Thursday, October 2, 2008

Purchasing a Breast Pump Online

When you contact Breastmates to enquire about ordering a breast pump online, we will speak with you to determine what sort of breast pump you require, to suit your breastfeeding and expressing milk requirements.
You can email us with any questions or queries you might have about purchasing a breast pump, or using a breast pump. You can also ask us about spare parts for your breast pump, and any additional items that can make your breast pump more comfortable to use.
There are several different types of breast pumps available, the model that you purchase really depends on how frequently you are planning to express with your breast pumps.
We can send breast pumps nationwide using overnight courier, and we are able to do online ordering of breast pumps with payment by bank deposit or visa. You can also come to our shop and purchase a breast pump directly from us, if you are in Auckland and need a breast pump.
Please take a moment to view the product range, and then you will be directed to a form to complete so we can confirm the correct Medela breast pump before you purchase. You are also welcome to telephone or email us to discuss your requirements.
Breast Pumps