Friday, January 2, 2009

Sexy Nursing Bras online

I received this email from a customer today who had ordered some Hotmilk Maternity Underwear:

"Thanks so much! I'm very excited: I've been living with one
nursing bra and one nursing tank for the last, oh, six months, just because so many nursing bras are terribly expensive. Can you believe it's actually more cost effective - even with shipping - to order HOTmilk lingerie from New Zealand than to take the bus to the west end of Ottawa? I actually foresee future orders from you, too, as my daughter increases her solids and my supply changes. I'll definitely mention you to anyone I can think of.

It's surprisingly important to have attractive
underwear when breastfeeding. As one friend mentioned, she bought inexpensive cotton nursing bras, not thinking that these are bras she will be wearing for years!Thanks again and Happy New Year!"

End quote.

You can see our styles of
maternity lingerie here: