Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hot Milk Lingerie Favourite

I am currently breastfeeding my son, while also running my breastfeeding business (quite handy because I get to trial all the products that I used, including Hotmilk Lingerie!)

My favourite
Hot milk bra (for this week anyway), out of the entire Hot milk lingerie range, is the purple and black nursing bra. The style name is Midnight Mystique.

Hot Milk bra is a moulded cup maternity bra, with drop down clips for breastfeeding. The moulded cup gives a nice shape and lift. It is a deep purple colour, with black lace. I love it!

Hot Milk Photo that is used in the marketing campaign, doesnt fully do this bra justice.

So you can view our
webstore for better images and to order your Hot Milk Lingerie online. YES we do send worldwide. YES it is cheap for customers outside of NZ to purchase using today's exchange rate.

Hotmilk here: http://www.breastmates.co.nz/hot_milk_lingerie_midnight_mystique.html
Hot Milk Lingerie