Thursday, October 2, 2008

Belly Bra - Preggie Tummy Support Garment

Belly Bra Support
If you are pregnant and feel that your tummy is huge, heavy, hanging low, or you are experiencing common symptoms of pregnancy like lower back pain or bad posture - then the Belly Bra support garment is just what you need.

The Bellybra is a superior pregnancy support garment and customers are often referred to this by health professionals and midwives.

Lightweight and as comfortable as a singlet. You can wear with or without a bra. The one-way stretch back panel helps improve posture, and the
Bellybra is non-constrictive on your bubs inside tummy.

The Belly Bra has some extraordinary design features that immediately offer relief from weight bearing down on the pelvis, lower back pain and poor posture. Especially suitable for the last ten weeks (third trimester) of pregnancy.

I sell these on my
online baby products store, having used one myself. Personally, I am a small size 10 women and both my babies were over 8 lbs. The relief i felt from wearing my own Belly Bra was just amazing - so I now stock them at my online maternity store to help more pregnant mothers!
Enjoy your pregnancy and good luck for your new arrival!