Thursday, December 31, 2009

Teething Jewellery

We have a new range of Teething Jewellery available.  We used to stock the Dr Blooms range, but have shifted to the “smart mums” range because I prefer to deal directly with a NZ based company rather than getting product from overseas.  These are Jewellery for mum to wear, which baby can then chew on when they need to!

So what’s the deal with teething Jewellery?  Why bother?

I was sitting in a café with a friend once who had a 5 month old baby in a sling.  We’d been sitting there for a while and her baby was getting a bit grizzly. So she just took of her bangle and her baby was mesmerized by it.  Actually, her baby wanted it even before she took the bangle off her wrist.  Her baby was happy to play, suck and chew on it.  And it was perfectly safe, and was designed specifically from teething rubber that all the other baby teething toys are made from.  But this mum just kept it on her wrist and it looked perfectly normal.  The necklaces are also good to wear so that baby can look (i.e be mesmerized) and touch while breastfeeding.

Happy baby = happy mum who can enjoy her coffee.

You can see our new range and great colours of Teething Necklace pendants, and bangles at our store here:  Teething Bangles and Teething Necklaces