Thursday, January 1, 2009

Sexy Maternity Lingerie

Someone asked me recently an important question about the Hot milk Lingerie and the marketing campaign for this sexy nursing lingerie. The person asked me why there are no babies featured in the marketing adverts?

The adverts are used in magazines, billboards, websites etc and they all show a sexy looking yummy mummy, with a pregnant belly, in various scenes and story set ups. But none of the shots show babies, or
breastfeeding baby, or nursing baby. All of the shots show a pregnant mother, and not the sexy lingerie being used as a nursing bra.

That is quite intentional.

This is because
Hotmilk Lingerie encompasses sexy nursing lingerie which celebrates the sexy woman inside every loving mother.

There are enough baby photos used in other product marketing,
Hotmilk wants to focus on the Hot Mama!!

And also maybe because pregnant bellies look gorgeous? Much better than my post-partum jelly belly would have anyway!!!

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