Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Snickers Bar

Every time that I go to pick up my son, aslong as it is not raining, me and baby walk into town first. We do errands at the post office, stationary shop, and bank. Then we pop into the supermarket to get a fill up on milk, bread, coke, and something for tea. I buy my 4 year old son about 30 cents worth of pick'n'mix lollies. And I buy myself a snickers bar. These are $1.35 now. They used to always be $1.

So anyway, that must mean that I've had at least 3 snickers bar every week for the past 10 months. I know this, because its only since I've had the baby that I have walked to pick up 4 year old from preschool. And its only been a few times that it has rained.

I used to buy the snickers bar, rather than something like a mars or a crunchie, because I though the snickers had extra nutritional value and calories, due to the nuts. Which the other bars don't have. I always wanted to buy a chocolate bar that would give me the most calories.

It hasn't really helped much at all. My weight keeps falling off and I am struggling to keep it on. I don't want to be skinny, i cant help it. I dont want skinny chest and shoulder blades, scrawny arms. A drawn face. I want to be rounded, curvey, plump, cuddley. Its just not going to happen though. Even though I have tried.

I think I will still eat 3 snickers bars a week. I like routine.