she had heard me talking on ZM. She said

"Hiya, you def did NOT sound like a dork!! Sounded professional and compassionate! and like someone who was on the radio a lot, was brilliant" Phew that is so reassuring. I always think I sound so squeaky when recorded. And I didn't know they had been recording until after!

Must be not much happening in the world today for this to make news! But thanks, and thanks everyone for the bras.


breast-feeding tops

Another customer who ordered some breast-feeding clothes says

My breast-feeding top arrived in today’s mail. I just wanted to say thank you – it’s really lovely, the size is perfect and looks like it will be very practical. You never know exactly what you’re going to get when you order online sight unseen, so I’m really thrilled! Thanks again, Kathy

And for other customers that are thinking about purchasing from our online store, then rest assured that if you order but don't like it when it arrives, you are welcome to return it.

Breastfeeding Tops Australia

Some lovely feedback from another customer in Australia. Her parcel took 5 days to arrive. This lady purchased some breastfeeding tops.

The first order came really quickly and the tops are great thank you, hence ordering more.
I showed a couple other mums the
casual zip top which they thought was fantastic so have given your web site out. I also have a coffee group meet up next week which I'm going to show your tops at because I've been telling them about them as well.
nursing tops are good quality and the casual T-shirts are a reasonable price compared to other retailers, especially for new mums who have gone down to one income. I'm sure my coffee group will be keen to get some.
Many thanks again,

Medula Spare Parts

I get urgent messages like this occassionally

Hi. I am in desperate need for the Medula Pump in Style CLEAR diaphragm cap. I keep seeing that it is discontinued. I have to find one fast. Can you PLEEEEESE help???? Thanks!

Sorry to say, that this is one of the few medela spare parts that is nolonger available.