Thursday, October 2, 2008

Baby Carriers - Sling or Frontpack

At our Breastmates online baby products store, we have a few baby products that can help make life easier for busy parents. Such as the Nature's Sway Slings, or Frontpack style baby carriers.
Both of these baby carriers, either sling or frontpack, are a fantastic hands-free way to carry your baby. They are a good way to calm an unsettled baby. Great way to quickly nip around the shops without lugging a buggy. And great if you have an older child who is in the pushchair, this will save you having to get a double pushchair. Great if your baby needs holding, but you have other things to do at the same time!
Slings: baby can lay down in a natural lying position. Or you can have baby sitting up, on your hip.
Baby Slings
Frontpack: newborn baby faces inwards to your chest. Older baby faces outwards.
Front Pack Carrier
Both the Elite Cruiser Frontpack Carrier and the Nature's Sway slings that we sell are adjustable in the size - so if you purchase just one then you can change the size to fit mum and dad.
The choice of baby carrier just depends on your preference.

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