Thursday, August 28, 2014

#Review of Unimom Forte Pump

Unimom Forte Double Pump

Rating: 5

Comment: I am so glad I bought this pump! As a full time expresser (6-8 times per day) I needed a hospital grade pump that wouldn't affect my already meager milk supply. I had previously purchased the very expensive Medela Freestyle double pump with my first child and suffered from a drop in milk supply because it just wasn't strong enough, so naturally I was nervous when looking to buy again for baby #2. Franny gave me some great advice and this pump has been fantastic. I haven't noticed a change between this and the rented Medela Symphony pump, although perhaps it takes slightly longer to drain my breasts with the Unimom, even though the suction is just as strong. It's so easy to use and easy to wash up afterwards - no fiddly little membranes like the Symphony, just the shields and the valves. I highly recommend this to anyone who expresses on a regular basis!