Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Other things that I have noticed about living in Cambridge New Zealand.

We have been here a week today, and feels like it has been always.

- we can hear the cows mooing at night, even though the Green Belt where they are is about 5 minute drive away. The silence of the neighbourhood must carry the sound

- at the petrol station, none of the pumps are on Prepay. You can just drive up to a pump, fill your car, then go inside and pay. In Auckland we had to pay first, then fill the tank. Which was a pain because I never knew how much money to put on, now I can just push the Fill button again.

- there are 3 op shops in town. Yesterday someone on the street asked me where the Sally Army shop was, and I could answer her!

- Today we went to the above mentioned Sally Army shop, and for 1 year old baby we got one of those Fisher Paykel scooter things that converts from a ride on to a scooter for only $4 in good condition. BARGAIN

- The grannies at all the shops we go to, stop to comment on my cute kids and chat. No one did that in Auckland. Even with a newborn baby I can never remember any old people stopping to comment on cuteness. And Yes they were the cutest babies.

So far I am liking Cambridge town.