Monday, October 20, 2008

Milk Squirts

I remember when my second son was first born, I seemed to have a huge milk supply of breast milk. I felt like I had gone from a pre-pregnancy breast size 12B up to a 12E (thats what it felt like, but my Hotmilk Lingerie maternity bra was actually size 12C - I just had the Pamela Anderson feeling of engorgement).

Everything was fine when baby was
latched onto my breast, but if he took his mouth off my milk would SQUIRT. It would spray out from all these tiny nozzles on my nipple, in all directions. It seems to go a long way! We have a leather couch and I would find all these white milk squirts on the cushions. If I pushed my breast while it was squirting, I get get a longer distance - at least 2 metres! That was not relevant to anything, its just something that I could do if I ever needed to!!?!!!!?

But then after about 3 or 4 weeks I think, this stopped happened. My
breast milk supply was just becoming regulated.

I stopped squirting milk.

Now after 6 months of
breast feeding, my breasts dont even leak breast milk anymore in between feeds. My breast just have the Supply and Demand of my baby's requirements sorted. I dont produce extra that leaks out, baby just drinks what he needs.

Very happy.