Thursday, August 7, 2014

Breastmates Feedback

An amazing email just received, with huge encouragement for me.  And with this I will shut-down my computer on a happy note!



Hi Franny,


I love the breastfeeding pillow, thankyou.  It is way better than anything else on the market so thank-you very much. I have had a tough time breastfeeding and the pillow has helped. After 4 months and seeing every lactation consultant in Christchurch the pain has eased and with some self diagnosis I now love feeding my baby. I am absolutely certain I had Raynand's phenomenon but I only worked that out after reading an article in the newspaper. 


For the first time I actually see light at the end of the tunnel because of the support your site has provided in more ways than one. Caring for Eddie has been great but breastfeeding has been a huge challenge. I remember thinking my degrees mean nothing but if I can only breastfeed with confidence, be pain free and to have a comfortable bra that I am not popping out of would be my greatest achievement... Your la leache bra provided that for me. 


So, I just want to say thank-you very much. You are doing a wonderful job.