Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bras for Africa

Here is a wonderful email of support that I received about our Bras for Africa collection.

Hello dear.May God bless your soul.My name is woman in Britain and am into helping out suffering Zimbabweans too.I am really thankful that you came up with this great idea. Hear it from me. I am a Zimbabwean woman and I know that many many women not only in villages but also in urban areas have nothing and will appreciate your help even if it's second hand. I understand some disgruntled people might see your efforts as ridiculous but be assured Frances, those in need in Zimbabwe appreciate it greatly. I work with the needy in Zimbabwe and I understand their concerns. Let no word discourage you from helping out my fellow sisters and mothers .

Isn't that nice. It was just the type of message I needed to receive today. Its such an easy way for me to help other people. If all I have to do is round up some bras, and ask people, then ship them over. Its great to help.