Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Breastfeeding: The Safest Way to Feed Your Baby

Breastfeeding really is the safest way to feed your baby.

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With all the news reports recently about Melamine in Milk Powder processed in China, contaminating milk powder, baby formula, and milk powder derived products there is sad news that babies have been dying as a result of the contamination. These were babies that were bottle fed with milk powder baby formula with Melamine chemical.

A few months ago there was also alot of reports in the media, that some
brands of baby bottles were made from plastic that contained BPA compounds (Bisphenol-A) which also had health affects.

(*Just note on this one, that not all plastic contains BPA. There are SAFE baby bottles to use that don't contain it such as the adiri bottles pictured below).
Safe baby Bottles

Is this all a conspiracy theory to start poisoning the babies of the world?

safest way to feed your little baby, is to breastfeed. It is an uncontaminated food source.

(provided mum does not drink alcohol or take drugs)

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