Monday, May 4, 2009

Breast Pump Hire

I read a short article in our Waikato newspaper last week, which said that the third breast pump is missing from Waikato Hospital's newborn intensive care unit.

"The $3000 breast pump was taken between 7pm Tuesday and 10am Wednesday. Police are investigating and looking at closed circuit television coverage. On Christmas Eve last year, thieves took two breast pumps from the unit. Two breast pumps that were in storage and due for mothballing are now being used by mothers in the ward."

Its sad for a mother of a newborn baby, under a stressful time, but good on her for breastfeeding and going to the effort of expressing milk. Its just weird that the breast pump got stolen.

It was probably the medela symphony breast pump. The Symphony pump is about the only $3000 breast pump available, its a real premium one made by medela. They are about $100 a month to hire one.

Hire pumps are shown here: