Monday, October 27, 2008

Ben 10 Cake

So Angus is a huge fan of the cartoon Ben10. Aunty La brought him a cool Ben10 watch for his birthday which makes all the noises of all the aliens etc. It doesnt actually tell you the time, but it does allow you to turn into ten different aliens!! (

He asked me to make him a Ben10 cake. So I just made one that was the same pattern as the Ben10 Omnitrix Watch. If I was a better mum, I would have made on like one of the aliens or something.

I spent aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages at the supermarket trying to find a bottle of Green food colouring for the icing. Then I realised that you have to buy Blue and Yellow food colouring and mix them yourself to make green. Duh! That is a good way for the food company to double their sales volumes!

But, strangely, it is possible to purchase Black food colouring.

I think this will be the first and last cake that I make that has black icing - or maybe this is the norm for mothers of boys.

Anyway, it was a nice chocolate cake underneath all that icing and we had a great birthday celebration with his Cousin's Sarah and Esther my sister Kath's kids. And a party at Nana's house with Aunty La, Paul and Poppa.