Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Raynauds Syndrome and Nipple Vasospasms

What is Raynaud's? is a condition when blood vessels spasm and constrict in body extremities such as nipples. When Reynaud's Phenomenon causes nipple vasospam, the nipple turns white and there is usually a noticeable change in colour from white to blue to red, as blood flow returns.

It can occur during pregnancy and at times related to feeding. Cold temperatures typically trigger the vasospasm and make it worse. It is a very painful experience.

One common treatment is to keep the breast and
nipples warm.

We have a wonderful new product, Breastwarmers, which are purposely designed for mothers that suffer from nipple vasospasms. The Breastwarmers reflect your body heat, which can help ease the pain. Plus they can also absorb milk leaks, and are reusable breast pads.

Breastwarmers can be used by women with Raynaud’s Phenomenon, to boost milk supply due to the warmth that is provided to milk ducts, and to help with let-down or expressing. They can also be worn by women that suffer from nipple vasospasm (chilled nipples) who are not breastfeeding.

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