Friday, May 1, 2009

Waikato Times

A reporter came yesterday from the Waikato Times who had picked up on the Bras for Africa story. He had never seen so many bras in his life! We made a bra mountain and took a photo.

The story was in the newspaper today, and has also been on the front page of Also today I've had 4 phone calls from Radio Hosts who have interviewed me over the phone about it all!

A friend of mine just told me on Facebook that she had heard me talking on ZM. She said

"Hiya, you def did NOT sound like a dork!! Sounded professional and compassionate! and like someone who was on the radio a lot, was brilliant" Phew that is so reassuring. I always think I sound so squeaky when recorded. And I didn't know they had been recording until after!

Must be not much happening in the world today for this to make news! But thanks, and thanks everyone for the bras.