Thursday, May 7, 2009

Be a Star Breastfeeding Campaign in Britain

I recently came across a Breastfeeding Promotional campaign in Britain, where young mums have been photographed in beautiful poses with funky make up and clothes, while breastfeeding their baby.

The aim is give breastfeeding a trendier image amongst new mums in areas where rates fall way below the Government health targets. By raising awareness of the benefits to both mum and baby, health officials are hoping the model mums will help turn the tide from bottle to breast.

I was just blogging about it today, how in the UK breastfeeding is not so widely accepted as here in NZ. (see post here)

But a campaign like this in New Zealand would certainly be beneficial.

I congratulate the people in Britain that have organised this, the creators, the photographers and stylists, and the beautiful mums and their babies!!

Well done, and good luck with your campaign!! It should certainly help breastfeeding appeal to mothers !

You can see more information about Be a Star here: