Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Breastfeeding Singlets for Winter

A customer recently asked me this question about our selection of breastfeeding singlets, suitable to be worn in winter.

Which of your products do you recommend more – the hot milk cammie, or the breast feeding singlet. Just want to put something underneath my tops, so I don’t need to bare all over the winter. Is it ok to wear your bf bras under these singlets?

breastfeeding singlet breastfeeding singlet

For the purpose she had described I would actually recommend the Glamourmum tops the most. They are nice and fitted, and are a slim design so they are the perfect undergarment for nursing. Yes you can still wear bras under these aswell. The Glamourmum tops are really suitable to wear under most clothing, whereas the hotmilk cammie wouldn't be ideal under fitted tops in my opinion.

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