Thursday, October 16, 2008

Breastfeeding Tops and Feeding Tanks

Just thought I would share this feedback I received from a customer about our Glamourmom Feeding Singlets.

Quote "Just thought I'd drop you a quick note. I've just weaned my second baby and wanted to pass on some feedback about the two
breast feeding tops I brought through your web site. One was a black Muu breastfeeding t-shirt and the other a black Glamourmum breast feeding tank. Well they are now almost thread bare!! I purchased these two items and although they weren't cheap, when they arrived in the post I literally just wore and wore them everyday through summer. The feeding tank top was particularly useful, I would wash it and literally watch it dry before I could go out again...really high quality, cool and soooooo damn comfortable and practical. I really would recommend the outlay to any summertime breast feeding mums. Thank you for providing such high quality stylish gear to breast feeding mums - so much nicer than those very practical but oh so drab maternity bras out there! " /endquote

Cool huh!

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