Thursday, May 7, 2009

Baby Wont Take Bottle

A recent question from a customer of mine:

Baby Wont Take Bottle
Baby is 4 months. I have been trying him with the bottle of expressed milk for over a month, about 20mls of expressed milk 1-2 times everyday. On the floor in my arms, with someone else giving it to him, when he is hungry when he isn’t and he jolly well wont take it. he can as he has sucked about 30mls all in one go about 3 times but as soon as I take the bottle out of his mouth and try again, screaming and pulling away and out comes the breast. I have tried Avent and Tommy Tippee teats. I have almost given up. And so I thought of you…any suggestions of miracle teats or other techniques to try?

So I answered:

With regards to the feeding, I know what a pain and concern it can be when a baby wont take a bottle.

Have a look at this
teat, it is a special one called a Chu Chu that works exactly like the breast. So baby has to work the same way to get the milk out, rather than just having the milk pour out like with the avent and tommee tippee teats. Maybe when your baby was drinking from these other teats, he got the milk flow when he started but he didn’t like the rate that it came out.

You can see this
special teat on the website here:

Also, have you tried him
drinking a bottle of water, using the same teat. Then you can check whether it is the teat or not.