Sunday, September 27, 2009

Breastmates Newsletter

Thank goodness Daylight Savings has started here in NZ. Every year I have good intentions of re-programming my children so that they adjust to a new bed time beforehand but it never happens. So just remember that you're not alone when your children won't go to sleep. (My eldest has only just shut his eyes!!)

Thanks for checking out my new website recently, and all your feedback. If you do happen to find any spelling mistakes please let me know! I am really focusing on Breastmates for Boob and Bottle Feeding support for you as well as a store. So if you do have a story or some tips you would like to share with other parents, please contact me.

Please take advantage of Free Delivery on all orders over $100 (for a limited time)

Breastfeeding Clothes now in stock for summer. Choose from over 10 different styles - with subtle openings for nursing. You'll see little demonstrations that show how they open, colour comparisons, plus measuring guides. But don't worry if you're not happy, just send back and I can sort out an exchange or refund for you.

Mumcho Ponchos are reduced by 50% in some styles. The fabrics are just gorgeous, and they make breastfeeding easy in public.

There's quite a few new items in stock for you, from stainless steel reminder bracelets, comfy maternity undies and more. Take a look at this page to see everything new. There are also a few bargains to find on our sale page such as the Avent Sterilizer for $60. (Sale items cannot be exchanged).

Are you a member on my Facebook Page? Don't miss out on the random giveaways I've been doing. The other week women were sharing stories about their ugliest bra, it was really funny reading! A random winner got a lovely new set of lingerie for free.

Speaking of lingerie, will have some exclusive news to share with you next month.....

Do you know about Kids New Zealand Directory? It's a resource for all Kiwi families full of info on family things and discounts. They are looking for great photos of kiwi kids to include in the Directory. If you have a photo of your child that you'd like to be considered for publication please click here.


Mumcho PonchosBreastmates is a finalist in the David Awards for Small Business 2009. It was a worthwhile task just doing the application as I had to sit down and assess my business, so exciting news to be a finalist. Thank you to each and everyone who knows about my little website. Will find out on 7th October.


Thanks for reading, and enjoy your BBQ season