Monday, September 28, 2009

Protected Now

You may think it is fairly obvious that I ask people not to copy my website text or images.  But I now have to state this on every single page of my website, so you'll have to excuse the COPYSCAPE logo which is now on each page of my website.  I need to make it really obvious to these people that steal my IP.

The vast majority of product descriptions that you read on my website are my own words, that I use to personalize my store, because I know about the products I sell.  And of course the articles are all my own words, unless a guest author has contributed something for me - and then it is clearly stated.  Some of the images are provided by suppliers, but I then edit them to suit my own website layout which takes alot of time to do all that.  So its not nice when someone just copies them all from me!

I've now had THREE occasions where I've had to contact competitor businesses to notify them I was aware they had copied my stuff.  It is so easy for me to find copied pages using web tools!

From now on, I'm going to send a cease and desist letter when this happens and I will contact their website host to notify them of the copying.