Thursday, July 31, 2014

Medela pump improved...

I have heard a rumor, from mums that are using Medela Breast Pumps and retrofitting them with an Avent Pump Valve to increase performance.


"For those ep or part time pumping mums out there: if you use a Medela I have been let in on an amazing trick! Try replacing the yellow valves and membranes with the white 'v' shaped valves from an Avent pump. They fit perfectly into the Medela parts and improve suction! For me they have cut my pumping time in half! This tip was shared on an ep group I'm in, and there have been many positive reports back from women who have tried it "


Well, if you want to try it then we do have the suitable Avent Valve at our website here – though I must inform you that this particular valve is limited in supply, as Avent have a new range of pump called the Comfort Natural which unfortunately means it has different shaped spare parts.