Friday, January 2, 2009

Breast Pump - Volume of Milk

Question: I've noticed in the last week that I'm not able to express as much milk as I had previously - often only 70-80 ml whereas it had been 100-120 and up to 200ml on one occasion.
My answer: That is a bit strange that you were once getting 100-120 mL but the volume has reduced to 70-80 ml. Though it would depend on whether you are
expressing after you have fed your baby. If you are expressing after feeding baby, then depending on how much baby has had, there will be less. Maybe on the time you expressed 200mL baby hadn’t had as much to drink? And if you express a lot one day, then the following day your breasts will make the same volume of milk in anticipation of baby drinking it. It can also take a while to adjust to the supply-demand. And also it will depend on the time of day that you are doing it, morning would usually give a higher volume.

Make sure that you have a glass of water to drink every time that you
breastfeed and every time you express.

The different pumps don’t really affect
how much volume of milk you get. The main difference is the time it takes, the comfort, and the noise.

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