Friday, April 17, 2009

Chu Chu Teats

A customer came back and order some more of the Chu Chu teats from our website as shown here ""

When I sent out confirmation that her order was being sent the same day, I said I was pleased that she was ordering more of these teats, as she must like them. Personally I really really like them and have used them with both my children.

She replied "you're right! Baby wouldn't take any bottle, and these seem to work! so sticking with them. Then I was telling my plunket nurse, or think she is well child nurse, and she said she remembered Chu Chu from years ago, when working with children with cleft problems, she wanted one to have on hand, so thought I'd order another one too. We're going well now, since she takes a bottle, can have time out! "
chu chu teats