Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Rent or Hire Breast Pumps

Rental Breast Pumps - New Zealand

Breastmates is a New Zealand website. If you are looking to hire or rent a breast pump please contact us as you may be surprised at how affordable the breast pumps are to purchase outright.
Rental Breast Pumps such as the Medela Lactina set are available at some hospitals. However, many mothers who are hiring a breast pump typically need to do so for at least 4 weeks. They may need to do this if they have a premature baby, to increase their milk supply, or for breastfeeding problems.

We have found in our experience, that if a mother needs to r
ent a breast pump for this time, it is more economical for them to purchase a breast pump rather than hiring a breast pump. If you want to rent a breast pump, the hospital will also make you purchase a conversion kit aswell, so that is another cost as well as the weekly pump hireage rate. Plus they will have a bond, and a sterilisation cost. It could easily add up to more than $200 to hire breast pump that you don't even get to keep.

High grade pumps that are available to purchase, that we would recommend, are the Medela Pump in Style or the Medela Swing. These are priced from $255 (NZD). Yes it is possible to buy breast pump online, just click on our breast pump page.

We will also sort out the right
breast pump for you.

So if you were looking for a
rental breast pump online, now you know that it is better to purchase a breast pump. Plus you can keep it to use in the future too, if you have another baby.

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