Thursday, April 2, 2009

Breastmates Waikato

Breastmates is now based in Cambridge in the beautiful Waikato. It doesn't really matter where our business is based, as we still answer emails and send orders just the same as if we were back in Auckland. Though we can now provide Waikato residents with breastfeeding support, maternity lingerie, nursing bras, feeding pillows, and breast pumps etc if they want to collect them from our studio store.

Here are a few things I have noticed already about living in a small town.

The people here are so friendly, everyone on the street says hello.

There are pretty much only white people around. This is a big change from our multicultural community in Royal Oak, and makes me a little sad that my children wont mix with as many cultures. I wonder if the local preschool my children will go to will also celebrate Divaali Indian Festival of Lights like we did before? (sp)

Meat at the supermarket is a lot cheaper

I was in a shop yesterday and the till didn’t have enough cash for $15 change, so the shop owner popped to the shop next door!