Friday, October 3, 2008

Breastfeeding Video

I am thinking of making a breast feeding video, like a tuition on how to hold, latch, position and feed your baby. Based on what I have learnt, and how I currnently breast feed my son.

I think mothers might find this useful, like an
introduction to breast feeding and some free breastfeeding advice, or breastfeeding help for those that need it.

My baby is a good feeder, I'm good at
lactating. Maybe someone else will find my information useful.

Will have to record the
breastfeeding video and crop out my face!!

I should have done this a while ago, when my baby was still a
newborn, and then it would have been "breastfeeding a newborn" video which first time moms might have found more useful. He is 5 months old now. I will try and get my husband to record a short breastfeeding video of me and our baby, and I will upload the breast feeding video to my website articles to share.

Sometimes I have been
breastfeeding him while I work on the computer, maybe I should just user the cyber camera thing!! haha

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maternity products and breastfeeding resources online. All of my breastfeeding advice and breast feeding articles can be found here:

UPDATE: Here is the first "self recorded" video that I made